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Add Logos to - Add Mac OS X 64bit Support to libvidcap Add Macros to Excel Spreadsheet / Dashboard - Add magento product page reviews form and review list Add Magento Products - Add mail Function Urgent add mail merg email app to lead database - Add MailChimp subscribe feature to my app Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) - Add Manually Products into Magento Add manufacture information to order email - Add map to Joomla Site - laufende Arbeit Add map to website - Add marketing text and rework animation speed for banners ADD marketplace functions to a Wordpress Theme with Woocommerce - Add Master / Slave Contribution (PCP) add master login to php script - add md5 hashed keys to rtmp streaming Add md5 validation for wp plugin - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add Me Into Photographs | Substitite People In Photo add me on gmail - Add Media icons onto listing picture in Flynax (Flynax Custmization) Add media page to web site - Add members area to existing website Add members Avatar & some changes - Add membership facility to booking script Add membership feature to Wordpress website - add membership/forms to wordpress add Memberships system and payment method to free script - Add Menu Data to Website - Repost Add Menu Data to Website - Repost - open to bidding - Add menu to existing Java Application & translation of menu Add menu to existing program - Delphi - add message system Add messaging feature to existing android app - Add Meta Tags to my PHP site and make sure all links are working fine Add meta tags to osCMax site - Add method of payment for Magento Add method payment to existing shopping cart system - Add microPDF417 to quaggaJS Add microsoft tranlator to website 6 languages - Add missing blog part to site Add missing database into php application - Add MLS (RETS) to website Add MMOs to a game listing site - Add Mobile Menu in my website Add Mobile Menu in my website quickly - Add Mobile Specifications (On going work) Add mobile Specifications and Images to 100 Mobiles - Add Modal Pop-Up login to Joomla website Add Modal Video Players to Site - add modifications to php ajax chat room script Add modifications to the current websites and some other edits - Add module positions Add module styles to YouJoomla Template Youevents - Add modules and improve Joomla template Add Modules and Modify existing Software - Add modules website in ASP.NET (VB.NET Class) Add modules, correct bug with IE, and maybe more? - Add MOOC online course function to existing website Add MooPrompt javascript to my page - Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database II Add more checkboxes to Search Box - Add more devices for a custom iphone add(device provisioning) Add more disk/space to RAID 5 array - Add more features in my Remittance system add more features in old website - Add more features to my program Add more features to my website - add more function php search script Add more function to Affiliate s System - Add more functions to existing system Add more functions to existing website - Add more options to FULLIPTV Panel, like Backupstreams, Multiple Transcoding Options, Firewall etc. Add more options to this PHP page - Add more products to site and change layout a little Add more products to Volusion site - Add More To My Quiz Add more to Redmine project management web app - Add Motion Graphics To Our Video Add motion graphics to video - Add moving graphic to website/mobile site. Add Moving Graphics to web site - Add MPESA payment method to Dj Classifieds extension add mpn to website - Add Multi databases to one overall admin login for a Siberian CMS -- 2 add multi day reservation, blocked (blackout) reservation and e-mail notification to working JONGman component for Joomla 2.5 - Add multi threading to existing python code Add multi user funtio to script - Add Multilanguage Add multilanguage capability to a Wordpress site - Add Multiplay to flappy Bird clone QUICK Add multiplayer (Online) function for ios Game (Dots & Boxes) - add multiple attachments to my existing form add multiple attachments to my existing php scripts - Add Multiple Instances to open source code Add Multiple Instances to open source code1 - Add multiple products to cart. Virtuemart - open to bidding Add multiple products with custom options in one click - Add Mundart to my website Add music and edit an audio with voice (relaxing-meditation one) - Add Music Section to My Current Website & Make It Mobile Friendly, Also Some minor Changes Add Music to 3D Animation video. - Add Music to PHP Website Add Music to PowerPoint - Add my address in a google format if possible Add my admob to android app game and little graphic modification - Add my business to local directories in London online Add my client's to directories, social media and more - Add my form code in an existing lander (Urgent) Add my friend in to a photo ASAP! :) - Add my Logo to around 80-100 PDF file Add my logo to clickers with different colors - ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 2 - ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE Add my site to google news - Add My Website to Google Analytics. Set it up for me. Add my website to google console .. need it in next hour,,.. - Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 3 Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 4 - Add name and year company has been acquired Add Name To List of Email - Add Nav Bar to Website Add nav bar, logo, video to webpage - Add need codes to user side field box Add need codes to user side field box - Add new Admob and startapp AD Network integration Add new ads to an existing iOS app - add new captcha + install flash games Add New Categories For Custom Post types With Nested Permalink Structure - Add New Content to 2 Old Articles and Write 1 New Review Article. Add new content to existing web site - Add new design and some functionalities Add new design from psd to php/html dating site - Add new elements and make a couple of style changes to an iframe (cross-domain) Add new elements in header - Landingpage Geschä - add new feature in musicbox add new feature in musicbox(repost) - add new feature to EA Add New Feature to Existing Application - Add new feature to our php application Add new feature to PERL site - Add new features and fix bugs. Add New Features And Fix Crashes In ChromeCast App(Android Version) - Add new features into an existing system: Office Workflow / Business Process Management
