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Website Management is a specialized field that is related with maintaining websites through specialistic skillsets related with maintaining web servers. This is an expert field and requires the help of experienced people. If you need help with Website Management then you can use the services of our freelancers. Post your project to seek help. 雇佣 Website Managers


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    Hire a Data Entry Clerk 6 天 left

    Looking for help to transfer blog articles from a previous website platform into a new High Level website platform. The project requires copying the previous article text and images as well as properly documenting the SEO Metadata.

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    I have a website for a client, and I currently own the hosting of the website. I need to manually transfer the website hosting to my client over godaddy.

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    Apps System Similar to Multi Level Marketing. Buying Point Leader Board Ranking Ecommerce WhatsAPP Commerce

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    It seems to be hacked - i can't login to the admin menu - need someone who can clean the installation and make sure it works again - after cleaning :)

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    - Need with vision API - Need with google sheet integration - Need requirements to be stored in server via whatsapp message

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    Shorttherm; we are looking for a PHP specialist, which is able to update our community - plattform from version 7.1 step by step to 7.4 or even Version 8. Further we are thinking to transfer this plattform into the blockchain - and we have even further cracy idea`s! ...but not a direct IT background, thatsway we need your "big picture of possibilities" in advance!

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    Nous sommes 2 fondateur travaillant actuellement sur l'ouverture d'un futur serveur minecraft Nous recherchons un développeur étant donner que celui que nous avions à rencontrer certains problème l'empêchant de pouvoir avancer sur ce projet. Ce qu'il faudra réaliser : Le serveur au complet avec système de faction etc.. Il nous ...

    $283 - $2358
    $283 - $2358
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    Westerville 6 天 left

    building project with residential and office facilities

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    Apprendre les français petit à petit

    $61 - $183
    $61 - $183
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    Merhabalar, yemek sepeti tarzinda bir site yaptirmak istiyoruz. Uzun vadede olacak. Izmir veya Istanbulda oturanlar, takim olarak calisabilecekler tercih sebebimizdir. Lütfen tam gün ugrasabilecekler irtibata gecsin.

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    Build me IOS application 6 天 left

    i need to build an app in Morocco, IOS android website... for a new idea... first time in morocco... buy one get one app... fo more details please show your interest...

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    Online Business – Establish A Web Portal - Establish a Web Portal Project to support existing business - Enable customers to place orders over the Internet

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    we have old backup of [登录来查看链接] but domain has been hacked and net4india is not giving us authorising code . pls rectify the defect.

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    Web design 5 天 left

    I am seeking hardworking people for the job has this is strictly work from hour is flexible either per time or full time a good pay rate, job briefing will done via an instant messaging app voice and text chat

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    Necesito desarrollar un software para gestionar la Psicología en las Empresas, en el que se pueda: 1. Contestar cuestionarios psicológicos, tabularlos, comparar resultados entre departamentos, áreas y empresas. 2. Que cada empleado pueda acceder a sus resultados de los cuestionarios psicológicos que rinde. 3. Que tenga acceso a recursos tipo bibliografía, v&ia...

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    Ink pin .... 5 天 left

    The mobile application that I want will be for two operating systems iOS and android. The app is a tattoo artist and shop locator it will be similar to fiverr and Groupon. There will be multiple artist and tattoo shops that will create profiles. the home page will consist of categories which visitors choose from ex. Back tattoos, it will be all pictures and videos that artist posted of back tatt...

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    I need 100,000+ stock photos uploading to my site. All images should be sourced from other free stock photo websites and all be CC0 licensed. The images will be uploaded to wordpress as posts. They should all have relevant labels, which could be done using image recognition software, but I'm open to suggestions. The images and labels can be input into a spreadsheet, which should contain all...

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    want to make website and app from kids clothing , accessories, bath product,skin care product,kids shoes etc

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    I have a webpage form which when clicking on submit does nothing. I need help re writing the code so it will submit and send me the results

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    Need a Tableau visualization developer for a project.

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    EPMS (PrintHub) is a project to develop a SaaS model platform on OutSystems that will meet the needs of small to enterprise print management companies. The clients for this platform vary from small print shops to large signage companies and major printing factories. This platform will be developed on Must have extensive experience with [登录来查看链接] and Adobe PDF (form and field c...

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    cambie de servidor y el nuevo no toma el index,y todo solo una base de datos y el nuevo sitio no me ayuda a configurar. los dns ya estan trasladados

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    R. A. Radio 4 天 left

    I have several web pages, and I built a website on wix. I need a direct messenger attachmet so my listeners can chat with me. Can you help???

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    Somos uma organização cultural, onde promovemos a divulgação da cultura lusófona no mundo. Através de nossos escritores e artistas buscamos num sistema de rede promover seus projetos e com isso levar ao público seus conteúdos e automaticamente ajudando a promove-los no mercado. Desenvolvemos colectâneas literárias, participa&cced...

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    Need an expert which helps me to build an e-commerce website like JioMart In India. And I need everything from support to website development, design etc. And I want a permanent expert which helps me for any changes in future too. That means, you have to join our company for all website changes/development till future. And I have not big budget, so adjust at budget too. Thanks

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    Create a website 4 天 left

    Bol Raymond Brand focuses on sustainable farming practices. It’s tag-line is ‘undeniable quality for generations!’ More than 70 years ago, Mr. Raymond Lloyd began farming on one of the most beautiful, pristine Islands in the Caribbean. He used the natural resources to create a homestead that thrived off the land and sea. He shared his harvests and led a small community, eventual...

