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A Site Like - a site Ranking Website a site rebuild - A Site Similar to Rate My Professor a site similar to - A site that shows the traffic on other selected sites A site that will garner daily revenue through ads or affiliates - A site with features similar to A site with few functionalities - a sketch artist A sketch (not comical) based on a photograph, replica image. - A sketch up model of a three story building A sketch video to promote my event company - A skilled Freelance marketing executive A skilled game developer for iOS + Android - A skin for my kodi project A Skinnable Clock like ClocX - a slide share format and a combination of photos and videos to build a Nastrac story which we will provide them . 2-3mins max A Slider like Slider Revolution with a Text Effects Generator - a smal application to play sound over the sound-card a smal application: p2p voice chatt - A small 3D design work a small 3d effect - a small amount of website design, majority of coding and building out website A small and cheap GPS locator - A small app a small app for facebook - A Small application tool to extract keywords from google A Small Application/Widget for Web/Desktop - A small bit of conditional formatting A small bit of XML coding - A Small Business Project A small business project: Website extras - A small C++ project using classes - Repost - open to bidding A Small CakePHP Troubleshooting Project #17 - a small childres book A Small Click Button ( Jquerry Issue ) to be REctified - A small data entry a small data entry job - A small Drupal site with some bugs to be fixed. A Small Dynamic Website to built for Business Advertising - a small Environment in Python/JS HTML5/JQUERY/JSON (expand) a small Environment in Python/JS HTML5/JQUERY/JSON (expand) - repost - A small excel job A small excel job - A small Flash game A small flash game is need for a site. just a small - A small game in Excel - repost a small game in Netbeans - A small home function photoshoot with candid photography A small home network utility - a small iphone/ipad gadget A small issue - A small java project a small java project - A small job to keep me busy. A small Joomla job - A small logo for car polish company a small logo for my business - A small multiplattform hybrid app for iOS / Android A small network database of around 50 active female webcam models (India/Bangladesh) - a small paragraph a small paragraph/article - A Small Php coding task a small php fix - project only for mayanksm7 - A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost) A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost) - A small program : Count how much items i need with keyboard A small program for the Android - A small project A small project - A small project for you A small project for you - a small project that clone exactly the same from A small project to test your skills - A small real time strategy game A small recording and action product - A Small Retail Product Website with Shopping Cart Functions A small retouching of one photo - A small search engine which crawl 10-15 websites A small SEO about wordpress. - A small simulator (in HTML5 + JS) A small simulator (in HTML5 + JS) -- 2 - A Small Software needed using google adwords API A small software project and its documentation. - A small team of coders for a game I want to make A small team of developer/desinger required in India - A Small Tour Booking System A Small Translation Project. - a small video for describing my project's working and its aspects. A small video UGC website - A small web site a small web site for a SL based company - a small website for bed manufacturer A small website for school admission process - a small windows application load order information from csv and create roboform profiles A small windows program to download an exe file from a website url and run it - A Small Zend Fixation A small, but cool blackjack game - A smart phone Application: “EFFECTIVE SELF MANAGEMENT” a smart student who needs a real project world wide unique product - a sniffer a so far nameless website - A social application needs to be developed in android, ios and web in node.js and mongoDB A Social Book Website - A social like groups. - repost A social market place to build - A social media marketing expert A Social Media Site LOGO - a social network A Social Network - re - A Social Network Utility - Like MySpace A SOCIAL NETWORK WEBSITE - A social networking application has to be developed in 3 platforms responsive Web, Android, IOS using node.js, mongoDB and native coding A social networking application need to be developed for Website, android and ios in node.js and pure native coding - A Social Networking Site for Entertainers A social networking site needed developed from scratch - A social Networking Website based on Music A social Networking Website based on Music - open to bidding - A social travel app A SOCIAL WEB SITE SCRIPT - A software A software - A software company website's CSS Template a software design - A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 2 A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 2 - A software interface for a excel spreadsheet I have developed a software like a software i already like it - A software program A software program - a software that can maake viedos and audio products for clients a software that reads handwritten telephone numbers (and one of 6 words) into a database from a picture - A software to parse website and do screenshot A software to plug into the live data of vitual football site to collect live date and use it make predictions - A Solar Array Calculator A Solar Array Calculator - ongoing work - A solution for arrange an appointment fastest a solution for publish Data to a simple script page - A song for my girlfriend a song for my toys - A Sound Design on my Short Film A sound designer for a short narrative film - A spanish page like this one. A SPANISH QUIZ 10 MINUTES LONG (10 MINS. TIMED).. FLUENT SPANISH SPEAKER/WRITER - a special gmail id creation work (8$/k) a special hitch carrier - A Special Project for ITNEWBIIE A Special Project for ndettojames - a specialized door-to-door laundry and dry-cleaning service that can cater to all your domestic and corporate needs. We are a leading laundry and dry-cleaning brand, who provide impeccable quality and finish for all your fabric types. What's more you
