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Add Company Info page to Existing .net Script - Add competitive components to website for youth gaming Add complete Forecast of models - Add Concrete5 and format templates to use current design on existing website Add concurrency pattern to a existing pseudo market application - add confirmation feature Add Constant Contact signup to WooCommerce checkout - Add Contact Form on Magento's Website Add contact form on the exciting website - Add contact info on homepage and configure SSL Security cert Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. - Add contact us page on interspire cart webpage Add Contact Us page to my website - Add content & video to exsiting website Add Content & Menu to Google Maps - Add Content and Edit my E-Products with graphics Add content and effects to a short Promo Video - Add content and update existing plumbing website add content and users - add content from my brochure to my website Add Content from old site to new WordPress Site - Add content items into a CMS Add Content Links to 4 Sites - Add content per spec Add Content provided by me to my websites - Add content to a website and convert a web html to psd Add content to a website and make some changes in it - Add content to a WordPress theme add content to a wordpress theme - Add content to blog add content to blog - Add content to existing Drupal site Add Content to Existing iPhone App (1669590) - Add content to home page on Wordpress from another site Add Content to Homepage - Add content to joomla site Add Content to joomla site ! - Add content to my site Add content to my site - Add Content to Original eBook add content to oscommerc ehome page - Add content to site and use styles previously created add content to sites - Add Content to Website Add Content to website - Add content to Wordpress & style contents Add Content to Wordpress (HTML Skills required) - add content to wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Repost - Add content to wp site Add Content To WP Theme - Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site(repost) - Add contents to wp site Add contest system to bigcommerce - Add Contributions to CRE Loaded Add Contributions to new osC2.3.1 site - Add conversion tracking to landing page for adwords and adcenter Add conversion tracking to website - Add cookies to an android app Add cookies to Go scripts. - Add copy protection to PDF on linux server Add Copy to 12 Images - SIMPLE & QUICK Project - Add count layer Add count number beside new comment image - Add Countries, States, Cities Dropdown to "Contact Form 7" Plugin in Wordpress Add Country / Dot on Entry Map - Add Coupon Code to osCommerce (GMI) Add Coupon Code To registration & create admin - Add Course/FAQ/Links PHP module to site Add Courses Module to a Rails System - add create online training courses Add Creative Flair to my eBook - add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script Add Credit Card form on Xcart Shopping Cart checkout page. - Add credit system to an auction php script Add credit to facebook - repost - Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf, 2 hr turn around! Add cropping and resizing to already existing image upload php page - Add CSS and Javascript/JQuery to some HTML Add CSS and make some changes in my website - Add CSS Tabbed Content in Existing Web Page ADD CSS to a form - Add Css to webform Add CSS to webpages - Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store Add CSV of 17,000 products to OpenCart project/Add some custom fields - add currency Add currency button to html site. - Add Custoemr Login Portal and Online Payment System add custom 404 error page and alter some fonts in my opencart store - Add Custom Code to Windows Shell Actions Add custom content page editor to ASP.NET MVC web application - Add custom event tracking by existing functionality and add app-id to the tracking pixel. Add custom events page to already existing website - Add custom features to existing WordPress site Add custom features to Gmail contacts and Google calendar - Add custom field to order -virtuemart Add custom field to OS TIcket - Add custom fields search filter to search menu Add custom fields to a commenting plugin on wordpress - Add custom fields to our google calendar Add custom fields to prestashop contact form - Add custom forms, book database and shopping cart on a wordpress site Add Custom Function to Website - Project for Dr.Tech - Add Custom header to wordpress blog Add Custom HTML/Javascript field to Expression Engine CMS - Add custom logo to website Add custom made Facebook feed to existing Facebook app - Add custom page redirect (or hide/show content) after Typeform is completed Add custom page to website. - Add custom post types to Wordpress Template Add custom price-encoded barcodes to Unicenta (open-source) - Add custom section to Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Pane Add custom section, update zoom plug-in - Add custom things to a wordpress theme and html changes! Add custom timeframe function to MT4 indicator. - Add customer file Upload to CRE loaded Cart Add customer from admin portal with selectable credit - Add customers survey on a page add customers to database - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost 2 Add customized views to Joomla/Moodle/Joomdle site - Add data as discussed Add Data Capture to existing FileMaker Database - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from mysql data base into another table. - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar - Add data to Excel file - dataentry Add data to excel from web search - Add Data to spreadsheet Add data to the admin panel of our software - Add Database Caching to ASP.NET MVC Open Source Project Add Database Connectivity and Programming to Admin Template - Add database to page Add database to script - Add Date Gmail Subject Add date model to existing Ruby project - Add db to app and website -- 2 Add DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to PHP system using Pear - add deisgn into net project Add delay to a dropdown menu (javascript) - Add Delivery Slot in open cart
