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Website testing or quality assurance is the process of enforcing quality control standards on a website and its components, content and infrastructure. With proper website QA done, a website should see general increase in site usability and performance. You can get Website QA done for your website or you may do QA for other websites as a business by itself. You can hire website QA professionals to make the task easier for you. Simply post a website QA task to start with!

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    We are a SaaS company providing an online construction management suite for our customers to help them manage their business. We are looking for a couple people who can help us find bugs. This is a full time job with the ability to work 30-60 hours (you can pick your max). We are only interested in a long-term partnership from someone who wants to work with us for the next few years. If you enjoy bouncing from one gig to another and constantly looking on here for new jobs and going hungry, please do NOT apply. Voice conversations are not necessary but your English typing must be good. Requirements Android & Apple Device PC Internet Self Motivated If you like problem solving and finding software bugs that others were unable to uncover, and you are looking for more stability in yo...

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    I am wanting a Server Based Block Grabber for an android program called Amazon Flex. Blocks are released by their server and I am trying to be able to grab them before they get out to other users. You will need to install a proxy server onto a VPS. You will need to have this connect to the server to access the blocks for the Flex program/app. I need it to check for blocks between 10-20 times per second. Then when a block becomes available I would like it to be grabbed from the server to where an Android phone can then accept. Ask me any questions that you might have.

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    Show me a basic rough draft before Milstone my website: Redesign My Website The three competitor website. For all of them The first page tells you whatever you need fast and gets customers attention from I like how the page swipes to the left for the next makes it look like everything is in one place. from i like how eveything is in one page from I like the appointment page

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    Unfinished app test job 6 天 left

    Please finish database and app changes as described.

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    I’m getting service unavailable on my 3 sites on my shared hosting. I don’t have the time or the knowledge to fix this. Would like to hire someone that’s great at this.

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    Hello, I am looking for a squish testing automation expert qa for qml or web applications. I could watch a lot of videos on youtube and learn about squish. I am looking for someone who can show me a lot of examples "live" with codeless automation methods using Squish (Recording tests). Think of these mini hello world examples using Squish. I will run more questions by you in the future as well. Idea is to learn all features of Squish -- automation, image export error logging for failed test, comparison test, performance test, stress test example if we can do with squish. Again, idea is a lot of small hello world projects that you can show me over webex or zoom. Language of communication preferred would be English.

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    swarmob ed 5 天 left

    I would like to know if you're able to do a Stress and Loading test on a SPA website written in React with Apollo in the front, that's using as a backend Hasura Cloud Graphql (std version), where everything from the client goes directly through Hasura to the DB. DB is in Postgress housed in Heroku (Std 0 tier). Actually we're having problems doing those test, seeing how our SPA using mostly subscriptions. We are actually having trouble running those tests, as our SPA uses mainly subscriptions. So I would like to see the numbers you are getting, and how you have tackled it, seeing that we are having problem doing it with k6 and Jmeter. As a goal we are planning to have around 800 users simultaneously.

    $78 - $234
    $78 - $234
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    Stworzenie od nowa strony na podstawie obecnej. Stworzenie i prowadzenie facebook instagram

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    I’m an artist and I have my own set of Art works. I need a website to sell my own NFTs and the platform should be created in a way that anyone can buy and sell NFTs with all safety measures.

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    Jesteśmy małą firmą tworzącą 2 produkty mobilne dedykowane afrykańskiej diasporze mieszkającej w UK oraz dla Afrykańczyków. Jednym produktem, który rozwijamy są usługi bankowe adresujące przede wszystkim problemy diaspory z innowacyjnym rozwiązaniem transferowania pieniędzy z UK do Afryki oraz odwrotnie. Drugim produktem jest elektroniczna tożsamość dla krajów afrykańskich, która umożliwi naszym klientom natychmiastową możliwość korzystania z usług finansowych, edukacyjnych, podróżniczych, szerokiego dostępu do rynku pracy oraz posiadania aktywów. Brzmi interesująco? Sprawdź jak razem z nami możesz zmieniać świat! ?? Zadania, jakie możemy Ci zaproponować: - Samodzielne tworzenie i utrzymywanie scenariuszy testowych - Testowanie manualne według stw...

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    I want to develop a mint website which is going to include a smart contract, and a staking website where users would be able to earn rewards.

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    Hello, I am hoping to meet an experienced and talented back end developer to assess my airline charter reservation system that I am trying to put together and offer guidance and critique to improve the system. Hoping to work a few hours with you and create a plan for improvements and an in-depth evaluation. Would like to know what big projects that you have worked on so I can make the right choice in working with you.

