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Add two pages to existing website - add two site to business directories x 50 add two sites to an existing website and shut down a website in the next 30 min - Add two very simple privileges to my existing wordpress site Add two web scripts to site - Add ui component annotations to js aruco augmented reality app Add UI Elements to Website - Add undo function to php site Add unicode currency symbol into ASCII code - add unity ads in my cocos2d andorid game add unity ads in my cocos2d game - Add UPC code to ebay for 900 ebay listings Add UPC scanner to android and iOS app - Add Upload column to table Add Upload Document to WHMCS Order Form - add upload image feature to a form Add Upload Image on MarkDown Editor - Add uploads to a Contact Form Add UPS & Free Shipping Module to osCommerce - Add URL - Site Submission Add URL link to SWF files - Add url's to excelspreadsheet Add url´s to excelspreadsheet for 16.500 companies - Add User Agent Filter To Click Tracker Wordpress Plugin And 2 minor task Add user and password login to my app - Add user interface for Users Add user interface to a code using Window Builder-repost - Add user parameter to Excel ODBC query Add User Photo And Wall Post On User Profile - CodeIgniter - Add user to existing pins in Joomla pinterest theme database Add user to proftp on Debian - Add USPS functionality to shopping cart Add USPS Shipping Module To OsCommerce Shopping Cart - Add validation to a single web page Add validation to a web form - Add variable on invoice in WHMCS Add variable products field - Add VB code to GUI Add Vb Code to my GUI - add venue data from foursquare and instagram API Add venue in timetable module in Fedena Ruby on Rail Open Source School Management Software - Add VFX to our video so that it looks like the cats are talking Add VHS Effects to a Video - Add video capability on Anypic by Parse -- 2 Add Video Capability to IPhone Photo Application - Add video clips to current website add video conference ability to website - Add video file to website Add video footage to 2 hours of audio - add video module onto magento cart Add video on home page WordPress - Add Video Provider to JomSocial add video providers jomsocial 2.6.2 - Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings Add video tab to Magento product page. (Image Included) - Add Video to header of existing site add video to html - Add Video to my YouTube Outro Add video to new template and modify mobile - Add video to slider in magento store Add video to squarespace cover page - Add video, image, text or audio to documents Add video, photo and text storage functionality to an existing AR project - Add videoprovider to JomSocial Add Videos & Music to Arcade site - Add Videos to Website Add Videos to Wordpress Pages - Add Virool Video Widget and Integrate to My HTML website add virtual character to my site - Add visitor rating to my WordPress recipe plugin Add Visitor Registration to web site - add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5 add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5(repost) - add voice to the video Add Voice-over to Video - Add voting, make other changes to decision-processing software program -- 2 Add voucher saving capability to mobile web app - Add wallet system and prepaid card system for shop-script Add wallpaper to website - Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - repost - Add watermark to image upload Add watermark to images - Add weather radar overlay to current map project. Add weather to my blog reader app project - ADD WEB PAGES Add web pages and content to existing site - Add WebGL to Angular Web page so it draws pulley Add webinar function to existing Joomla site - add webshop to my Wordpress website Add Website page - add website innside html page Add website links to my engine - Add website to facebook Add website to Facebook apps - Add weekly view to "Booking System PRO" WordPress plugin Add weekly, monthly highs, lows and pivot points - Add White Background to Images Add white border to logo image - Add widget areas to wordpress website Add Widget at Top of Wordpress Site for Ad Placement - Add widgets from another design into my current one. Add widgets section to wp template - Add wildcard SSL to server Add WIM file to win7 boot menu - Add WishList mod to OsCommerce Add WISWYG PDF editor to my site - Add WooCommerce Extra Product Options on my shop Add woocommerce featured slider to website - Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress theme Add Woocommerce to existing Wordpress Theme - Add WordPress action hook / custom fields Add WordPress action hook/custom fields - Add WordPress Blog to my site Add Wordpress blog to my website - real expert needed - Add Wordpress Header to top of Non Wordpress Order Form page Add Wordpress headlines to another site - Add Wordpress Post images Add Wordpress Post name to slider - add Wordpress to subdomain and document Add wordpress user integration and change functionality of existing Meme Generator script - add words to woocommerce checkout. Add workflow to WordPress - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - Add WP blog to site (TOG) Add WP blog to site (Unique) - add WYIWYG Editor Add wysisyg to my text boxes on one page - Add x rows in MS Excel based on Cell value Add XAR support to python pkgcore - Add XML Feed to website Add Xml Feed, Credit Card Finder and Credit Card Comparison - Add xml to flash file Add xml to flash file(repost) - Add yEnc support to delphi program Add Yet Another Stars Rating to "Post Grid" Module in Visual Composer - add youtube beckground to wordpress site add youtube button, delete comments and move submissions tab to submenu - Add Youtube video to preexisting html page Add youtube video to website template - add zencart template to site Add zencart to an existing website - Add Zoom and Href to Canvas Element HTML5 Add Zoom and mouse over effect - ADD ~800 Produucts to our WebShop - POLISH LANGUAGE