Add Demo Content to New Wordpress Site - add descriptions to site Add Descriptive Data to News Feeds - Add design elements to existing webpage Add design feature to website. - Add design to existing web site and cms Add design to flynax website. - Add designer add designs and new features to an App - Add Details to Existing 3D Models - Phase 2 Add details to games website game card - Add different price options to a website -- 2 Add different Sites to Directories - Add Dipsute system and Facelift to website and other smaller updates Add direcpay payment gateway (woocommerce plugin) - Add Discogs API to existing project Add Discount Adjuster in Expresso Store - Add Discussion Board to Existing Site Add discussion board to website - ADD DKIM Record to domain Add dkim signing in PHP - Add Domain in DirectAdmin Add domain name in blocked list from context menu - Add dots to microsoft word equations Add double elimination to tournament script - Add download vouchers button to a page (no checkout functionality, simple version)) add download-script to website - add drop down box to my text Add drop down boxes to - Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template -- 2 - ADD DROP DOWN TO "AREA OF STUDY" PHP SCRIPT TO EXISTING CODE Add drop down to Joomla EZRealty module - Add dropdown fields to existing oscommerce payment module Add dropdown list to contact form + capcha - Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song -- 2 Add Drupal enhancement - Add dynamic content to flash (quick & easy) Add dynamic content to website design - Add dynamic links and one step checkout Add Dynamic Meta (Title, Description and Keywords) - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) - add e-commerece plugin Add E-Course to Existing Website - Add eBay Classified API to my Website Add eBay html template to Ebay store - Add ecomerce to website - shopping cart Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site - Add ecommerce in existing Drupal website Add eCommerce in our current website - Add ecommerce to site Add Ecommerce to Website - Add edit profile to front end of Car Dealer Script Add edit-in-place AJAX to website baker CMS - Add egold and alertpay to randomizer script Add Elance Model a Blog - Add elements to current bot Add Elements to Existing Wordpress Form - add email and password recovery to site add email and password recovery to site -- 2 - add Email fucntion with sms add on a store website Add Email Function To Reminder App - Add email notifications to be triggered when user do certain actions such as registration, post project, etc -- 2 Add email on contact us form on website - Add email submissions to a spreadsheet_update 2 Add email submit ticket function to my helpdesk - Add emails from onine directory to database and email them Add emails from Wordpress to Aweber list - Add embedded video to our blog Add Embedded YouTube Video Website - Add encryption to an Android app Add encryption to sqlite - Add Enhancements to Articlelive Add enhancements to Christian website using MURA CMS - Add Episode listing/control in WordPress frontend/backend Add epoch payment gateway to premiumpress video theme - Add Event Function in my App -- 2 Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP - Add events from websites Add events from websites - Add Excel data to existing .pdf file Add Excel export and cron for parse email - Add existing HTML5 player to the bottom, create now playing shoutcast widget and create child theme add existing interface to open source project - Add existing video player to wordpress site(repost) Add existing video to image slideshow (wordpress) - Add Explosion/Smoke Trail Effects to Existing Video Add expop database for webcoder - Add extension to current website add extension to magento - add extra attributes to magento url key Add extra code into website. - Add extra features to a QR Code reader Add extra features to an existing Laravel project - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost Add Extra fields and captcha to Registration forms builded in theme - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add Extra Functionality to WordPress Travel Agency Theme Add extra functionallity to a wordpress site - Add Extra Page to my React.js UI Add Extra Page to my React.js UI -- 2 - Add extra template to software Add extra user level ! - Add Facebook 'Like Button' and Addthis Functionality Add facebook 'like button' to xcart productpages, and to main page. - Add Facebook and Twitter Register and Sign In to my site Add Facebook and Twitter tracking code to an App - Add Facebook Comment Box to GoDaddy Website and Add 179+ comments Add facebook comment social plugin in wodpress sidebar for my website - Add Facebook event Going Add Facebook Events to User's Wall - Add Facebook Friends Add Facebook friends - Add Facebook Gamers 2 Add Facebook Gamers 3 for Peregra - Add facebook like & follow to WP site Add Facebook Like & Twitter Share Button to NextGEN Lightbox - add facebook like feature (remove old content in it's place on the page) Add facebook like on my website - Add Facebook Likes to a company profile on Facebook Add Facebook Link - Add Facebook Login to custom PHP site Add Facebook login to existing app - Add Facebook logo, Instagram logo, Twitter logo and web site on a finshed logo Add FaceBook Members (Relative) 200,000 (Russian - Ukranian) - Add facebook pixels and adword tracking code to shopify store Add Facebook post api permission to script - Add facebook share/comment box to site and related stuff Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site - Add Facebook, and Instagram logo and hyperlink to web header and footer - repost Add facebook, instagram, google plus follow, youtube subscribe button to app - Add faces to a point cloud to create a surface. add facial hair to a person in an image - Add fans Add Fans at Facebook Fan Page - Add fans to my Facebook Page Add fans to my facebook page 10k+ - Add fax number to contact page Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page - add fb,twitter API logins to my current website Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page - Add Feature to Existing Site (PHP, Joomla & Mambo)