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Add infinite scroll to Shopify Theme - Add info to a product list in MS Access Add Info to Back Labels - Add information in settings Add information in wordpress header - add initial balancing to existing proof of concept app Add initials to the set of avatar images (via script or manually) - Add Inset Border to thumbnails on page Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. - add install infinite scroll on my wordpress Add installment payment method and custom payment gateway in joomla virtuemart -- 2. Short deadline, must start asap. - add interactive features to volusion template Add interactive form fields to a pdf - Add international characters and modify an OpenType font Add international characters to an OpenType font - Add Intersticial add to Android application (Admob) Add Interstitial ad to simple android - Add inventory to Magento store from eBay Add Inventory to our yahoo store - Add invoice options to my website profile pages add invoicing and billing to kayako fusion - add IP address to oscommerce admin for printout Add IP address to Squid server - Add iPad Scroll to my Web App (HTML/CSS/Jquery) Add iPad Support - Add ips to CentOs server Add IPs to Squid server - Add Isotopes to current Wordpress Theme Mar 09 2013 06:30:56 Add IT Related Articles (Copied and Pasted) and FAQ - Add items on magento website Add Items on shopify website with good title, meta description, URLs, etc - Add items to Kaboodle Add items to list script - Add items to shopping cart driven website Add items to shopping cart website - Add japan language to a flash site. Add japan language to a flash site.(repost) - Add Java Script to Navigation. Add Java scrollable bars to Canvas - Add Javascript Facebook Gallery to Webpage Add javascript features and improve structure of web page (html, css, design) - first of several projects - Add javascript time/date clock to page for tag Add Javascript to an LP that shows- Trial Ends Date - I have the JS - Add Javascript validation Add javascript validation and a bit of javascript code to an existing html page. - Add job posting plugin to wordpress site. Add job postings to wordpress site - Add Joomla Community Builder fields to integrated phpBB Add Joomla Content to website - Add jpeg's to Wallpaper Site Add JPG Design to Photoshop Illustrator - Add JQuery Countdown Timer Plugin To My Site Add jquery countdown to Joomla Site - Add jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu. Add jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu.(repost) - add jquery slider to Wordpress theme Add jQuery sliders to website - Add jquery-social-stream code to index.php Add JQuery/AJAX Search to my Page - Add jsMath to wmd editor, Javascript (or otherwise add math support to wmd) Add JSON markers to Google Driving Directions Page - add key words to my existing www Add keyboard accessible pause/play/hide to Revolution Slider (wordpress) - Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) -- 2 Add keywords to existing pages - Add Ktools Photostore to existing site Add Kwicks Slider with video enabled to wordpress theme - Add language and make modifications in a magento template (ecommerce) Add language and more improvments - Add language to existing site - WPML 5 pages add language to existing wordpress site - WPML ready - ADD LAPTOP SCREEN DATA TO A WORDPRESS WEBSITE Add Laravel Socialite 3rd Part User To Website - Add Launchrock widget to Wordpress page & style add law school to my directory - add ldap info to csv export Add LDAP login to octoprint - Add left navigation links Add left pop out menu to my wordpress site. - Add license key system Add license management, WPM and Worldpay Payment processing - Add Lightbox and Sharebar to Website Add lightbox autopopup to homepage - Add Lightbox to Play Videos on my Site Add Lightbox to product page - Add Likes (favorite) Etsy Listings - Experiences Applicants ONLY! Add likes for google plus - Add Line Item Properties to Shopify Store - ongoing work Add line of code to site for google web master tools access - Add link support to PDF viewer including option to highlight Add link to 4 pages Wordpress - add link to pdf Add link to PDF Docs - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 Add linked in image with link into theme php file - Add Links and Dimensions to Excel Add links and lightbox - Add Links to Current Wiki Entries add links to existing webpage - Add links to our website for from various related websites Add links to page - Add links to web pages Add links to web pages(repost) - add listing add listing - Add listings tab Add listings to a local town discount site - Add Listings to Real Estate Portals Add listings to Real Estate Website - Add Live Exchnage API to eCommerce Site (Core PHP) Add live feed of my Facebook, twitter and Instagram to my big cartel store - Add live video platform to a real estate site Add live video streaming capability to existing IOS and Android APP - Add Loading Animation to customized WP Dashboard Add loading bar to website - Add location feature to website in angular js Add location info and telephone info to a contact us page on my opencart - Add Log scales to perl chart code Add Log-In page and form page to Dreamweaver site - Add logic to Community Builder profile page. Add logic to contact form depending on user selection - Add Login Feature to MVC Application Add Login Feature to MVC Application -- 2 - Add login sliding with Social Media add login system to our website - Add login with Facebook & Twitter and more Add login with facebook and Google functionality to website in Node js - Add logo + custom menu to wordpress theme Add logo and audio to explainer - Add Logo Feature to Magento Site Add logo in banner - Add Logo to AfterEffects Template Add Logo to Clothing Pictures - Add Logo to Joomla Site Add logo to JPEG image - Add logo to single landing page. Add logo to spinning record - Add logo to wordpress website Add logo tye to Vault logo - Add long path support to existing c++ programm Add Long Shadows inside this logo - Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. -- 2 - add magento products Add Magento products to google shopping - Add MailBeez Autoresponder to existing osCommerce site
