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C - C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED C # .NET PROJECT - C # Shopping Cart Program C # simple program - C ++ assignments C ++ Builder GUI Project - C ++ Programming Project C ++ Programming Project - 30 - C - Watermarking and Tampering Detection Assignment c -------------------------- - c activex C Algorithm Assignment - $50 Budget - C App Translation to Delphi (with new API and progress callback implementation) C application - C Assignment Deadline 30 hours C Assignment help! - C C ++ C C ++ assembly Arduino help - C code built in linux environment C code calling Classes - C code for ZL4PIC development kit C code functions for SQLite database engine - c code tree implementation.. (repost) C code verification - C console program C console program. - C dll comunicating with VB Form C DLL converted to VB dotnet, a further small update from my last project - C File Parser C file programming - C help C help - C L 20 cities POST WEEKLY C L good poster need - C L Posting - open to bidding C L Posting - Phone provided!! - C Language :To write a program that reads data from a data file and to perform the arithmetic operations listed within it. It must involve extensive use of signals and the handling of those signals. C language and Java, building a 8 bit game for pebble - C language project c language project - C linked List , learning. Getting errors C linked list assignment - C Multidimensional Array Struct Modification C MultiThreaded TCP Server Handler - Streaming - C or C++ Task in Linux environment C or C++ with MPI - C plus plus Developer c plus plus game - C Progarmming C Proggaming - C program "Tower of Hanoi" C program (cache.c) - c program algorithm fix c program algorithm fix - repost - C program for ECG signal R peak detection C program for embedded system - C program in linux c program in linux - ongoing work - C Program Project C program Project - C program that maintains information for an online bookstore c program that read perform MIPS opreation - C program with Compiler(repost) C program with pthreads concept - C programing C programing - C programm vor Xscale ARMLINUX C programm with execl, wait and sending messages between prcoesses - C Programmer - OBD2 Communication Protocol C Programmer / Audio engineer with experience in VOIP - C Programmer needed for simple encryption & decryption program -- 2 C programmer Needed; Easy money; easier job. - C programmers required C programmers required for CLI implementation - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - C programming C programming - C programming (a transportation network) c programming (bellman ford algorithm for routing) implemeting - C Programming - Hash tables & Hash functions C Programming - Hash tables & Hash functions(repost) - C programming -- 2 C programming -- 2 - C Programming and Multithreading c programming and PHP EXPERT REQUIRED - C programming assignment c programming assignment - C programming Card Game C programming chage code - C Programming expert is needed to Write some Software C programming expert to modify audio_hw.c - C Programming GBA C programming Grade Book - C programming in one hour C programming in one hour -- 2 - C Programming Level 3 exam C Programming Linear Algebra - C Programming Problem (Time Sensitive) C programming problems - C programming project c programming project (Command Language Interpreter) - C programming project for 2 censors C programming project for Yamaf555 - C Programming Project_2 C Programming Project_3 - c programming stack with eclipse C programming stuff - C Programming task. due in 10 hours. C programming Tasks - C programming Using Visual Studio 4 C programming Using Visual Studio 5 - C programming, Data storage and retrieval: a comparison of hashing and directed search of sorted data C Programming, graphs algorithms - C programming; Apartment Rent Project C Programming_ Project - C project c project - C Project Help Please C Project Help: Simple but Time Limited Question - c puzzle C question - C Server Daemon Developpment C server/client application posix threads - C sharp Coding C sharp Coding - open to bidding - C sharp programming C sharp Programming - C simple program--Image read, store ,and write C simple program--image reading and writing - c Software. C Software: TI eZ430-Chronos-868 software for sending commands to Microchip MRF89 - C to C# conversion C to C# conversion - C Websocket Extension C WinAPI developer (GUI) - c# c# - C# Developer needed from Pakistan
