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Add feature to existing code - Add feature to existing wordpress website Add feature to existing WP Plugin - Add Feature To Kotakin Script ( buy on codecanyon ) Add feature to Laravel website. - Add feature to my website Add feature to my woocommerce plugin - Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost)(repost) Add Feature to Premium Wordpress plugin - Add feature to web tool Add feature to Webbrowser control - Add Feature to Working Website Add feature to WP Plugin - Add Featured Products to existing Amazon Webstore Add Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site - Add features & improve the ecommerce website Add Features & Maintain Android App - Add features and correct problems in Telecom Billing Management system -- 2 Add Features and Customize Buddypress Wordpress theme - Add features and modify existing Drupal site Add features and modify existing e-commerce website - add features in a destop bot add features in a destop bot - repost - Add features in slot game unity 3D add features in wp site . - add features project for Tahir001 Add features to an android application - Bus Tracking - add features to a existing Website Add features to a existing dot net website - Add Features to a Open Source Project PHP, JS and MySQL with JSON and Handlebars -- 2 Add features to a OpenSource Project Management Application - Add Features to a Scraping Software Add features to a script based on PHP and Javascript - Add features to a website build in php. add features to a wordpress classified script - Add Features to Already Existing WordPress Theme Add Features to AlstraSoft E-Friends - add features to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL website Add features to an existing account registration/subscription process in a Rails application - Add features to an existing iPad app Add features to an existing iPad application and examine existing code for bugs - Add features to an existing WordPress Plugin [URGENT] Add features to an existing Wordpress site - Add Features to Android Video Player Add Features to APK install Web Panel - Add features to buildbox based project Add features to c# program - Add features to current software Add features to current software - Add features to ecommerce website Add features to entry-footer on wordpress theme - Add features to existing chat app Add features to existing chatroom - Add features to existing on-demand app - React.js (Uber for X) Add features to existing PhoneGap application - Add features to existing Real Estate script Add features to existing script using Smarty PHP - Add Features to Existing Website - Add Features to Existing Website Platform Using PHP - add features to google mashup add features to google mashup- v3 - Add features to iphone and make changes to Iphone and Adroid app add features to iPhone app - add features to jquery drag drop web app Add features to jquery plugin - add features to my android app Add Features to my android app - Third Party Tinder Client - Add features to my mobile app Add Features to my Online Store and Website - Add features to my website add features to my website - Add features to nodejs website Add features to on-demand app (Ionic, Angular.js, Cordova, CakePHP) -- 2 - Add features to our event calendar Add features to our existing website (PHP, MySQL) - Add Features To PHP Script Add Features to PHP Script - add features to pinguchat Add Features to POS Client & Print Service - Add features to script. Add features to shopify website - Add features to task management app. Add features to teleprompter software - Add features to Video Streaming Player in QT Add features to wallpaper app (iOS and Android) - Add features to website and fix bugs Add Features to Website Template - Add Features to Wordpress Theme Add Features to Wordpress Theme - Add features/Enhancements to Existing PHP Website Add features/fix bugs (PHP& BOOTSTRAP) - Add Feedburner/Digg/Stumble on blog Add Feeds to 3 Sites - add few features in core php website Please read Project Description before make bid add few features in directshow windows media streaming application - add few features to phpsunchat -- 2 add few features to phpsunchat immediately - Add few modules for a sharetribe project Add few more features to my custom theme. [read below] - Add fex to mail Add fex to mail -- 2 - Add field to db of custom survey script Add Field to Donation Form - Add field to registration. Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form - Add fields in a form for a website build in asp. Add fields in already exsisting web site form, convert to csv, character manipulation. text changes - Add fields to Check Out page and fix Order Details in admin Add fields to check out. - Add fields to my wordpress registration form (add to simple plugin which is attached) Add fields to MySQL DB and PHP pages - Add fields to Registration form Add fields to the comments form on Wordpress - Add file reading to C source Add File repository (library) to website - Add file upload plugin and populate Page content Add file upload progress bar and file uploaded messages to custom file upload/manager program - david - Add file/transfer function to my networking class in VB add filemanager to codeigniter 2.2. CI DB Session/filemanger integration - Add Filter bar for my Wordpress post categories Add filter bar to page templates - Add filter to MS Excel file Add Filter to Video Clip - Add filters to last project Add filters to MQ4 indicator - Add firebase Add firebase push notification on my wordpress server - Add Fix/Function to Custom Joomla Website Add Fixed buttons on the side of a web page (feedback button) - Add flames to logo Add Flames to My Logo :0) - add flash banners on xenforo forum Add flash banners to a wordpress website - Add flash games to script Add Flash Games, and possibly video. - Add flash to logo for my site Add Flash to my logo - easy, quick job! - Add Flexslider to Ajax box based on wordpress attached images Add Flexslider to Shopify Site - Add Florida tax to open cart Add flower blooms to an image - add folder and files to web add folder support t our launcher - Add font colour to JS calendar dates depending on whether taken Add Font Size Changing via Pinch Gestures to Scrawl - Add football odds through our CMS
