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Add additional functionality ! - Add additional images and a zoom on hover to OpenCart Add additional info to Prizm spreadsheet and capture screen images - Add additional page to a PDF document Add Additional Page to Drupal CMS - Add Additional Requirements Information to Excel Spreadsheet Add additional screens to mobile Unity app - Add address info to prospects add address to existing business card - add admin account after privileges gone after restore Add admin area to enter 8 digit sales numbers - Add Administrative Function in ASP or PHP. Add Administrative Login as Studio Owner - Add admob banner in simple cocos2dx iOS (iphone) game Add Admob Banner to iOS project (Objective c) - Add Admob SDK (Banner & Interstitial) Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost - Add Ads Admob With Add Ads and AI into our game - Add ads to my small android game add ads to my unity 3d game and fb share - Add Adsense Code to Blog Add Adsense code to my HTML/PHP Website (1st of 9) - Add Adsense to WP website add adsenses code to existing wordpress website and a blog - Add Advert Banner and Link to XML PHP Auto Email Add advert capability to my video site - add advertising space for joomla template Add Advertising space on directory categories and homepage - Add affiliate ads on my websites: Amazon, adsense, ebay. 200 sites Add affiliate advertising to my website - Add Affiliate Logos to Site Add affiliate option - Add After Effects for Video - ongoing work Add after effects graphics to still images slideshow - Add airpush budle 2 adds into a template add airpush sdk to simple unity3d app - Add AJAX features to CGI pages Add AJAX features to existing PHP forms - Add AJAX Scripts into App elements Add Ajax search function to intranet ASPX page - Add Ajax/Jquery calls on saving Grade data in an MIS Add Ajax/JQuery functionality to site - add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) Add alert to an MetaTrader indicator -- 2 - Add alerts to Custom MT4 indicator Add alerts to Metatrader indicator - Add All Graphics to Website Add all Listings From My Ebay Store To My Ebid Store - Add ALT Tag option in yahoo store product images. Add alt text short code to wordpress vc ultimate addons info list items - Add Amazon Checkout to my site Add Amazon Checkout to my site -- 2 - Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model(repost) - Add an activity (use gps to track running distance,speed..) Add an ad on existing website - Add an advertising page with slideshow banner to an existing web application. Plus some other minor work (see doc) Add an Affiliate program to a osCommerce site - Add an Api to Magento Add an app to my shopify store - Add an e-cart system to our website add an e-commerce payment system to my landing page - Add an email form to joomla Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website - add an extension to root directory Add an extenstion to my Joomla website - Add an HTML page and design an HTML e-mail START NOW !!!! Add an HTML/CSS/JS files to a DNN Website - Add an image on the top of the website add an image on top of the age verification pop up - Add an Instant Messanger in my web community Add an interactive landing page to my Wordpress website - Add an online chat support to an existing website Add an Online Database - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an Option in Wordpress - Add an slider to this page add an SMS gateway to our website - Add an upload-photo/text function on a webpage, similar to photo book functions add an user interface to my python script - Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. Add and Amend Functionalities to existing php website. - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration -- 2 - Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line Add and edit Product Descriptions on a website - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions -- 2 - Add and test HTTP posting instructions Add and Test SDK to android app - Add Angular Internationalization Add Angular Template to Mean stack - Add animation easeInQuart inside jQuery code Add animation effect in Javascript - Add animation/dynamic content to ios/android/facebook application add animation/graphics to a powerpoint presentation - Add another 400 Items to my website. Add another badge related category - Add another page to CMS in Admin Area Add another page to existing site - Add Another WP Theme Add anti-abuse headers to outgoing mail for mailserver - add api from this site to my wordpress add api from this site to my wordpress - repost - Add API to osCommerce website Add API to our installer - Add Apple Pay To Website & Test Android Pay On Website Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg - Add appropriate Gallery to Wordpress Add Approval Button to C# .net website - Add Arabic Language to Shopify Add Arabic Language to website - Add area to application add area upload pictures and create folders in a php gallery - Add Arrows to a Calendar Add Arrows to Twitter Bootstrap Accordion - Add articles to WordPress and SEO them! Add articles to wordpress from InDesign Files - Add ASP Template to Full XML Add ASP.NET Calendar into blank page - Add attachement file to wp_mail (Wordpress) Add Attachment Feature to PHP Mailing Script - Add attribute for shipping Add Attribute to Google Product Data Feed! Fix Broken Link! - Add auction feature to existing wordpress e-commerce website Add auction feature to my existing website - Add audio function for AVS Video Script Smarty PHP Add Audio function to Existing Windows App - Add audio to 9 (1 hour) video clips Add audio to a mov file - Add Augmented Reality to an existing app Add Augmented Reality to an existing app - Add authentication to already existing app with backend database Add authentication to little webserver - add on my site ADD AUTHORIZE.NET on weebly platform - Add Auto Find server to client add auto focus feature to directshow video capture application - Add Auto-Language Translate to Wordpress Plugin Add auto-post - Add autocroll (scrollspy) and get back to the top button to website