Add new features on a existing software (VB) - Add new features to an existing DNN module and update the website skin Add new features to an existing game - Add New Features to Delphi 7 Project Add new features to Drupal Ubercart module - Add new features to existing Slack ap Add new features to existing Spritekit-Swift iOS game - add new features to musicbox Add new features to Musicbox latest version - Add New Features to PHP App. Add new features to purchased script - add new features to website Add new features to website - php mysql - Add new field to dantocart/opencart checkout page add new field to existing calendar project - Add new fields to wordpress jobroller template Add new files to my VPS! - Add new front end features to existing template ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN - Add new functional to working website Add new functionalities to a WordPress Template - Add new functionality to C# Winform App Add new functionality to exisiting business directory WP Plugin - Add new functions and design to an existing project #C Add New Functions and make changes to a PHP/MYSQL website - Add new functions to my website Add new Functions to my Wordpress Website - Add New future on php software Quickly Add New future on php software Urgent - Add new HTML pages to Existing Web Site(repost)(repost) Add new ids for the in-app ads ( Chartboost and RevMob ) to two apps - Add new layout to existing template Add new layout to our website - Add New Membership Subscription to Personals Ad Website Add new menu bar to Joomla Website - Add new module to Opencart Add New Modules - php codeigniter expert needed - Add new order options in magento store Add new order status to shopify - Add New page to my website Add new page to our website (Quick Job) - Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website Add New Pages to an Exist POS System - PI Process - Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant Add new payment gateway to my web site - add new player to mediaplayer plugin in yetishare. Add New Player to proifle's - Add New Products to ECommerce Website Add new products to ecommerce website - data / image entry, formatting using data supplied in xl format - Add New Record in PHP to MySQL table with a button add new registered username automatically to 2 parts of my html on profile field like how tokens work but it does not work fusing this :( drupal 7 profile2 modules and other modules i need this so that new users sign up and there username automatically ge - Add new searching to the Joomla Website per the PSD and discussion and update css and article contents add new section - FBML - add new site for remote upload on xfilesharing Add new site to indicator system - Add new tables synchronization to Node.js server add new tabs and updates to opencart - add new things add new things to my site - Add new validation types to custom form validation class in ASP.NET C# Add new variables to PDF generation with HiQ PDF - Add newegg-like navigation to my ecommerce site Add newegg-like navigation to my ecommerce site. - Add News letter subcription Add news letters and fixes to website. - Add newsletter subscribe optionr Add newsletter to contact form 7 - Add NICs and changing MAC addresses in AWS EC2 Add night vision capability to PCB design - add note and flowers in my Tumblr blog Add Notes section to a Contact App - add notifications with parse to ios app add notifications with parse to ios cutter app - Add OE PART field to CS CART product admin and listing so that it can be searched for Add oembed to our fronted add content form. - Add On & Off Swich For PHP Web Site Splash Page Add on (only for provider vcraft) - Add On Click Tracking to links inside of WP theme add on code and circuitry - Add on features to existing email functionality from website admin section & add captcha Add on features to my current PHP Accounting Software - add on for previous project Add on for Safari Browser communicate with server - add on module Add On Module - Extra function on order edit invoice - add on programs to edit pictures form website add on project - Add on to an existing iPhone application and Android application Add on to an existing Website and add more features - Add on to existing website Add on to existing website - add on to tools project add on to up load shopping cart item to google shopping - Add on work for Social Network of fixing URL issue for Both Mobile and Desktop Add on works on the existing php websites. F'Lancer's with strong php coding understanding only need to apply ! - Add one effect to our video player Add one element to two python script xml feeds - Add One In-App in my Android Phonegap app Add one layer for current graphic work - Add one new PHP page + SEO optimization Add one new php/js function to an existing project - Add One part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS -- 2 Add one payment gateway to plugin Paid Membership Pro - Add one word to existing image Add one-page custom UI template to Pligg - Add online payment functionality + invoice mgmt to existing php/mysql site - repost add online payment option - Add Online Store to Website Add Online web design features - add ons to indexu database Add ons to Listing Manager - Web Programming - Add Open Graph tags to my code so LinkedIn pulls correct image Add open predictive search field to form - Add OPOS printer support(repost) Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You to Place (Aweber Code) - Add option in xt-commerce template Color, corrections in the Template add option manufacturer for virtuemart search module - Add option to save similar to Invoice / Quote PHP MySQL(repost)(repost) ADD OPTION TO UPLOAD IMAGES IN CONTACT FORM WORDPRESS - Add options to my Web page + send xml to srever FTP add options to my website - ADD or GRAB Facebook Fans from Competitor add or mirror sample copy site - Add order type form to Joomla site Add ordering page - add OSM tile to google maps flash api Add osnap functionality to gCADPlus - Add our company to Wikipedia Add our company to Wikipedia - Add our link in your websites!! Add our link in your websites!! -- 2 - Add our new logo to website and change background color. Add our product photos to stock images of homes/businesses - Add Over 1,000 Products Onto WooCommerce Add Over 15000 Males as Facebook Friendsin Roughly One Month - Add own e-mail on my VPS server Add Own Recipes (original) - American, European or Mexican - add page curl add page curl html - Add page to a Wordpress site and integrate paypal Add page to, make revisions to - Add page to my website! Add page to OC - Add page to zen cart Add Page Transitions to WordPress website - Add Pageing to Search Result