Add football results of three seasons to my database - Add form and extension to Joomla! website Add form and functions- MSQL database - Add form in Pdf Add form in website - Add form to my shopify website ADD FORM TO MY WEBSITE - Add form validation to FBML - FAST!! Add form with auto Response and Banner to page - Add forms to the website Add Forms to Ultimate Member Custom Tabs In Wordpress - add forum and blog to website Add forum and minimal word changes in 2 codeigniter websites. - Add forum to wordpress site integrated with s2Member for member-only access to the forum Add forum to Wordpress site with registration and login required - Add free credits option to custom php script Add free HTML5 player to the bottom, create current song shoutcast widget and child theme all for WordPress - Add Friend and Private Messaging Script - repost Add friend function for chat system - Add Friends on my youtube account! Add friends on Myspace - add friends to myspace account Add Friends to MYSPACE page - Add frontend car listing for user to register and upload car ads Add frontend to Android app - add full page video Add FULL to existing Wordpress template - Add funcionality to a custom contact form Add funcionlity in site to get mobile - Add function in C code Add function in Cakephp intranet - Add function to a WebGL script add function to a wordpress plugin - Add function to existing iPhone application Add Function to existing RSS Proxy Script - add function to opencart rental extension Add Function to parse C++ - Add functionailties to custom admin panel Add functionailties to custom admin panel -- 2 - Add functionalities to iPhone application Add functionalities to Magento store - Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme - repost - Add Functionality for the search bar, and remove back button on my ios application. Add functionality in an Existing Joomla site - Add functionality to a drag and drop HTML creator on Angular JS Add Functionality to a Java Snakes and Ladders Game and Create Sequence, Usecase and Activity Diagrams in LucidChart - Add functionality to a website, then convert it into a Wordpress template. add functionality to a wordpress car theme - Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost)(repost) Add Functionality to an exisiting Wordpress Site - Add Functionality to Bookly Wordpress Plugin Add functionality to C# Windows Form - Add functionality to existing Android/iPhone app add functionality to existing app - Add functionality to existing ionic app. add functionality to existing iOS (Swift3) + Firebase app - Add functionality to existing theme and plugin Add Functionality to Existing Website - Add functionality to iPhone application. add functionality to javascript popup - Add functionality to MediaWiki Installation - updated - repost2 Add functionality to member area - Add functionality to opencart store Add Functionality to our Deals Hong Kong Android App - Add functionality to Selenium project (Python) add functionality to share on facebook and twitter from a web app - Add functionality to Vacation Rental site using OpenRealty Add Functionality to Website - Add Functionality to Wordpress Site Add Functionality to Wordpress Site - Add functionallity to Admin side of PHP Website Add functionallity to iphone app - add functions as discussed Add functions for a painting shop (osC) - add functions to a ajax table Add functions to a online logo maker - Add functions to an existing WordPress Website Add functions to AngularJS app - Add functions to existing WordPress plugin Add functions to Existing Wordpress Website. - add functions to my wordpress Add functions to omxplayer - Add functions to the equity control module in Strategy Quant Analyzer software Add functions to the last project - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 2 - Add funtionality "Project Team Members" in a nopcommerce based solution Add funtionality to Pad Kit site - Add G2A payment gateway to WordPress add g729 support for a java code - Add gallery in 2 sites add gallery of images to joomla website - Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site - repost - Add Gateway Add Gateway (SweaWebPay) to Wordpress Event Manager Plugin - Add GENRE & YEAR to approx 12,000 music files in iTunes Add GENRE & YEAR to approx 12,000 music files in iTunes - add geolocation cookie Add geolocation data to 1350 address records - Add German translations to product options -- 2 Add GET request for video to my Node app - Add Gift Card Module to Oscommerce Site Add Gift Card Plugin and Gift Page to Wordpress Website - Add glasses to faces Add glimmer effect to image links - Add Godaddy Merchant Account to my site Add gold price on my Wordpress website - add Google Ads to two wordpress sites Add Google Ads to Wordpress Template - Add google adsense to creloaded site Add Google AdSense to Joomla CMS - Add Google Analytics Add google analytics - Add Google Analytics Code for 2 webs sites ADD GOOGLE ANALYTICS CODE IN MAGENTO SITE - Add google analytics for simple Android app and some edits Add Google Analytics goal tracking to my Contact 7 forms (Wordpress) - Add Google Analytics to iPhone and Android game Add Google Analytics to iPhone App - Add Google Analytics Tracking to App Add Google Analytics Tracking to App -- 2 - Add Google Captcha to custom WordPress registration Add google Captcha to PHP form - Add google custom search to wordpress site Add Google DFP Code to Website - Add Google Font to Wordpress theme and Center Text on page. -- 2 Add Google fonts & Style Product Page Shopify - add google map to flash flip book Add Google Map to HTML page - Add Google merchant categories to 800 Shopify products Add google mpas to ionic 2 in ion-segment - Add Google Play Services Leaderboard Submit Score (plugin already installed) add google plus circles - Add Google Script using Drupal Add Google search bar to site - Add Google Tracking Code to X-cart Add Google tracking codes etc - Add google website translator Add Google's Deferred Billing API To My Completed App - Add gps feature to an existent android app Add GPS Geo-location to Booking App - Add graphic badges to our website homepage Add graphic design / artist elements to website - Add Graphic Overlay to Product Images