Add&Fix Website Functionality - Add,Edit and Delete to a database using PHP add- on to classified ad website - add-in for MS-EXCEL with VBA ADD-IN for Office 2007 and IE 7.0 for Windows VISTA using .NET - Add-On as discussed Form/PDF Project Add-on ASP Ecommerce Modules - Add-on feature Add-on feature - Add-on for firefox/chrome add-on for freshbooks - Add-on for web browser Add-on for whatsapp messanger - Nearby function - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway Add-on per Google Docs - Add-on to Existing Perl Script Add-on to existing PHPCake project - add-on toolbar for Microsoft Word Add-on web pages - Add-Ons for Oscommerce Add-Ons for the site - Add. Logo design 3 types for 3 branches Add. Specifications and improvements on Renard2 - Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites -- 2 Add/create Social Sharing buttons module to a custom CMS - Add/Edit 4 pages to our existing website Add/Edit an existing Java program on Dining Philosopher problem - Add/Edit products in Virtuemart Store on Joomla website Add/Edit Simple Moving Average Forex EA with SL, Trailing, Slippage & Stealth Mode settings & MT5/Ctrader compatibility also - Add/fix/change some things in already made template/make some graphics Add/implement SLIDEBARS to my wordpress website (has Genesis Framework) - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify my website with proxy API Add/Modify on OScommerce based site - add/remove people and morph Add/Remove Programs - Add/Upgrade features to existing blogger website (BLOGGER, NOT WORDPRESS) ADD/Upload/Edit/List - Articles from 1 mysql table - addasdsddds AddBaby babysite - Added a small bit of code to all my webpages on my website. added agent image to home listing - Added features to an existing website and wordpress update - open to bidding Added features to existing website - Added functioniality for a fiverr-like website Added Functions for Ask a pastor - added push notification feature in APP Added Social Network Features - addendum to project Addendum:Dynamic MySQL Header Query - Addicted iPhone games can get more than 1 million downloads. Addicted To HipHop - Addiction Monitoring App Addiction of Uniqueness - Addictive Game Addictive Games required for app and website - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - Adding functionality to unity3D project Adding logo and title (In Hindi) to the images(150 pictures) given by me using photoshop - Adding "Show All Listings" button to adding & edit html website - ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Adding 100 unique videos to Adding 100 unique videos to - Adding 180 categories to Magento Store Adding 180 Links and Images - Adding 20 amazon product listings Adding 200 articles - Adding 3 image boxes to home page Adding 3 custom Ad banner containers to Invision Board 4 (IPB4) - SIMPLE - Adding 4 pages to my PHP website Adding 4 type of generators to a 9gag clone script available already - Adding 5th row to IOS keyboard Adding 6 webpages to a site - Adding \'The Great Gatsby\' Trailer to my show reel Adding \'View All\' Button To Magento Website - Adding a BigCommerce Category Panel to the Homepage Adding a BigCommerce Side Panel to the Homepage - Adding a business to 30 directories Adding a button and a page to flash site - adding a cms to an existing website adding a column and some data to a db table......................... - Adding a couple of modules (JOOMLA) Adding a credit card payment method to my website and ensuring pdf link to customers work - Adding a Datepicker Adding a debian server node to existing nagios and cacti setup - adding a feature on the site Adding a Feature to a database project - Adding a few tweaks/functions to our current software Adding a field and form validation to ASP code - Adding a forum to our website Adding a fuction to a .exe program - ADDING A HEADER TO A PHP WEBSITE Adding a homepage to my HTML/Javascript/XML website store - Adding a link to Magento navigation bar Adding a link to site - Adding a menu to an ASP website adding a message box to mobile website - Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro - Adding a page to my shopify website Adding a page to my website - Adding a picture link Adding a pinterest style feed - Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing & delete all lines outside - Adding a second gallery to a website ADDING A SECONDARY MENU IN THE PAGE BESIDES A MAIN MENU - Adding a site to the google Adding a site to webdirectories - Adding a static page and link it to image Adding a Stick Figure into a logo - Adding a unique Affiliate Market Place onto my existing website Adding a url to CDR file - Adding a wordpress blog into an existing html website Adding a wordpress blog to volusion store - Adding additional code to current project - repost Adding Additional Feature To Estimating Takeoff Program - Adding additional Gallery to our homepage with Zoom feature on a Wordpress theme ADDING ADDITIONAL IMAGE CAPTIONS TO WORDPRESS IMAGES - Adding adfalcon ad to unity game and export it to App store and Playstore Adding admin approval and altering link verification - Adding Adsense On Site Adding Adsense Sharing to Article Dashboard - Adding affiliate tracking script - To be done now Adding Age Verification to BigCommerce website - Adding Alt tags to image generated by a Plugin Adding an "Email the Author" button to my Joomla website - Adding an email link to a php page Adding an email subscription button to an existing site - Adding an Image Upload to a Form Adding an invitation feature for a multiplayer flash game (Connect 4) - Adding and altering a php online internet game. Adding and altering a php online internet game.(repost) - adding and uploading data to db via xls Adding Android Market to Galaxy Tab & arabic language - adding arabic charset to a site Adding Arabic contents website - adding attributes for virtuemart products adding attributes to open cart - Adding audio file to Podpress