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adaugare de continut pe siteul meu joomla experti din romania - AdBar AdBasedSite - Adblock using Webbrowser Control in VB.NET Adblock using Webbrowser Control in VB.NET - AdBrite Clone AdBrite Clone - Adbrite picture ads in Image Hosting Adbrite Website clone - ADC / Data Acuisition C++ ADC - Interrupt technique - ADC/Inst Amp PCB design ADC10 usage of MSP430F2274 and interfaced with a LCD Display - ADCHOICES WEBSITE Adcionar função de tela cheia num player de video chat - Add "Like/Share button" for facebook and "Google +1" to my oscommerce Categories pages. add 'tagline' to logo - add currency filter Add custom editable RSVP form and fonts on a Weebly site - Add hyperlinks to image in html for newsletter Add image upload functionality in mobile website - add new input for existing mt4 expert advisor Add page in a website - ADD TEST DATA IN ACCESS 2002 TABLES add the handover to the matlab cod - Add "change view" option on search results page (Wordpress) Add "coming soon" to my menu drop downs - Add "Health Group" to Logo Add "Houzz Button" in product pages - Add "Pro" sash to iTunes store listing Add "quantity" to attributes - Add "sorting by" in the table on the wordpress webpage. Add "Stock Checker" Search Field (Connect to Supplier API) to Magento Admin Header - Add "VIew English version" to my Wordpress site Add "watermark" overlay feature to our camera application - Add & Fix funtionality of Online Mall and create mobile app Add & fix the following points to our website core php ooops basis .. - Add "blog" to our home page Add "career" section to existing PHP website - Add "lightbox" type effect on photos on my tumblr Add "Like" button for web posts (Thumbs up) - Add "workbooks" and "tests" to my OsCommerce site Add "ZingChart Controls" to ART Java Charting Library - Add ''sparkle'' effect to letters in flash file Add ''Team Ranking'' capability to existing Joomla football league component - ADD 'coupon' feature to osCommerce Cart Add 'Create an invoice' to our Big Commerce Site - Add 'password forgotten' functionality to PHP/MySQL Site Add 'Quick Action' to my app bringing the user right into my webviewer. - Add (4) features to test Instagram feed site add (advertisement image) to video + upload - add + to all numbers in excel file Add +/-5000 New Contacts to Salesforce - add .aspx page on existing web app -- 3 Add .aspx page to an existing web app - Add .srt and .ass subtitle support to VideoJS Player Add .srt subtitles in Russian - Add / edit Variants to a shopify store Add / Enter products on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and dedicated web site - add 1 click Facebook sign in Add 1 common Listing page in existing Wordpresss theme - Add 1 Field To PHP OsCommerce Invoice Add 1 image to another - Add 1 page to existing website ADD 1 PAGE TO JOOMLA WEBSITE WITH TEXT AND IMAGES - Add 1 small popup HTML page (WDLA) Add 1 small popup HTML page (WDLA)(repost) - Add 1,000 subscribers to my weight loss email list Add 1,000 Twitter Followers in Batches - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group. Add 10 000 of like on my existing pagefacebook - add 10 task to php chat script urgent full time freelancers onlys Add 10 unique directory listings for flower site in new zealand - Add 10,000 products to website(repost)(repost) Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #101 - Add 100 Businesses to a database Add 100 Demo Products to Magento - add 100 postings to existing forum Add 100 posts (copy and paste) to my blog - ongoing work - Add 100 products to my Prestashop Store add 100 products to my shop - Add 100's of products to an opencart website Add 100+ Tv Movies To a already made website - Add 1000 Facebook like and Twitter following Add 1000 facebook Likes on - Add 1000 people to a Facebook group Add 1000 Product to Magento - add 1000 products wordpress site (woocommerce) add 1000 products wordpress site (woocommerce) - Repost - Add 1000 word to a mobile report- add 1000 words proof-reading/editing needed in the next 3 hours - Add 100k facebook fans Add 100k Facebook Fans and 100k Twitter Followers - Add 10k facebook fans Add 10k facebook fans for me - Add 12 Products to Magento + Attributes add 12 task to php/jquery chat script - add 14 fixes and features ($25) to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - posting in detail. add 14 fixes and features ($25) to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - posting in detail. -- 2 - Add 15,000+ Fans to my Facebook Fan Page