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Add a sheduling / booking system to my website - add a shopping cart to an existing html website Add a shopping cart to existing site - Add a signature to a .pdf document Add a Signup form In Wordpress Website - Add a simple code to a buddypress site according to my instructions-Good English Speakers Pls - repost Add a Simple Contact Form to Website - Add a Simple Function PHP in admin Area Add a Simple Function to an iPhone/iPad App (quickly!) - Add a simple php script Add a simple rela estates plug in to a wordpress website - add a site called sbo Add a site map Google Webmaster tool - add a slider with embed code to my wordpress site Add a slider/carousel to index page - Add a small feature to my website Add a small feature to my website - Add a sort by category option to Woocommerce theme Add A Sort Products Option To My Wordpress Site - Add a Star Rating system to an Existing App via Kinvey/Parse... ADD A STATIC PAGE ON MY SITE - Add a store to our Word Press site Add a Store to - Add a survey form page on WP website add a survey poll to existing DNN site - Add a table illustration + bag strap image to an image add a table of data to a site and print it - PHP - Add a Template to vBadvanced Add a Template to Wordpress Theme (Responsive) - Add a thank you page to WP Landing Page and submit form input to download by excel Add a thank you page to WP Landing Page and submit form input to download by excel -- 2 - Add a top banner to a colorlabs wordpress theme Add a top Joomla menu - Add a trigger with .submit() to Gravity Form with jquery Add a Trivia game and work on the design of my website - add a unprotected table to protected word doc. Add a Update Trigger to My SQL Server 2000 Table - Add a value to our site, and propose your own project's to be accepted.More than 1 free lancer could be awarded for different added values. Add a value to the search function of a zend framework/dojo/mysql application - Add a video reward to a Unity Android app. -- 2 Add a video reward to a Unity Android app. -- 4 - Add a View to existing project Add a view type in a IOS app (add one type of event in an app) 1 week or less job - Add a Web View in iPhone Application Add a webform (code already created) to a wordpress site. - add a wheel to original app(repost) add a wheel to original app(repost)(repost) - Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site Add a widgetized page to my wordpress site -- 2 - Add a Wordpress Application Add a wordpress blog and make some changes to my website - Add A Wordpress Page To A Business Website Add a wordpress plugin (talentlms) to my bluehost/wordpress domain - Add a youtube tv script into my avatar chatting script Add a youtube video to a powerpoint presentation - Add ability to open multiple drawings in gCADPlus Add ability to purchase items to small HTML5 website and change pictures on current site - Add about 2 fields to a database....has to be done within 3- 4 hours Add about 200 articles to an invoice - Add Accordion Slider Plugin to a Wordpress website Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project - Add ACF filter column to posts overview admin area add achievement systems like or others - add activation requirement to already designed android project add activation requirement to already designed android project - repost - add ad spaces on site Add Ad Systems to a xcode project - Add additional button to product display page Add additional changes to an existing website - Add additional feature to plugin add additional feature to squarespace template - Add additional features to my codeigniter POS system Add additional features to my estore - Add additional function [shortcode] to current plugin - ongoing work add additional function on portfolio plugin - Add Additional Functions to Custom HTML Player Add additional functions to existing project - Add additional option for subscription/recurring payments for paypal checkout Add Additional Options to ACF Drop Down and Edit HTML Display Based on Selection - Add additional query to php file Add additional questions to my booking form. - Add additonal WordPress Menu Locations add addons to InfoFlo page private for kundankumat - Add Aditional Module Positions to Joomla Template Add adjustment of focus slider control to exists camera application - Add Admin Section to Site(repost) Add admin sorting of products - add admob banner and intertitial ads Add admob banner in simple cocos2d iOS (iphone) game - Add Admob SDK (Banner & Interstitial) Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost - Add Ads Admob With Add Ads and AI into our game - Add ads to my small android game add ads to my unity 3d game and fb share - Add Adsense code to my HTML/PHP Website (1st of 9) add Adsense code to the site. - add adsenses code to existing wordpress website and a blog add adult payment gateway to adult site - Add advert capability to my video site Add advertisement banner in android app - Add Advertising space on directory categories and homepage Add advertising to an iOS app. - Add affiliate advertising to my website Add Affiliate Banners to RVSitebuilder website - Add affiliate option add affiliate products on to existing web sites - Add after effects graphics to still images slideshow Add After Effects Text and Graphics to a video - add airpush sdk to simple unity3d app Add Airpush SDK1 and TapContext SDK 3 to 10 of my Andoid apps (Eclipse) - Add AJAX features to existing PHP forms Add Ajax features to existing website - Add Ajax search function to intranet ASPX page Add AJAX support (javascript) for pages of web application interface - Add Ajax/JQuery functionality to site Add Ajax/PHP threaded comments script to website - add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) Add alert to an MetaTrader indicator - add alerts Add alerts to Custom MT4 indicator - Add all friends to event page on facebook Add All Graphics to Website - Add alt image text to images Add ALT Tag option in yahoo store product images. - Add Amazon Checkout to my website Add Amazon link for Books - add amazon web pay option Add Amazon Widegt to our WordPress Blog - Add an additional 8 STR markers add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter - Add an affiliate program to my current website Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! - Add an Asp Page Add an Auction page to our website and add some extra features - Add an edit post and comment option to my website... Add an editable site in an existing webpage made with symfony (1.x) - Add an Employee Directory to our website add an event to Google Calendar - Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress - repost Add An Extra Feature to Site - Add an icon to the individual product pages. Add an IF Statement to My Code - Add an image to my Outlook Web Access (OWA) signature Add an image to the "contact us form" in magento to make the page look good - add an item to my websites menu add an item to my websites menu - 26/09/2016 05:29 EDT - Add An Online Store To My Website