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    After making successful payment customer's are getting (SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input) on top of the payment checkout [登录来查看链接] the payment is already been charged from the customer card

    $64 - $159
    $64 - $159
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    eCommerce Website including additional some funtion Language -> PHP or .Net. For more information, please pm me Thanks

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    So we already have a website in the company but its not updated with the latest information. We would like to build it with more user friendly UI and also add enquiry page to it. Since its a small company and struggling due to covid, we are running tight budget.

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    Agregamos un nuevo servicio en nuestra empresa, el cual es un creador de sitios web totalmente ONLINE. Los desarrolladores pueden desarrollar sitios web arrastrando y soltando elementos. Adicional se puede descargar el código fuente del desarrollo. Buscamos desarrolladores que quieran participar en nuestra etapa de lanzamiento. Se ofrecerá el servicio (1) Mes totalmente sin costo....

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    I would like to redo my website to a more professional, attractive, and interactive website. I own a furniture business. There’s a website I found that I absolutely love and would like to mimick it essentially. I want customers to be able to “build their table” and see it before ordering. Not sure if something like that is available but it’s what I want as clients have a ha...

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    I want an app for transactions and exchange of services.

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    Przyjmowane sa tylko oferty w jezyku polskim. Edytowanie templatu z wordpressa aby przystosowac go do firmy konsultingowej (aktualnie jest o jachtach). Tak wiec trzeba bedzie usunac kilka zdjec jachtow lub zaminic je innymi. Takze usuniecie kotwicy w dolnej czesci i zastapienie liny. Rowniez na podstronach - tam widnieje jedno zdjecie na kazdej podstronie. Template: [登录来查看链接] Edytowanie naglowk...

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    platform that helps businesses around the world plan world-class online events, and connect with attendees through robust chat tools, webinars, immersive booths, and endlessly valuable content.

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    I am not only looking for the skill to develop, but also the keen eye and attention to detail and the creativeness of an explosive website.

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    Make a Disicord API call 3 天 left

    Create call to add member in guild and give role to that member example here is the call to add member on discord [登录来查看链接] if user is already member of guild then we need to add or update the role of the member for example here is the documentation link of the discord documentation [登录来查看链接] You can either create a PHP file to make those call or a post man call which ever is easier to you.

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    (urgent project) Hey there I need a php expert urgently one who knows php very well. What is the project--> you have to work on a college website and make it live as well on the internet. So if you think you are expert of php then please bid

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    My website is finished by about 60-70% complete. I will not start over again, just searching for somebody who can finish this existing project. Server-side PHP Here is the description of the project: [登录来查看链接] It is not a cms! It is a proprietary development of the provider, because the whole thing is a purchased script that has been adapted. The script includes website, Android app and IOS app...

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    بحاجة الى موقع انترنت بالعربي. فيه شراء وخدمة توصيل pod . وخدمة تفعيل مشترك برسالة نصية.. وخدمة شراء محلية . وتشات بوت رد الي . وبعض الخدمات نكون في صفحة واحدة

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    Hi abubakeralli758, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Content Uploader 2 天 left

    I need to hire content uploader / downloader. Only apply with work you have done before related to downloading, uploading, title editing. Thanks

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    Dear all, For a Drupal 9 project I need support with the following. I have a datatype containing the columns: Date_Begin, Date_End, Value, Class I would like to, 1) create a view that groups by Class and for each group calculates and displays the sum over the column value in the view 2) create a diagram displaying Date_Begin on the X-axis and Value on the Y-axis 3) I would also like to implement a...

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    I want someone to make a website for me as same designed as [登录来查看链接]

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    I need someone that has knowledge in webfire 3.0 and or that can learn the software and use it effectively on my platform in return you will be allowed to utilize the software for your on other clients and services...included is the link to the software, please watch the video and make sure you can comprehend and properly apply ALL of the features to my website. [登录来查看链接]

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    Payment app 1 天 left

    I want an application developed for a means of payment online.

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    We are Rural Oasis, LLC. We are building a portfolio of applications and useful marketplaces. This project consists of developing a directory for Lynchburg, Va. The script is loaded onto the server and needs to be developed for release. Project needs: Web Development Finish setup of the script: adding categories, content seeding, etc My expectation? A fully functional directory for Lynchburg, ...

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    Need help migrating email from Outlook to Gmail.

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    I want to create iptv 1 天 left

    Hello I want to create a control panel and a special server for the iptv service, and I can re-broadcast satellite channels through this service, but I do not know all the ways to do this service

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    Web Developer & Designer We are looking for a skilled and experienced Web Developer to join our creative team. You will be responsible for the development and the programming of the code of our new website, designing and creating it in a way that makes the website easy to navigate for users, while at the same time meeting the technical expectations of our company. Our ideal candidate has at l...

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    I need someone to evaluate my websites load speed. I'd like the proposal to include: What the current load speed is What the end result load speed would be How much it will cost How long it will take to get done. website is [登录来查看链接]

    $1016 (Avg Bid)
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