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Create responsive CSS stylesheet for existing website - Create responsive form from sample, add info to database. Pull reports create responsive form with jquery - Create Responsive HTML Website Create Responsive HTML Website -- 2 - Create RESPONSIVE Opencart 2.0 webstore Create responsive opencart theme for mobile browsing - Create responsive version of a diagram Create responsive version of a Wordpress Woocommerce website - Create responsive website pages based on provided design Create responsive website template from example - Create Rest API from WordPress DB Create REST API in PHP and MySQL back end for mobile applications and developers to access data in my web application - Create result tables on basis of RS Form Pro submissions - repost create results page from excel spreadsheet - Create Reuseable Landing Page create revenue generating link pages for real estate site SEO/ Google Adwords - Create Ribbon Tool for our Macro Buttons Create Rich banner - Create rollovers Create rollovers from PSD - Create Rounded Box for Web News Create rounded corners for html tables using CSS - Create rss feed for a Wordpress blog working with Mailchimp Create rss feed for around $10 - create rss feeds Create RSS Feeds (383357) - Create Rubicast presentation - Repost Create Ruby and Rail API - Create Sale Order Relay Script With API Create Sale Video For Me - Create Sales Notification Script For Clickbank INS Create Sales On My Loan Blog - Create Sales Website for Debt Ebook Create sales website with Paypal - Create Same Website Create Same Website - Create sample PDF for Java Create sample PDF for Java - Create scale Autocad file from PDF drawing Create scalper for nadex - Create SCORM content for Moodle using ADOBE Captivate - I provide PowerPoint and Quiz Create SCORM package - Create screen name list Create screen prints for Baby and children clothing. - Create Script Create script - Create script for banners Create script for banners -- 2 - create script for Stripe: assign a subscription to a customer who made a one-time purchase Create Script for Visual Web Ripper - Create script that converts mysql db to utf-8 create script that extract text from captcha image of the link i sent you automatically - Create script to export products from e-commerce site database Create Script to extract data from Excel sheet - Create Script to Pull Data From WalkScore API create script to pull title and link from external RSS feed - create script to work in facebook Create script use API - Create scrolling text block or box in Mambo 4.5.4 Create Scrubbing VB Application - create search box in classifieds c panel &increase max #ads Create Search Box that finds Vegetarian restaurants for a specific location - Create search form with html, ajax, php and mysql Create Search Form with Photoshop & CSS for Wordpress - create searchbox using affiliate xml feed Create searching item And editing price qty from ebay - Create SECURE Upload Script For Files, Extracts Files, Stores Images, COMPLEX - repost Create SECURE Upload Script For Files, Extracts Files, Stores Images, COMPLEX - repost 2 - Create Self-Installing Desktop Link Create SelfSigned Certificates - Create SEO driven content for e-commerce site Create SEO driven content for e-commerce site - Create SEO Strategy and Perform On-Page SEO Optimization Create SEO strategy document - Create Separational Agreement Create separations for Screen Printing - Create Service Infographics Create service introduction video animation ( explainer video ) - Create settings page functionality for MeanJS mongoose app Create settings.js file for DRUPALGAP as described in project detail. - create several landing pages for domains create several macros with automate7 - Create SFTP for website on Amazon Web Services Create Sftp script - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create SharePoint Online Task/Project Management Web Part Create SharePoint Online Template for Corporate Intranet Landing Page and Project/Team Site. - Create Shipping Calculator in Excel Create shipping calculators for a website - create shop online create shop online - Create Shopify Site - repost Create Shopify Store + Design - Create Shopping Community For Users Create Shopping comparison interface for shopsite. - Create short animation Create short animation and whiteboard explainer videos in bulk - Create short javascript for online survey (Fluidsurveys) Create short listening exercises for a business English textbook/Grabación de ejercicios de listening para libro de texto de Inglés para Negocios. - Create short tutorials on various technology related topics Create Short url script to work within WP - Create Short Videos Create Short Videos - Create Shoutcast logs on the client site Create Shoutcast Player skin - Create Sign Up Landing Pages create sign up menu and add 2 forms plus fixing the main page - Create Silver Coin Calculator Create Silverlight App for Facebook: Baccarat - Create Similar Games Website Create similar image - Create similar service as Unblock-us setup DNS/HAPROXY or some other VPN tunnel. Create Similar Site - Create Similar Web Application Form Create Similar Web Site - CREATE SIMILAR WEBSITE TO FULLY WORKING/FUNCTIONING WITH BETTER DESIGN CREATE SIMILAR WEBSITE TO FULLY WORKING/FUNCTIONING WITH BETTER LAYOUT - create simple (5-page) website based on template Create simple .exe installer - Create Simple 1D Images / 2 eBook Covers Chicken Recipes Create Simple 1D Images / 4 eBook Covers Needed - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers TA Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Vita - Create Simple 1D Images/Ebook Covers Create Simple 1D Images/Ebook Covers - Create simple 3D curved surface compatible with three.js (Have STL file and CAD) Create simple 3D file from .eps or .ai - Create simple admin area and database connection. Create simple admin dashboard based on HTML template - Create Simple Android Applications For Our Company Create Simple Android/iPhone Application (GPS Tracking) - Create simple app for live online music jamming! Create simple app for towing company for Android, IOS and windows mobile - Create Simple Backend and Database for Customer Details Create Simple Banner - CREATE SIMPLE BOOKING FORM ON EXISTING WEBSITE - WORDPRESS Create simple booking system - Create simple cheat for online card pair matching game Create simple checkout form on checkout page with thank you page (NO PAYMENT INTERGRATION JUST A FORM!) - Create simple cube with 1 and 0's on sides Create Simple Custom Branded HTML 5 game for my Website - Create simple Easy Function Keys software suite