Add an open cart with pay pal to a sushi webpage - ADD an OSD in a dvd Firmware Add an Output Calculator to a Magento Store - add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - repost Add an updatable area to website - Add Analytics Tag Add Analytics Tag/message submission system - Add and connect database to new joomla site on Virtualmin Add and Connect features in PHP/Javascript finance script - add and display new information in listing Add and edit a Video - Add and fix the functionality on the website Add and impliment captcha to an existing .asp form - Add and remove features from my site Add and remove fields in two magento pages - Add and style text to existing website HTML pages Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost - Add Android Screen Controls to Unity game Add android youtube app to existing app and make it play playlists instead - Add animated text effects to 1 video add animation and grahics to a video - Add animation to web site banner for KidzKraft Add animation with HTML5/JS (no Flash) +small Joomla changes - Add another category to a database Add another column of data to HTML table - Add another page to existing work Add Another page to my designed up borchure - Add anti-spam protection to my contact form Add any 20,000 "likes" for a facebook fanpage - Add API functionality to Yii-based site Add API info to my site - Add API to Templatic GeoPlaces V4 Theme add API to WordPress - Add application to App Store/iTunes - repost Add Application.AfterShapeSizeChange event to PowerPoint 2007/2010 (.NET C#) - Add Approx 450 Images to Our Zencart Add Approx 65 Products To Wordpress Woocommerce Site - add arabic support to a php based webiste add arabic text to a banner (psd) file - Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost - Add Article to amazon shop and to our Ebay Acount add article to top of virtumart cat page - Add Artwork to a 3D game Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album - Add Assignment Overlay Function Add assignments and self-assessment exercises to a course - Add attachment field to PHP form code(repost) add attachment form to a php mailer script - Add Attribute to Magento API Add Attribute to Magento API -- 2 - Add auction to my website add auctions to my auction website - add audio on answered call Add audio player - Add Audio to Existing Video Add audio to flash animation - Add Australian postcode google search to exisiting WP site Add auth endpoint with web client integration on public Github project - Add author bio to WordPress page template Add author link to Joomla library component - Add to exisitng payment page Add to Photography website - Add Auto ON /OFF for This EA . Modified of MT4 EA Add auto parts to eBay Motors store - Add Autoblog Plugin To Wordpress Add Autochecout feature - Add Automatic Functions in our CMS - Only for VR26 Add automatic gps coordinates to mobile application - Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - Repost - add aweber automatic signup functionality to the script Add Aweber Code To a Custom Form - Add back end features to web site. Add Back end to site to add items to inventory - Add backend to a given apptemplate already programmed. add backend to homepage banner, company intro and menu section - Add background image fixed and stable in he screen also for mobile device (Must be added with JS) Add background image in first section for mobile only in wp site - Add background music and watermark for my video Add background music to 8 minute recording - Add Background Video to Row using Wordpress/Visual Composer Add backgrounds to 10 stock photos - Add Baner Design Add Baner Design - repost - Add banner code(repost) Add banner extension to magento websites. - Add banner to right-hand of wordpress column Add banner to webmail - Add Banners to index, view forum and view topic pages Add banners to Joomla website and fix minor errors - Add barcode for invoices and packing slips add barcode scanner support to an excel file - Add basic features to android app Add Basic Functionality to Multi-Page HTML Form - Add BBCode Controls to Rich Text Area Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum - Add better notification system into my mobile app Add bible version api - Add Birthday Add-on to Sharepoint Online Add birthday field on Register page - add bitcoin to our payment website - repost 2 add Bitcoin to zencart urgent - Add blinking Flash stars to a picture Add blinking image to WHMCS ticket notes in WHMCS - repost - Add blog feature to existing property listing custom PHP script, plus minor fixes. Add blog feature to my site - add blog on ecommerce website add blog page - Add blog to Dot Net Nuke 4 website Add blog to Drupal site - add blog to my landing page - urgent job Add Blog to my site - add blog to website add blog to website - Add Bluetooth BLE Support to IOIO hardware board (Dual Mode bluetooth) Add Bluetooth BLE Support to IOIO hardware board (Dual Mode bluetooth) -- 2 - Add bold text to CS-Cart header - 11/11/2016 03:22 EST Add Bone For 3D character - Add booking widget to homepage of WP website Add Bookly to section of website - add border and background to a block for videos Add Border Around Inside of Squares - add braintreepayments to my website Add brand to magento theme - Add Brute Force Protection, Spam Killer and User Spam plugin to 87 wordpress sites Add Buddy press features to an existing website - Add Bullhorn API functionality to website - Repost Add bundle product to Opencart Website (already has 2 need 1 more the same) - Add Business to Google with 3000 Zip Codes as Service area Add business to my directory part 2 - add button ecommerce into my site add button for import emails from users account - Add button to a flash banner - action script Add button to all Windows title bar (similar to Team Viewer) - Add Button to top level menu on website Add button to Website - Add buttons to my website Add buttons to NSIS nsWeb popup - add c# log - sync_alert_log Add C++ DLL to Firewall Project - Add calculator to a site Add calculator to existing WP site - Add calender booking system to my joomla products Add calender booking to my joomla products - Add call to action button to header of WP Avada Theme powered website