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    need a bot which can purchase a signal received from the telegram within a second

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    It is an ongoing project. I have a robust selenium framework built using python in BDD. Need an efficient python and selenium programmer who has previous working experience in BDD to add automation scenarios to the existing framework.

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    Full stack website developer. 4 天 left

    Platform extensions. Only a developer of extensive experience on B2B and B2C auction platforms.

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    React Website 4 天 left

    Implementation of a wizard-style registration form with interaction with Rest api for data persistence with react, typescript and React-bootstrap library. Test implementation with Jest is required. Please read the document attached.

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    optimizacion de sitio web 4 天 left

    poner productos de la web en la primera fila de busqueda de google

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    Job description chevron is accepting online application for the position through February 3rd,2022 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) The Sailor's Union of the pacific represents all the unlicensed personal employed on the company's US FLAG seagoing vessels. If interested write me immediately for the necessary information

    $3896 - $77930 / hr
    $3896 - $77930 / hr
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    I am trying to upgrade a website and perhaps even rebrand. If and only if you have the technical expertise to do the following, contact me: 1. Create a search engine that crawls through approximately 20 websites 2. Make this search engine kid friendly and visually appealing 3. Make the first few links or times accessed free, the others for subscribers 4. Create a database with similar properties as 1-3 5. Embed kid friendly quizzes to content searched 6. Create system similar to Captain Up! I am seeking a tech cofounder of a startup.

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    Full Stack Developer 4 天 left

    We need a Full stack developer who can partner with us.

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    A cob work light writer is wanted to write a cob work light document

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    i am trying to get approve for adsence and am getting this error

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    QA Automation Engineer 4 天 left

    Project description Now, we are looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer. Requirements: 5+ years of experience in the area of Quality Assurance, 1+ year of automation testing Experience with Git or similar version control system Basic knowledge in Unix systems Knowledge of Agile methodologies and Continuous Integration concepts. Experience with Jasmine or Selenium Good command of English ( business level ) Responsibilities You will be responsible for manual tests and test automation. That includes maintaining existing manual and automation test cases. Creating new ones based on features and bug fixes. Monitoring daily test runs on our Continuous Integration environment. Manual regression and bug feature testing where needed and automating repetitive tasks. Investigating pro...

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    I want to a developer that can do for me Covid-19 online Portal to fill that Online forms when they travelsom from other countries. Simple application portal.

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    Este proyecto tiene como fin, permitir el acceso remoto a personas que requieran una conexión a mis computadores, allí ellos podrán usar el poder computacional para trabajar en sus proyectos. La idea es elaborar una forma de pago donde ellos pagan y reciben automáticamente el código de conexión de una aplicación (any desk oTeam viewer) así mismo es obligatorio proteger Windows frente a la instalación de aplicaciones no deseadas y evitar la ejecución de programas portables.

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    I want to customize the WoWonder PHP Social Network Script for a particular group of people with necessary changes such as adding new features, modifying the existing marketplace, removing non-usable features and so on. The team needs to be smart & fast in the turnaround time. Initial Work to Include : 1. Complete redesigning of Marketplace to include hourly based services with Payment Gateway which will be Escrow Based Payment system. 2. Public User Profile UI to be changed 3. Live streaming service to be improved 4. UI & field changes in the Landing & Login Pages 5. Admin Panel to include more fields 6. Modifying Group 7. Online E-Book reader to be added on the website 8. Add Database in Admin Panel 9. Use the Script & run a standalone version

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    I want a NfT marketplace where people can buy and sell items by using my token created as transaction on the markeplace and i want a universal marketplace

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    Looking to build a game that takes inspiration from Evony The Kings Return. Instead of keeps the players have islands to build out on and though it can be a free to play, play to earn, and in game purchasing, NFT swap as well as game packages to advance and grow in the game. I would like for it to serve as a wallet as well and people can use debit/credit cards to make purchases as well.

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    I need you to provide me a snippet of code in node.js that connects to a graphql websocket in wss:// protocol that is protected by cloudflare and returns error 403 - Forbidden when connecting via Node.JS, but not via browser.

