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Add few options to vBulletin vBForms plugin - add field in checkout Add field in contact form page/script - add field to history order opencart 2 Add field to invoice that exports into sales report and modify sales report - Add field validation and nice image uploader to page Add field validation on 2 forms - add fields in stripe checkout add fields in the reservation page of phpscheduleit. - Add fields to contact forms + add content check + add fields to Google Spreadsheet Add Fields to Custom CMS - Add Fields To Oscommerce Products Pages &amp;amp; Database Add fields to our ASP mail form - Add Fields to Webform Registration Add Fields to Woocommerce Order Export Button - ADD FILE SHARING TO MY EXISTING SOFTWARE Add file storage to our admin interface (PHP) - Add FILE UPLOAD support for webview android application for android smaller than 4.4 -- 2 Add FILE UPLOAD support to WebView for Android < 4.4 - Add files to my digital textbook Add Files to server - Add filter in Scraping website (RoR) Add filter methods to WP event manager - Add filters to .asp page that displays table results. Add filters to a online shop (not oscommerce) - add finished code to form2 in our project, and add Auto UpdateSoftware to same project Add finishing touches (adjust color/buttons) for homepage for upcoming class - Add five posts to four blogs Add Five Technology Logos To Frontpage - Add flags to cars overtaking -- 2 Add flair to one page on a WP site - Add flash banner on the logo of the wordpress site. Add Flash Banner to Commerce Site (Simple) - add flash flipbook features Add Flash Gallery to HTML website + add Images - add flash slideshow to oscommerce page - very simple for someone who knows php add flash slidshow to main page - Add Flash Video to My Website Add flash, rollovers links to psd template pages - Add Floating DHTML Menu Script Add Floating Elements - Add flux slider to website Add flv audio resample feature - Add followers to a Google plus page Add followers to my twitter - Add fontawesome fonts to latex document Add fontawesome icons to a xelatex template - add for Pansobach Add for Psychology Today - Add Form Fields to a Word Doc add form fields to existing php web form - Add Form to Exisiting Durpal Site Add form to existing application - Add form to website with 3 required fields Add form to Wordpress page - Add forms to existing Joomla-based website Add forms to existing Joomla-based website - ongoing work - Add Formula to Pivot Table Add formula to spreadsheet to highlight differences between two sheets - Add forum to site Add Forum to Site (vBulletin or Xoops) - Add Fragment to Android Project & make ProgressBars vertical on Right run in sequence Add frame moulding around images live. - Add Freemind module to DNN website Add FreePBX to Existing Vicidial Installation &amp; Configure - Add Friends Facebook Add Friends for Myspace Accounts - add friends to facebook group add friends to facebook page - Add friends.... facebook google+ tweet in my local area add from one site to other site - Add ftp upload function to an already working php script ADD FTP Upload option to website for front end user and fix memory size limit - Add full width banner to website Add full width div and hardcode rev slider onto homepage only. - Add function - As low as : when have quantity discount . - repost Add function and fix error on logo contest site - Add function on android project, harcode to dynamic and small mod Add function s to wordpress based website - add function to eas Add function to excel spreed sheet. Running total which place the players current are. - Add Function To My Website (Restrict Number Of Image Can Upload)! Add function to my wordpress website - add function wordpress add function, php script - Add functionalities to NopCommerce MVC5 based solution blog Add functionalities to nopcommerce store - Add functionality and error handling to existing wordpress plugin Add functionality and error handling to existing wordpress plugin -- 2 - Add Functionality in Wordpress Website Add Functionality in Wordpress Website. - Add functionality to a simple embedded, interactive .SVG map with tutorial Add functionality to a simple Wordpress plugin - Add functionality to a wordpress website and built-in classifieds plugin Add functionality to a wp membership plugin - Add Functionality to an Existing Spa Website Add Functionality to an existing website - Add functionality to Drupal 7 Add functionality to drupal node_import module - Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project - Add functionality to existing PHP Authentication Script Add functionality to existing Prestashop module - Add functionality to Houdini Engine plug-in for UE4 Add functionality to HTML files from already created database( in PHP) - Add functionality to Add functionality to Mac Application (Urgent Requirement) - Add Functionality to OneBox App Add functionality to online legal SAAS site - add functionality to prestashop website Add functionality to previous photo program. - Add functionality to the Joomla component "Event Booking" -- 2 Add functionality to the opensource cms (js and php) - Add functionality to Wordpress Plugin Add functionality to wordpress plugin designed to create a squeeze page - Add Functionality, Compile &amp; Package VB6 Program Add functionallity to Admin side of PHP Website - Add Functions and fix Issues on my Website Add functions and fix some things on my website - Add functions on wordpress site Add functions to EA - Add functions to an existing WordPress Website Add functions to AngularJS app - Add functions to existing WordPress plugin Add functions to garbling website (virtual predictor) - Add functions to omxplayer Add Functions to Our Designed Parts - Add functions to the NetworkSoution Ecommerce site Add functions to to a web app - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 2 Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 3 - Add funtionality "Project Team Members" in a nopcommerce based solution Add funtionality to Pad Kit site - add g729 support for a java code Add GA (google analytics) event tracking code - Add gallery in 2 sites Add gallery on my website - Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site - repost - add gateway to a2billing add gateway to a2billing - open to bidding - add geo information to cvs Add Geo Fencing With Notifications - Add GeoLocation to CakePHP App - ongoing work Add geolocation to existing app - Add GetResponse Code to Landing Pages