Add 150 attending on event facebook event - Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. Add 150,000 likes to Facebook Fanpage - Add 190 movie releases to blog. Add 1964 to an existing logo - Add 2 api in 1 app Add 2 Arrays (1 Chkbox,1 Drop Down)to PHP SendMail Processor - Add 2 columns to VB6 flexgrid and fix Error 30009 ADD 2 colums to a GRIDVIEW dynamically - Add 2 feature and solve 1 query Issue - Core PHP & MySQL Add 2 feature to current iPhone application and android application - Add 2 Features To Flappy Bird Clone In Spritekit Add 2 features to my program - add 2 functions to wordpress site Add 2 Google Gauges to Traffic Website - Add 2 languages to an existinmg website Add 2 Languages to PHP site - Add 2 more features in WordPress site Add 2 more Graphs to a PHP / MSSQL Application - Add 2 new screens to a current Android Application, get data from an API and syncronize local DB Add 2 numbers - add 2 pages to flash site Add 2 pages to my website - Add 2 scrollbars to flash.. Add 2 sdk to Xproject - add 2 tableadapters to dataset add 2 tables and 2 queries to SQL Database - Add 2% fee to payment method in OScommerce site Add 2+ Options to GUI - MapEditor - Add 20 Products to eBay -- 3 Add 20 Products to eBay Today - Add 200 articles (only copy + paste) in Wordpress Add 200 articles to a Woocommerce -- 2 - ADD 200 product from my amazon store into ebay Add 200 product images to wordpress template - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details. Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product part#4 - Add 2000 followers of 80's Music \ Eurythmics to Twitter Add 2000 friends on 3 facebook pages - Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost - repost Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost - repost - add 20K youtube view to my video in 6h from now Add 2100 Votes and 1000 USA IP ADDRESS Fans For 4 Pages #80 - Add 25,000 followers to my twitter account Add 250 ads from website A to website B (Wordpress) - Add 250.000 Girl followers to 1 twitter aacount add 2500 auctions to my website - Add 2mm Bleed to this file
Add 2nd featured image option - Add 3 custom type pages + 3 lay outs for them Add 3 dimension and mirror effect to book mark buttons on my website - add 3 features to video chat flex/java -- 2 add 3 field contact form to website - Add 3 functions to Visual Studio 2010 Visual Basic Application Add 3 funtions to a website - Add 3 Mdules to Joomla Template Add 3 Modules To My Site - Add 3 page types to wordpress theme + little tweaks Add 3 pages and a few elements to wordpress website - Add 3 Scripts To Website Add 3 Seperate ICONTACT Signup Form HTML Code To Appropriate Website Optin Forms - Add 3-10 images per blog to 400 blogs every day Add 3-4 pages to existing Website - Add 30 Products to Woocommerce Site Add 30,000 facebookfollowers without admin acces - Add 300 products to wordpress in 2 days. add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers - add 3000 products to prestashop 1.6 version online Add 3000 Products to Wordpress - Add 360 Code to Tribe Body Mobile Website Add 360 Degree Video Streaming to a Published Android Media App - Add 3d-style save option to magazine maker app Add 3K to a Romance Book Within the Next 12 Hours - add 4 features and fix small task -- 2 Add 4 features to our school management website (PHP) - Add 4 Missing Wordpress Theme Pages Add 4 new editable regions to the bottom of an existing Mailchimp Template - add 4 points read project Project Description: and make bid with good price Add 4 Redirect Rules to a htaccess file - add 400 facebook followers add 400 product to opencart from supplier website 2 -- 2 - ADD 40k Facebook Fans, 40k Twitter Followers from Kuwait Add 40k Quality Twitter followers - Add 47 Costumes to Excel file for Uploading to Website Add 47 short blog comments & ratings on a blog - Add 5 elements in my cms add 5 features in website - Add 5 product+description etc to Magento shop Add 5 Products to Amazon store - Add 5-6 products to current WP site Add 5.000 Google+ users in my circles and 1000 Facebook likes on my page - Add 50 Products to eBay store now Add 50 Products to eBay store now - Add 50,000 fans to my facebook page Add 50,000 Fans to my Fan Page - Add 500 Facebook Fan into the Facebook Fan Page Add 500 Facebook Friends per Hour to ShopO Group of BD - Add 500 Products for OpenCart to Website ADD 500 Products Magento Ecommerce - Add 500 Swedish members to my new website!! Add 500 Swedish members to my new website!!! - Add 5000 India, Woman-Only Targeted