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Create a Automatic program to carry out simple task on site - Create a Backdoor program for use on Adidas US / Demandware Backdoor Create a Backdoor program for use on Adidas US website / Demandware Backdoor - Create a background image for a website Create A Background music - Create a ballad pop backing track Create a Ban list for our SMS Database - Create a banner create a banner - Create a banner and some images. Create a banner as well as a logo! - Create a Banner Project 5 Create a banner size from Illustrator file (other sizes already there) - Create a bash script to check network connection create a bash script2 - Create a basic cleaning business website Create a basic company website - Create a basic landing page and category page on my existing social network site Create a basic landing page, using our logo, with a message - Create a Basic Unormalised Enitiy Relationalship Diagram Create a basic vector of this section of google map - Create a Basketball Highlight Video Create a Basketball Introduction Video for Website... - Create a Beautiful business Wordpress Template for my website Create a Beautiful and Professional Family Collage - Create a beautifull wikipedia from a ready made design Create a beauty community on Facebook for Women in UAE - Create a betting game room for tournament,challenge,and contest Create A Betting Platform - Create a Big Cartel Page for a Craft Studio Create a Big Data Project in PPT - create a bitcoin faucet + content website Create a Bitcoin faucet site - Create a Blackjack poker game with a GUI interface Create a Blank Page in Wordpress - create a blog create a blog - create a blog for a website Create a Blog for a wordpress business website - Create A Blog Network System Create a Blog on a WordPress system - Create a blog system Create A Blog Template For Movable Type Blog - CREATE A BLOG, EASY for ME TO ADD INFORMATION, Google friendly , meta tags, and SEO Included Create a blog, Facebook Page, YouTube videos, Twitter to promote my website - Create a Board Game Create a Board Game - CREATE A BOOK OF 50 RECIPES Create a Book of nude females from around the world - Create a booklet - 15$ -- 2 Create a Booklet / Catalogue - VERY EASY, QUICK WORK, ANYONE CAN DO - Create a bootstrap site from existing site Create a Bootstrap Template - Create a bot Create a bot - Create a bot for the app which will allow me to run multiple accounts at once performing multiple tasks Create a bot for the game Clash of Kings - Create a bot to play a game Create a bot to post back links and increase traffic - Create a BoxBillingTemplate Create a boxing arena that looks like the attached link - create a brand name Create a brand name - Create a branding Create a Branding / Design a Logo / Banner / Cards - create a brochure create a brochure - Create a brochure website Create a Brochure/catalogued with stock images - Create a BuddyPress social networking website in 2 WEEKS Create a buddypress Template - Create a bunch of Printables & logo redesign in color Create a bunch of random CSS styles (Buttons, hover effects, navigation bars, forms, lists, etc) - Create a business card - Already got the design in mind create a business card - mockup required - Create a Business Form in Microsoft Word 2007 Developer Create a Business Form using Word or Excel - Create a business name! Create a Business Pinterest and Shopify pages for 4 items - Create a business proposal Create a business report (global strategy class) - Create a button (for pants) design Create a button for an Android flashcard program - Create a C# (C sharp) script Create a c# .dll injector - Create a c++ class Create a C++ Class for Duplexed NamedPipes to exchange information between two apps - Create a CAD drawing/model of a product Create a CAD drawing/model of a product - Create a calendar module with Google calendar Create a calendar that tracks off Time - create a captcha to site Create a captivating 15-20 minute video from raw footage of over 150 GB - Create a careers page for our website Create a Caricature - Create a cartoon animation Create a Cartoon Animation ( app 2 min video) - Create a Cartoon Image create a cartoon image - Create a Cartoon Video Explainer Video Create a Cartoon Video Explainer Video - open to bidding - create a catalog create a catalog - Create a category tree for a huge fashion magazine, thinking about sub categories, and sub_sub.. Create a cathing text - Create a Certificate of Completion Template create a certificate of incorporation - Create A Character-art Album Cover Create a Character/Illustration - Create a chat like website form create a chat messenger - Create a cheerful Christmas song with radio hit potential CREATE A CHEESE LABEL GOAT SLICES - Create a child theme for the Zerif Lite theme Create a child theme for vantage from appthemes - Create a christmas background for a website + alternatize a logo Create a Christmas Card - Create a chrome extension for auto-like posts on a page -- 2 Create a Chrome Extension for Google Calendar - Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsign Create a circuit this is capable of doing division between two 5 bit unsigned integer numbers. - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid Create a class for Visual Composer Grid, - create a classified website Create a classified website (kind of like Craglist) - Create a clean and professional magazine Create a clean and professional TRAVEL magazine - Create a click-through app for Iphone from PSD files Create a Click-tracking and Email-open-tracking app - Create a Clipper Card Mobile Application Create a Clipping Path (Cut Path) For Vinyl Decal in Illustrator - create a clone of create a clone of - Functionality. - Create a cloud based logo Create a cloud based SaaS application combined with a mobile application for Android - Create a CMS table in a WordPress website Create a CMS table in a WordPress website - maybe a plugin - Create a code in joomla or prestashop Create a code in joomla or prestashop -- 2 - create a collage Create a Collage ( pictures of different sizes ) arranged on a single page top generate reader interest - Create a comic book , story teller and Animation Create a comic book cover featuring my wife and I as super hero characters as an anniversary present - Create a comment box for my order form page Create a comment form element with jQuery - Create a community based gallery website Create a COMMUNITY BUILDER Template for Joomla - Create a company Logo Create a company logo - create a company mobile website