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    Bursa Cargo 3 天 left

    O pagina logistica care sa realizeze interactiunea dintre : * Expeditor * Transportator * Spatiu depozitare * Anunturi

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    Exporte un sitio en wordpress usando Big File Uploads, ya lo había echo antes y no había tenido problemas, no se si son las versiones del php o la bd o mi servidor ya que es otro proveedor, pero no se ejecuta correctamente, a veces si abre y otras veces me muestra: "Ha habido un error crítico en esta web". Necesito corregir mi sitio. Anexo el error que me muestra. Saludos

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    Need someone expert to give recommendations and test web app for security breaches

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    Educational Course - Udemy 3 天 left

    I would like a Udemy Course set up that includes a tutorial style course with a profile and online quiz at the end of each module. It will include 30 categories, a power point, video and article in each module along with an accompanying quiz. Successful students can unlock messaging with an expert and/or earn stars for their cap. I will explain more of the details later and provide a flow chart.

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    Trader Family 3 天 left

    Saya ingin membuat aplikasi untuk tempat trading,dan akan mencoba mengembangkan sebisa mungkin

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    Testing and commissioning 3 天 left

    we are looking for a certified engineer with NEBB certificate to rent his certificate

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    I have already a wordpress ecommerce website. But it's not working due to some reasons . That's why i want help to debug the problems and then fix it properly Problems are :- i'm getting 404 error for every links , 403 error while login to wordpress from hostinger panel , and some minor problems too.

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    The QA engineer will review current website, mobile apps, and point issues, track fixing progress, etc. Further detail, I will share in Private Chat Must be fluent in English!

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    QA for for Narola 3 天 left

    Test a web app built in blazor

    $62 - $117 / hr
    $62 - $117 / hr
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    Suddenly my website traffic increased from 20 per hour visitors to 900 per hour visitors. They all come from the same city. Can anyone help me with this?

    $803 (Avg Bid)
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    Need someone who has good knowledge in agile software development, website design or mobile app development. Rest of the discussion will be later

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    Build a Scheduling App 2 天 left

    1. A Vendor Check-In WebApp 2. An Administrative Scheduling App Scheduling App The scheduling system must fulfill these requirements - Be built for Windows Surface - Support Password Based Authentication with Multi-factor security - Allow the creation / editing of Vendors (company info, contact, etc…) - Allow the creation / editing of job Sites (Site name, address, etc…) - Allow the creation / editing of Shifts at a Site, assigned to a Vendor (each shift displayed in local timezone to Site) - Allow multiple Shifts to overlap if desired - Generate Check-In codes for each Shift - Allow documents to be attached to Shifts (aka work orders) - Generate Upcoming Shift Reports for a given Vendor - Generate Past Shift Reports Based on Site and Vendor (ie. for invoicing) Check-In Web...

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    Crypto Web 2 天 left

    Deseo hacer una pagina web de alquiler de potencia de minado, algo parecido a Globalmine o chainmine, para unos rig que tengo, donde las personas al registrarse se cree una billetera unica y propia de btc donde haran los pagos.

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    Penetration Test Project 2 天 left

    More details will be shared via chat

    $61 - $184
    $61 - $184
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    I have a laravel website with a dashlite frontend that a freelancer on here created but they have found a full time job and are no longer interested in working on this project. It's a job posting website, closest thing I could describe it as is thumbtack. I need to find a freelancer that can add several features. I can give you the details in chat. Any work done needs to work on iOS and Android mobile devices. This is just the first project, I have many future projects we can discuss after you are finished with this. You will need to sign a non-compete and a non-disclosure. I will not hire anyone that is new to freelancer or has few reviews and I will not be adding large milestone payments. So if you need a 100% or 50% milestone, please do not bid, it is too difficult to...

    $896 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for QA Engineer for software testing. Should have experience in both automation and manual testing and with 4+years of experience.

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Fasthost Sever 2 天 left

    We have a new server with Fasthosts. I need help setting it up. Can you work with me on the live screen Server spec is: DS4-NVMe Gold + Intel Xeon Gold 6210U 20 cores x 2.5GHz 192GB RAM DDR4 ECC 2 x 1TB NVMe Hardware RAID 1

    $1021 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a platform which has mobile apps and web dashboards live. I need a tester to setup all end to end testing for the platform using Katalon Studio. Website and app names mentioned below: Website: Mobile app:

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    Quisiera ejecutar básicamente un servidor descargable en mi navegador y no sé como hacerlo, requiero servicio informático.

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    ТЕХНИЧЕСКОЕ ВЫПОЛНЕНИЕ РАЗОВЫХ РАБОТ На сайт добавить способ доставки ЕВРОПОЧТА ПО АННАЛОГИИ МАГАЗИНА при наборе города с выпадающем списком отделений и картой отделений.

    $1029 (Avg Bid)
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