Facebook Fans Add 5000 Indian Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 5000 worldwide Real fans to my page Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group - Add 53.250 Facebook fans to multiple fan pages Add 54 drinkware products to Ebay using Inkfrog - add 6 easy web pages and 2 autoreponders(repost) Add 6 email addresses to 6 buy links - Add 60 products to x-cart shop. Add 600 followers for our twitter account -- 2 - Add 7 new pages to Certifi website Add 7 pages to an existing WordPress site (4 already exist) plus small changes - Add 7000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #107 Add 7000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #99 - Add 87 products to Excel file. Add 9 different layouts to given PDF-Invoice plugin - Add [[wiki links]] support to jekyll via a plugin Add [HTML Form] integration at my PHP Page. - Add a Google Sitemap to website Add a jQuery plugin onto my design - Add a "forgot password "" screen Add a "forgot password "" screen -- 2 - Add a "Tinder Swipe" to a Xamarin Forms App Add a "TWEET TO GET A DISCOUNT OPTION TO MY WEBSITE" - Add a ''Sign up for newsletter'' checkbox to donation form - Mailchimp Integration Add a ''type word seen in picture'' feature to a website form - Add a 32 bit microcontroller to the schematic I will provide, design the PCB and do some basic C programming. Add a 360 viewer to my website - Add a addon to an existing javascript Add a advertising baner to site - add a background image on my wordpress template site Add a background image to header of all pages - Add a Banner on the front end when a particular button is clicked Add a banner over a text on a video section to hide the actual text - Add a basic slider that will display posts from a category (Wordpress) Add a basket close feature to an existing ea - Add a blog for an existing Wordpress Website (Bridge Theme) Add a blog for my php website - Add a blog to my bootstrap/html site Add a blog to my existing website - Add a blog.. Add a book/software download page & Paypal payment page - Add a built in feature to my site (Very Small Project) Add a bulk select & delete column in wp data table in wordpress - Add a button on my Shopify Product page Add a button on my webpage - Add a buying feature to word press/woocommerce site Add a buynow option for products in a market place - Add a call-to-action banner on website homepage for redirection Add a call-to-action banner on website homepage for redirection to another page - Add a caption bubble to the video that pops Add a caption on image - Add a charge onto already placed orders in Magento Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - Add a Checkout Step in Opencart Website add a checkout system to my website - add a code from flippa to my forum (vbulletin) ADD A CODE IN MY WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE FROM WIDGET SECTION - Add a column to DataTables Add a column to DataTables - Add a Conditional Option In a Woo Commerce Wordpress Plugin Add a conditional statement based on URL to my Wordpress site - add a contact formula to an existing website Add a content to existing website - add a coupen system and fix some problem from my website Add a couple conditional fields to web form, some javascript - Add a coupon code discount system to an existing E-Commerce site Add a coupon code to listbingo - Add a custom attribute to Magento PDF invoice. Add a custom calculator on a WordPress Site - Add a custom fields for joomla Easysocial Add a custom font to a wordpress website - Add a Custom Slider to React Homepage Add a Custom Slider to React Homepage to promote Movies - Add a Customizer to my website Add a dark style to my Delphi 10 Tokyo FMX App (Android and iOS) - Add a design to my existing CMS Add a design to my website home page - add a disclaimer check box to my website Add a discount code element to Wordpress installation (woo commerce). - Add a Download Button to Lightbox in Wordpress add a download functionality - add a dropdown menu in ocart checkout Add a dropdown Menu(sliding down from top bar) to an existing view in project - Add a email form On a webpage Add a email form validation & backend to a mobile app - Add a Facebook Icon and Link to my Wordpress page Add a Facebook Like button and fix a few social plugins to a website - Add A feature and Few Php Fixes Add a Feature and Fix a Bug on my React / Redux Homepage UI - Add a feature on php online soft (Quickly) Add a feature to a 3rd Party Joomla Com - Add a feature to a scroll bar in a Flash Document