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Correct and perfect a picture taken in low light Correct and proofread 2 Kajabi websites, one web builder site Link all 3. Correct and Proofread article for physcis review Correct and Publish WVMP Android Version correct and rebuild some part of a php website Correct and rephrase 2 scripts (330 + 270 words) - Native english correct and review a proposition Correct and rewrite in plain English article 560 words Correct and rewrite some javascript/ajax functions. Correct and speed up existing diet program Correct and stylize my English text that read become like a novel or something Correct and summarize our video marketing test Correct and translate files from English to Italian - Urgent correct and translate spanish website for dracco Correct and update google base for 174 items correct and upgrade CORRECT AND UPGRADE WHMCS MAIN PAGE
Correct and Verify name/address list Correct Android Errors in Responsive Email Template Correct APIs for a mobile app correct app in phonegap CORRECT APPLICATION ERRORS Correct Arabic for subtitles and small text in website Correct articles Correct ASP page that calls trip advisor comments into new Correct ASP scripting for website admin area Correct ASP with Stored Procedure and database Correct assignments regarding personal finance Correct at ZenCart: PayPal Express Checkout (35) SSL connect error Correct Audio Distortion Correct Audio Problem Correct Autocad files Correct autocomplete address for my plugin. and change flag image. correct back office issues