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Correct Blog Correct Blog - open to bidding Correct blog upload and add feature instant chat feature Correct blogpost url-s Correct Blue J codes correct book illustration Correct Bootstrap Modal Not Opening since ModRewrite SE Friendly URL's Correct Bootstrap Popup-Window Correct bootstrap website + make it portable(mobile format) Correct Brazilian Portuguese Correct Brgselect Program; make an install program Correct broken and awkward English Correct Broken Images On A Website Correct Broken Links in a Publisher website Correct broken links in Wordpress - htcaccess file Correct budget and stock calculations in new modules Correct bug Correct Bug After Installing Secondary Wordpress site
Correct bug and add formula Correct bug in my website designer please on urgent bases. Correct bug in my website please on urgent bases. Correct bug in pear php libraries sql_parser Correct bug in search code that ignores accents, asp/access Correct bug on Magento website with pollence exploded menu extension Correct bug on my wordpress website Correct Bug Prestashop Correct bug to cut psd to HTML/CSS Correct bugs and make it look better for IE (joomla website) Correct bugs and submit an existing Iphone/Andoid app to Google and Apple Correct bugs due to iOS 8, layout issues and GameCenter correct bugs in java file in order to show the track points and track way in androis google map v2 Correct bugs in Prestashop checkout Correct bugs on a wordpress website Correct bugs on an existing Iphone/Andoid Correct bugs on an existing Iphone/Andoid -- 2