Create simple Ebay listing template - CREATE SIMPLE FB LANDING PAGE FOR KIDS FITNESS COMP IN AUS CREATE SIMPLE FB LANDING PAGE FOR KIDS FITNESS COMPANY - Create simple full screen camera stream using Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Create simple functional Rubik's game prototype in Unreal Engine 4 - Create Simple GUI RE: Create simple header for vBulletin forum - Create Simple HTML Pages from Template create simple html representation of a css template - Create Simple Installation Routine Create simple instructions drawing - Create Simple iPhone/Android app Create simple java applet and gui using netbeans and java.swing - Create Simple Libreoffice Macro Create simple line art illustrations from photographs - Create simple map implementation Create Simple Marketing Banners for Popular Brands - Create Simple MS Access Database From Existing Data Create simple MST - repost - Create simple opensource tool Create Simple OS X installer - create simple php page. Create simple PHP pages - Create simple product demonstration video with voice create simple product designs and checkout code - create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript -- 2 - Create simple script/application with auto Login and retrieve data. Create Simple Scripts w/ GUI for Linux and Windows - Create simple software create simple software (probably a BAT file) to open some links from a list, then close them (like a multiple URL opener but with delay and then that closes the page) - Create simple thumbnail listing -- 2 create simple time sheet management (PHP, CakePHP or Python Django) - Create simple video in Sony Vegas Create simple video in Sony Vegas - Create simple web-crawler and email sender create simple web-log report for 7 months of traffic, by month - Create simple website - responsive, 3 pages, flat design Create simple website and business banner - Create simple website with d3.js visualizations Create Simple website with embedded adsense - Create simple wordpress plugin, fix old one and post some content Create simple Wordpress plugin: See revision changes EXCERPT of all updated articles - Create Simple YouTube Video using pictures. Create Simple Youtube Video With Sliding Photos - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on IOS -- 3 Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Window phone - Create single page html and logo for IT company/services -- 2 Create single page in HTML5 - Create single ZIP from multiple folders and files - PHP Create single.php template for the existing WP website - Create Site decoration extension for Indian Festivals Create site descriptions for sale - Create Site HMTL 5 Create Site Icon - Create site map, submit to search engines, help with metatags and search words Create Site Mirror - Create Site using WordPress. Create site web - Create sitemap and submit to Google and other SEs Create Sitemap for a website - Create skeleton project specifications - open to bidding create sketch cars - Create slide (with SmartBox - Smart Slider (ver 1.3.0) for opencart) create slide button (ipad application) - Create slides for techincal training on Scala language Create slides for two pages on website - Create Slogan create slogans - Create small application in visual basics 2010 Create Small Applications linked to various Softwares via API - create small db with an entry and edit form Create small delivery system pages - Create Small Java Program $1 Create Small Java Program $1 - Create Small Program That Generates Articles Create small program to map coordinates over an image - Create Small Website ICON Logo Title Create small website with backend admin - Create Smartphone App Mockup Create smartphone app traffic light idea - create smth like "link generator" when user send a link to a friends and then get score on his/her account create smth like "link generator" when user send a link to a friends and then get score on his/her account - open to bidding - Create SOAP Server Create Sobi2 business hours plugin. - Create social login in wordpress Create Social Logins for GAE application - create social media headers ( facebook, twitter, youtube) -- 2 Create social media images and Videos - Create Social Media Profiles for a Company Create Social Media Profiles to reserve name - Create social network like Facebook with same features Create social network presence for a new care business - Create social security card image (png) Create Social Sharing Buttons SImilar to Mashable - Create Software Create Software - Create Software changes display format of excel spreadsheet Create Software Code - create software GUI and data post processing Create Software GUI or script to speed up process printing - Create Software Specifications for Web based Inventory Management for IOS and Windows Create software that allows 30+ employees to remote access 30+ computers from anywhere- Remote control - Create software to take body measurements from webcam Create software to take body measurements from webcam - repost - Create solid edge drafts -- 2 Create solid logo from gradient logo - Create solutions on Android / IOS for the health sector Create solving gambling software of dance online game - Create Some Advertising Pictures for me Create some algorithm for Game Application - Create some banners for my website create some banners in html - Create some characters for a browser game, avatar + sprite 2d Create some charts in tableau public and qlikview - Create some digital Product Images Create Some Doodle/Sketch Animation for a Sales Video - create some forms using Django on a Linux server Create some forms, Wp-admin and Single.php Wordpress - For links, already have the code, the missing some lines - Create some hold music Create Some Homemade Testimionail Videos - Create some images for a website Create some images for an invite - create some likes Create some Listings - Create some object and formula field in my project - ongoing work Create some oxwall plugins - Create some posters for trade show Create some presentation mock up images of my approved logo - Create some scalable graphics and artwork for our Baby App! Create some scavenger hunt Illustrations for an engagement proposal - Create some software to use an API Create some software tool and get Traffic to a variable Website - Create some visio charts from a powerpoint Create some visuals : brochure, pvc card design, etc. - create something(Dont bid) Create song and melody using provided lyrics - Create Sound F/X for Kids Games - repost Create sound font from wav files - Create SPANISH CC (Caption text) for a CATALAN YouTube video Create spanish directories in Magic Submitter - Create Specific Virtuemart 2.x Report Plugin Create specification document for mobile app development - Create splat effect sprite sheet for mobile game Create Split payment and complete the website I have - Create spreadsheet create spreadsheet - create spreadsheet from Twitter search results (~800 posts) Create Spreadsheet From Vehicle Log Book - Create spreadsheet with several macros and formulas