Add Mailchimp API into HTML Page (Single Opt in) - Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) Add mailing service to android application - Add manufacture information to order email Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart - Add map to website Add Mapbox map and OpenWeatherMap to GWT project - Add marketplaces to my magneto website. add marquee and code fetch on home page - Add MasterCard's MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) into Convergine's BookingWizz Credit Card Payments modules. Add match keyword and linkend with notification chat - Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - Add me 500 facebook friends - Repost Add me 500 facebook friends - Repost - open to bidding - add me on gmail Add me on skype - add media queries to a website Add media scan/scanner function to our app - Add members Avatar & some changes Add Members Page To Wordpress Site - Add membership facility to booking script Add membership feature to Wordpress website - add membership/forms to wordpress add Memberships system and payment method to free script - Add Menu Data to Website Add Menu Data to Website - Repost - Add menu to a wordpress template Add Menu to Child Page - Add Merchant Solutions to site Add merchants to a daily deal aggregator web site - add meta tags Add Meta tags and header tags modules for Oscommerce V1.1 - Add metallic/foil print to a logo in Photoshop Add metatags in the thema of a website to share articles on FB and Google - Add Micro paiement modules to my website Add Microdata - add minor functions to website Add mirrors for Qooy - Add missing product images Add missing schools - Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. Add mobile functionality to website - Add mobile photo uploading capability for mobile users who access my website (iPhone Users). add mobile playing module to phpfox site - Add on a Couponic site Add on a Couponic site - Repost - Add Modification to my Existing Wordpress Site Add Modification to phpBB forum - add module in oscommerce and make it work Add module in phpBB - add module to php website Add module to PHPnuke Site! - Add modules to existing application and revamping the architecture Add modules to existing phonegap application - add moneybookers as payment option to java gae paypal interface Add moneybookers as payment system to youfiverr - Add more animation and texture on blender file 3D Modelling Add more APIs - Add more content Add more content (free public restrooms) to my database - add more feature on a php script Add more feature to a web you've make for me before - add more features to already developed tool Add more features to an android app and web admin - Add more fields from database on editproduct page Add more fields in the HTML/PHP form - Add more Functionality into my Android application Add more functionality to a project - Add more funtionality on the Website Add More Game Descriptions To My Site - Add more pages to an existing WordPress website Add More Pages to Exisiting Wordpress Based CMS Website - Add MORE SEARCH FILTERS on select boxes Add more Search functions on my site - Add more trading pairs and exchange to BitcoinBeeper Add more trading pairs to BitcoinBeeper - Add motion or action movement to my iweb/MAC portfolio Add motion to a few simple compositions - Add Moving Graphics to web site Add moving Images to the website & linking HMTL pages together to get a link - Add MPESA payment method to Dj Classifieds extension add mpn to website - Add Multi databases to one overall admin login for a Siberian CMS -- 2 add multi day reservation, blocked (blackout) reservation and e-mail notification to working JONGman component for Joomla 2.5 - Add multi thread to my exists code. -- 2 Add multi threading to existing python code - Add Multilanguage Add multilanguage capability to a Wordpress site - Add Multiplay to flappy Bird clone QUICK Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - Add multiple ASIN to a Amazon wishlist - check the PHP code already here add multiple attachments to my existing form - Add Multiple Instances to open source code Add Multiple Instances to open source code1 - Add multiple products to cart. Virtuemart Add multiple products to cart. Virtuemart - open to bidding - add multithreading to application -- 2 Add Mundart to my website - Add Music Section to My Current Website & Make It Mobile Friendly Add Music Section to My Current Website & Make It Mobile Friendly, Also Some minor Changes - Add music to photoshop picture that can be downloaded. Add Music to PHP Website - Add my spcial video player on a black background html with the 3 videos i will give you Add my 2 spokeperson video to my site - Add my branding/logo into the banner of my Squarespace website Add my business to google my business without postcard verification - Add my extension on chrome webstory Add my flash header to Wordpress ASAP! - Add my logo to clickers with different colors Add my logo to videos videos - ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 2 - Add my site to DMOZ plus ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE - Add my website to Bing and Yahoo Add my website to Bing and Yahoo- pågående arbete - Add MySpace Friends - No Skills Required Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 2 - Add nail designs to the demo pictures Add Name & SKU to page in MAgento - Add native features to iOS App Add Natural Logarithm to algorithm in Google Sheets - Add need codes to user side Add need codes to user side - add new admin feature in jadujukebox add new admin feature in jadujukebox(repost) - Add new banners Add new block to drupal website page - Add new conditions to an existing script Add new contact form 7 with javascript auto price calculations - Add New Database Table (WFM) Add New Deleted Status - Add new domain with subdirectory to existing Magento store add new domains to a magento installation - Add New Feature : offline caching with SQLlite in Android Add new feature for File Management App - add new feature on webite Add New feature to a PHP site - Add New Feature to Magento Extension add new feature to musicbox - Add new features Add new features - Add new features and fix bugs.