c# development - C# & Directshow application C# & Google Calendar integration - c# + Ajax Customized Shopping Cart C# + Database Mail Notification Application - C# ,SQl server,Word2007 reports C# - Egmu 3.0 opencv - C# - Cloud Computing C# - Cloud Computing - easy simple one - C# - JavaScript Web appllication C# - Kalman Filter Implementation - C# - System-Wide, Global Keyboard Shortcuts C# - Telnet - C# --- convert server\client app into desktop app C# -> Mono proof of concept - C# .net App needs Crystal Reports Added C# .NET Application - C# .Net Desktop Software C# .Net Desktop Software (pinger and log into forum) - C# .NET Expert needed to update my video/photo capture software C# .NET Expert SQL Server - C# .NET MVC 4 MySql Entity Framework - Implement Areas into existing MVC application C# .net mvc completion of website: 3 days -- 2 - C# .Net to ArcGIS (ArcMap 9.1)(repost) C# .Net to ArcMap 9.1(ArcObjects) - C# .NET Windows Client Design C# .NET Windows Desktop Developer - C# / .NET SIP Soft Phone with custom features C# / .Net Task - C# / MSSQL Advanced Application C# / MSSQL Developer - Long term outsourcing business partner sought. - C# 2.0 ASP.Net Paypal integration C# 2.0 ASP.NET Website with CMS & webshop for Art Gallery - C# 2005 developer & database administrator C# 2008 datagridviewupdates to SQL backend - C# : get the total CPU % usage without using WMI or Microsoft PerformanceCounter C# : hide a program tray icon to process - c# accounting system using MYSQL w/ source code, user guide c# accounting system using MYSQL w/ source code, user guide - C# and crystal reports(repost) C# and crystal reports(repost)(repost) - C# and C++ projects c# and c++ projects - C# and MSScriptControl problem C# and MVC web service - c# Animoto.(repost) C# antimalware scanner 1.2 million signatures - c# app development needed C# App Development Project - C# app to login to app C# app to make screenshots of websites - c# application c# application - C# application fix C# application fixes - C# Application Resize Big Fix c# application send information to browser - C# application using Open alpr C# application Vending machine - C# ASP .NET XML Motivated and Dedicated Website Developer C# ASP Google Map interface - C# crystal report and dot matrix EPSon fast printout C# datagrid - C# ASP.NET MVC - repost 2 C# ASP.NET MVC - repost 3 - C# ASP.NET NOW, HIRING NOW IM ME! C# ASP.NET Online JobSite / Application - C# ASP.NET Web developer Needed to Enhance code of our existing web application C# ASP.NET Web Project - C# Assignment C# assignment - C# Assignment Help C# Assignment Help -- 2 - C# AxWebBrowser ContextMenu C# Azure code version error debugging . - C# Benchmark Redis Application c# bet365 parser - C# Browser C# Browser active url - c# capchta upgrade C# Captcha OCR function - C# class for to create a PDF from multiple files C# Class for Connecting to the Web - C# class to change proxy C# Class to change windows system cursor - C# class to send and recieve faxes using Fax Modems and/or SIP trunk protocols C# class to set IE proxy - C# CMS Template Implementation C# CMS/Site/Members - Copy From Existing Site & Change Industry - C# code for OpenGL Import 3d image ( .fbx format) into windows Form C# code for Remote Assistance behind NAT & Firewall - c# code that uses WATIN to submit data into various websites C# code to access MYSQL server on EC2 through SSH - C# code to print to thermal printer Epson TM-T81 with barcode C# code to print to thermal printer Epson TM-T81 with barcode - open to bidding - C# coder needed to join our team C# coder required - c# coding to add user specified screen recording to app - repost C# coding to automate trading strategies - C# Component Convert HTML/RTF/TXT C# Component Convert HTML/RTF/TXT to PDF - C# Console App to retrieve weather data via API about a specific zip code C# Console app to split a filename into parts and store to mySQL database - C# consultantant C# Consulting - West Michigan USA - C# Create methods for adding/removing records to/from xml file C# Create Simple Text File from entered data and tidy UI - C# Custom Tab Control Enhancement c# Custom Threaded Events - C# Data Scraper of website C# Data Scraping MSHTML - How Do I Click A Button with No Name? - C# debug job (URGENT!) C# Debugging of WMP SDK problem - C# DESKTOP APPLICATION - %75 COMPLETED, NEED FINISHING C# Desktop Application – VPN client - C# Developer C# Developer - C# developer (websrapping & database expertise) C# developer - 2 websites and 1 WPF application - C# Developer needed for small projects C# Developer needed from Pakistan - C# developer on .NET 4.5 C# Developer Ongoing Project. - C# developer with knowledge of ETL and Data warehousing concepts C# Developer with mysql and websraping expertise - C# DEVELOPERS TO JOIN SAMPLE TRAINING - Urgent! C# Developers Wanted, to work on Augmented Reality Platform - C# Device Driver for Mobile Device C# Device Driver Template - C# dll to read and write sql server. c# DLL to render bitmaps via GPU - C# drive info C# Driver for mtp devices - C# Email to Database Parsing Windows Service c# Email verifier - C# Exe to create SNMP traps C# Executable Decompl Job - c# expert needed c# expert needed - C# Experts needed! C# EXPERTS ONLY! - C# fiddlercore c# fiel parsing - C# fix and excel format C# fix and help - C# Flash Video Web Downloader