a specific painting/drawing created - A speech about refugees. A speech for an end of year functio to 120 employees and roofing contractors - a spiderbot/ webcrawler/scraping / api A splash page posted to an existing domain. - a sports development programme properly written A SPORTS DRINK LIKE GATORADE ON STEROIODS INEEDS TO BE FINISHED IN TWO HOURS - A sports website A sports website - 开放竞标 - a SQL compiler implemented by C++ A SQL DATABASE - A staff leave management web application A staff training portal created - A standard business plan a standard will - a stat project using eview a stat project using eview -- 2 - A static homeopathy website needed with credit card and paypal gateway! No time wasters! A static homeopathy website needed with credit card and paypal gateway! No time wasters! Needs to be done in 10 days! - A static website snyced with Facebook A Static Website, iPhone and Android (around 15 pages each) - A statistical model for prediction of NFL games A statistical or mathematical game intersting for a dissertation - A Steam Market Float Finder A Steam Market Float Finder -- 2 - A STL to MatLab 3D array converter on MatLab a stock advise tracker tool - A store online A story - A Story you will never forget A story/beat board for a cartoon short, Animation. - A strategy game with Sicstus prolog a streaming video website like - A strong Drupal developer A Strong duck logo - a structure which functions as both maximum tree and as binary tree search. A stub for an investment application - A Student's Guide to the Heart A STUDENT. - A study of Main Pillars of accounts and its importance with respect to business. A study of mobile phones Affect on classroom learning - A stunning pattern on the edges of my tuxedo. A stunning race day outfit. For example, Melbourne Cup - A submission to NASA about a space settlement a subpixel renderer - a suite of 14 XP Style icons needed A suite of smart city illustrations - A Super Fun Halloween Project-Photoshop my Sister onto Jessica Rabbit real life look alike A Super Fun Halloween Project-Photoshop my Sister onto Jessica Rabbit real life look alike -- 2 - A supermarket price comparing app A Supermarket store - A survey expert with a PH.D a survey job - A Surveyor who can conduct surveys at various areas A sustainable drainage strategy report - A Symbian J2ME Series 40 Java developer needed for Book app A Symbian phone is to be aware of being in or out of the range of a Bluetooth device - A system for developers A system for developers(repost) - A system that extract the pre inplay soccer prices (Back and Lay) A system that extract the pre inplay soccer prices (Back and Lay) - open to bidding - A t shirt design A t shirt design - A t-shirt design for an African adventure seaside town a T-shirt design for the students of Electrical engineering students - a table and a chair webgl javascript A table in my website - A takeaway website with delivery and pickup options A talanted copywriter needed. - A talented professional English blog post writer... with knowledge of video production and marketing to create 5 to 10 blog articles A talented programmer - a task organizer script in php mysql -- 3 a tattoo - A TCP Server - Client Application [VB.NET] A TCP Socket programming c or c++ - A team logo a team logo - A team of Web Developers A Team of Web Developers Needed to do a Virtual Trade Show - A team with a lot of skills and a good team leader A team with atleast 5 people needed for 5 days work - A Technical App A technical assignment on project risk management - A Technical Report of Efficiency of Solar PV Modules A technical report to write - a technician A Technician with Server/computer knowledge in New Mexico - A telemarketer to do either half or one day a week -- 2 a telephone based switching system with voice prompt - a template for house inspections with the ability to add photos A template for my company\'s blog - A template web application that allows users to submit links A template website for religious activities - A term paper for media studies ! A term paper on Universal Turing Machine - A Test System (Q&A) - Reports A TEST TO FIND SOMEONE RELIABLE FOR ADSENSE PROJECTS - a text to speech converter A Text Trailer Project - a theme built A theme crafted with my insights - a thesis/ IS work A thing of seconds: Add 6 LINKs to a simple JS slideshow - a ticket sales automation a ticket sales automation - A TIMELINE SCRIPT, THAT POSTS TEXTS AND IMAGE, AJAX AND PHP ALONE. $20. A timer app for Android - A tiny Windows Service app needs updating from .Net Framework 3.5 to .Net 4.6 to support TLS 1.2 a tiny WordPress plugin for pdf attached - A to Z SAAS Option and CRM and HRM Clean and Scale-able A to Z SEO for new e-commerce website - A tool that extract results from Internet and display on the website A tool that will pull data from a spreadsheet and display in an easy to read format - A tool/info to duplicate wordpress pages with unique URLs with the same content but the URL is from a list of biz names eg. A toolbar for eBay that can find more sites which sell the same product, using google's results. - a topless fake A topology control protocol baA topology control protocol based on eligibility and efficiency metricssed on eligibility and efficiency metrics - A Tough Road A TOUR COMPANY NAME - A toy -- 2 A tracking app - A Trailer Billboard design a trailer for a book - A Training Log A Training Log - repost - A Transfer logo design A Transfer Module Using Obex Push for Bluetooth Project - A translation from English to Azerbaijani A translation from English to Catalan - A translation project of electric generator instruction from English to German a translation. - A translator converting japanese to english A translator fluent in both German and English. - a translator job from English to Bahasa A translator needed for the English to Russian translation work - a translator to translate from kazakh to english A translator while traveling in India. - a traslator in China A travel Agency - a travel website A Travel Website Portal - W3BExpert - A trex falling over as if just been tranquilised. A trex falling over as if just been tranquilised. - A true story based comic book A true, genuine expert on PHPBB3 forums is needed - a tshirt designer A tshirt ecomerce with mobile solution - A turnpoint indicator