add getresponse newsletter form to my wordpress site - Add Gift Option & Fix Bugs On Website Add gift option to our magento ecommerce - Add Global Shout to buddy zone Add global tabs and category tabs options to opencart website - add Google (google earth) map of vendor on dynamic page Add google +1 votes button to website code - add google adsense ads to 4images gallery script Add Google Adsense and Pinterest HTML code to website -- 2 - Add Google Adsense to the website Add Google AdWords code to Magento shop - Add Google Analytics &amp; AdWords Conversion Code Add Google Analytics - Add Favicon - Add Google analytics code to my existing site Add Google Analytics Code to website - Add Google Analytics Script + eCommerce Script Add Google Analytics to 2 Websites - Add Google Analytics to my site add google analytics to my website - Add google api to my app Add google api to my app - Add Google Checkout Cart To Site Add google checkout in Magento Store - add google e store Add Google Ecommerce tracking to my WooCommerce site - Add google map page to my Zen Cart PHP site Add Google Map to ASP.NET page - Add Google Maps, Search and Ads Buy in an existing theme. Add Google Materialize CSS to my existing HTML/CSS one page - Add google places autocomplete to WP FormCraft field Add Google places for locksmith category USA - Add Google Rich Snippets Ratings &amp; Stars To Zen Cart Website Add google Rich Snippets to our ecommerce website - Add Google to Website Add google tracking code to 3 of my websites - Add google website translator Add Google's Deferred Billing API To My Completed App - Add gps feature to an existent android app Add GPS Geolocation in existing Ionic app - Add graph to iPhone app Add graphic badges to our website homepage - Add Graphics and make our MS Word report look professional Add graphics and paralax images to already Purchased Wordpress Theme - add GREEK fans to a facebook page - group Add green scrub pants to individual in pic - Add group chat to my android app. Add group chat to PJSIP - Add GUI and Workflow to a Java Program Add GUI and Workflow to a Java Program - Add harmonic pattern filter to existing supply demand level EA Add harvard references psychological analysis to a report - Add header information Add header information - add headless browser automation to my bot -- 2 Add headline in the search results... - Add hidden fields in a WooCommerce Form add hidden keywords to landing pages - Add History function to chat Add history support to pajinate jquery plugin - Add horizontal menu to Joomla 1.5 add horizontal menu to website - add hotlist feature add Hotmail Contacts to my Accounts - Add Htaccess file with htaccess password Add html &amp; flash template for Joomla 2.5 - Add HTML fields to web pages Add HTML form code data to HTML submit button - Add HTML Piechart to XML Editor in PHP Add HTML plug-in (Mod HTML) to my Joomla site - Add HTML to Blogger Blogs - repost Add HTML to Drupal notification Emails - Add http audio & audio meter to swift project. Add http audio and audio meter to existing swift project. - Add Hyperlink on front end, changeable in Admin Panel Add hyperlink to program as discussed in chat - Add iAd and Admob into project Add iad functionality to iphone app - Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website -- 2 - add icon and colour to menu squares on each page of website, and make the whole webite more compatiple for mobile browsers. Add Icon and Splash Screen and Trouble Shoot Existing App - Add Icon to Wordpress Menu dashboard for Plugin Add Icon with auto responder To my web site - Add Icons To Wordpress Header Add iContact Integration To Custom Wishlist Member Registration Code - Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy Add Iframe Swap Content Feature - Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and text to Html Pages - add image funtionality Add image gallery for products in custom CMS - Add Image rotator and rss feed content to a wp theme Add image scale filter to emulartor - Add image to product page Add image to psd file - Add image to WordPress website Add Image Upload (Local Machine) Plugin-Tinymce - Add images and categorie to 3460 products in Prestashop Add images and content - Wordpress - Add images in android app - 50usd strict budget Add images in carrousel - Add Images to 5000plus Products to CMS from image folder and Excel Add Images to a site with MINOR HTML tweaks and install Lightbox -HDA - Add images to dropdown menu in myshopify store Add images to existing flash fla file - Add images to products in magento Add images to products in magento (Urgent) - Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding Add images to website pages - Add Important website features + Graphic Design work Add importing image capabilities to Text box - Add in a Next Steps Organizer Add in a page - Add in app purchases to my sound board app. Add In App Purchasing to PhoneGap site (Wordpress) - Add in for Outlook 2003 and 2007 Add In Foward to friends page on my website - Add in Report Filters Add in RSS FEED Program and link Exchange Program to website - Add In-App Notification for my app Add In-App notification to an iPhone PhoneGap App - Add in-app purchase to my iPad app Add In-App Purchase to working iOS app - add in-app-purchase to existing iOS Quiz-App Add in-place editing to a php project - Add Indian Friends to our Facebook Accounts Add indian payment gateway in to an existing worpress site - Add inertial scrolling on IPHONE to website Add infinite scroll and video post option to a website - Add infinite slider add infinity to wordpress site - Add Infobip as a SMS Provider in Vtiger Add InfoJobs results into my jobs search engine - add information to a mysql database without leaving the page Add information to a PDF - Add Input Form Product Attributes of oscommerce Add input images on a form - Add Instagram and Periscope Icon to website add instagram counter to website - Add Instant Messenging Chat System to Website add insurance module for a creloaded web - Add interactive Map and Reponsive Slider to an HTML Website (Using existing code) Add interactive map to existing WordPress Site - Add interface between website and Parse database via API