Add autofill to contact form - Add automatic watermark to conversion in a video website Add automation function to MT4 Indicators - Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App - repost - Add aweber pop over form to homepage Add Aweber script to existing website - add back/fw menu to gravity forms Add backbutton, remove black screen, add admob full screen ad - add background color Add background color to logo - ADD BACKGROUND IMAGE TO WORD DOCUMENT AND OUTPUT TO PDF Add Background image with JS and FIX stable the contact form button - Add Background to images Add background to my floating UIView - Add backup feature to Order Tracking CP Add Badge on Facebook Profile Image - Add Banner / Clean up SIte / SEO Add banner ad area to WordPress header - Add banner script to 404 page. Add banner script to 404 page. - Add banner with button to web Add Banner, Content To Pages & Social Media Links To Website - Add Banners to Nine Wordpress Sites Add banners to PHP file - add barcode scanner to BlackBerry 10 phonegap app Add Barcode Scanning to project - Add Basic Functionality to Multi-Page HTML Form Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it - Add BBCode Controls to Rich Text Area Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum - Add Better image viewer to os commerce Add better notification system into my mobile app - Add Birthdate Field to Web Scraper Project Add Birthday Add-on to Sharepoint Online - Add Bitcoin to EPay Enterprise Platform add bitcoin to our payment website - add bleed to my Business Cards Add bleeds and Trims to Flyer for print - Add blog and product page to Joomla site Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks - Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) Add Blog Functionality to Wordpress Theme - Add blog posts to Optimize Press via HTML Add blog rss feed to site - Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Website Add blog to home page - Add blog to site with Pulse Pro Add blog to video website - Add Blogs to Websites Add blue background and lego image to bottom header - Add Bluetrackmedia In PPD Script Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script - Add booking enquiry form to website Add Booking Magenot Extension - Add books to bookshop Add Bootstrap Blocks To Landing Page Builder - Add both Account for all social Media Add bots to my game!! - Add brick, stone, shingles, roof shingles to exterior home drawing Add bricks to drawing in illustrator - Add Budgeting System to Buddypress Add BudyPress to an Existing WordPress Install and Cusomize it (PHP probably needed) - Add business card functionality using woocomerce Add Business cards into an excel sheet on a weekly bases ( 6 Month) - Add Businesses To Local Directory Add businesses to new directory - Add Button Functionality to Existing Music Player App Project add button in cakephp website - Add button to browsers and call function. add button to change video mode, a player - Add button to Wordpress Website Add button, modify event - Add buttons with links to our products Add buttons, links and information to WP site. - Add cab data to db Add cache control to spring project - Add Calendar and Countdown Timer to Auction Website Add Calendar functionality - add call anther table on php code Add call back to menu web - Add Canasta, Pinochle, and Rummy to Game Add candle close confirmation - add captcha add captcha - Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost - open to bidding Add captcha field - Add CAPTCHA protection to WordPress form Add CAPTCHA security to my enquiry form - Add Captcha to CGI Form - repost Add Captcha to Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form & Fix - Add captcha to forms add CAPTCHA to forms - add captcha to my website Add CAPTCHA to one page of my php site - Add Captcha to two HTML forms Add Captcha to two php forms - Add Captcha verification to a site Add captcha verification to form - Add Car Makes and Models (Categories with Hiearchy) to Wordpress through Admin Dashboard Add card layout section to existing website - Add Cart and Quick Setup Add cart filter wordpress ecommerce -- 2 - Add Categories and Posts to Wp Robot Blog Add Categories and Products Details - Add categories to Magento () Add categories to my WP page - Add category pages to a Divi wordpress website Add Category position change Feature To Current Application - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin - Add change to admin for IPad app Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme - Add Channel Martingale option to existing EA Add channel matrix and links to existing drupal - Add Charity icon.. Add chart capabilities to Rails Application (survey app) - Add chat box / customer support to our website add chat box or contact us portion in my website - Add Chat to Wordpress add chat wordpress - add check out to magento. Add Check Time against today's date only. - Add Checkout and Payment Features to Existing iOS App Add checkout button to E-Bay auction listings - Add Chinese translation subtitles to an english 2 min video Add chinese version to current website - Add circle to drawing Add circular crop to a controller - Add CKEditor on the website Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script - Add clauses to an existing contract Add CLE jquery editor to a forum, plus a plugin - Add Clickable 2 badges to one webpage Add Clickable Link Banners to My YouTube Videos (Not Description or Annotation) - add clicktag to 4 existing Flash banners AS3 (adform) add clicktag to existing flash banner - Add clipping paths Add Close (x) Button to windows taskbar button - add cms block to product page/remove " you will be charged for .." on checkout page and mail Add CMS Content Management System - Add CMS Infusion to a web site