Create a Company Name - Create a company video Create a company Video - Create a compelling Kickstarter camapign video Create a compelling marketing email to Sales Leads - Create a Complete PHPFox Blueprint or Manual Create a complete product manual. - create a complicated pdf fillable Form Create a compnay logo - Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes - Create a connector between ERPNext and Office 365 Create a connector between multiple database engines and storage data - Create a contact form based on the design attached Create a Contact Form for website - Create a contact us page and upload it to my webhosting company Create A Contact/Web Form For Me - create a contract or schedule Create a Contract/ Check Legality - Employment Law/ Business Expenses - Create a Cool Form Create a cool InDesign Flowchart concept, embed in InDesign brochure, and make few minor edit to InDesign brochure - Create a copy of an Android App from the source Create a copy of an Android game - Create a copy of the form for orders creation create a copy of the website - Create a Corel Draw flyer from a pdf/ppt version of the graphic create a corn job :: read form a sftp sarver - Create a Corporate Introduction Video for a company Create a corporate Joomla Template - Create a corporate website Create a corporate website - Create a couple of simple DWGs from sketches I have made Create a couple of SQL (postgreSQL) statments to identify creeks in crossing in a DB - Create a course entitled 'Learn to Code' targeted at the 8-14 year old age group Create a Course in Moodle - Create a CPA website with points system + membership Create a CPA website. - create a creative login and register form for a website create a creative login and register form for a website - Create a CRM plugin for an existing WordPress site Create a CRM Style Web Application in Codeigniter - Create a cross platform mobile app (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone) Create a cross platform mobile app that captures signature of a clinician and patient, do clock-in/clock-out, and location of the patient. - Create a crowdfunding template to a website Create a crowdfunding video - Create A CS:GO Gambling/Case Opening Site Create a cs:go jackpot b 0 t script for my existing website - Create a CSGO Gambling Website Create a CSGO gambling website - create a css html responsive code create a css menu - Create a csv file with Data from a website Create a CSV from a Scanned Document - Create A Custom 8 1/2'' x 14'' Survey Form Create a custom 90 second animated explainer video - Create A Custom Aweber Form For Me *Paying Well* Create a custom backen in PHP - Create a custom clipbucket template Create a custom CMS for 3 different user roles - Create a custom Design And Cut To Html And Css Create a custom design as discussed - Create a custom excel sheet for project management Create a custom Excel Spreadsheet - Create a Custom Form Create a custom form - Create a custom image Google Map w/support for setting up markers Create a custom ImageView class that slowly scans over the image - Create a custom loading .gif using my logo Create a custom location admin area and display the data - Create a custom module for Magento Create a custom Moodle Block - Create a custom page template that integrates posts and WooCommerce products Create a custom page with woocommerce - Create a custom plugin that integrates with wp-invoice Create a custom plugin that integrates with wp-invoice -- 2 - Create a Custom Real Estate Website Create a custom registration page with a post - Create a custom Slide Drawer in an existing application Create a Custom Slider like Netflix - Create a custom ticketing system using Laravel5 Create a custom tile layer for University campus map - Create a Custom Website Create a custom website for a freelancing website for local service providers (askers and taskers) - Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create a custom Wordpress template Create a custom wordpress template - Create a custom Wordpress theme and a Twilio/call-in/SMS application Create a Custom WordPress Theme based on existing Website Design - Create a custome landing page with the ability to upload and resize a picture create a custome membership portal - Create a Customisable Website Template Create a customise a wordpress theme - Create a customized and responsive theme for Auctionworx that supports Arabic (RTL-LTR) Create a customized Big Commerce mobile site - Create a customized website on odoo/openerp platform Create a customized website with Prestashop - create a cvs file to import magazines for file upload script for joomla vmart Create a Cycling Video - Create a dance track with me. Create a Dance Video - create a data base 2 Create a data base of Phone Numbers to use for sms marketing - Create a Database Create a Database - Create a Database -- 2 Create a database – Indonesia (Jakarta) - Create a database for Bakery Create a database for customers - Create a database of 200 spas in Poland - Repost - open to bidding Create a database of 5,000 entries of floor plans in Miami - Create a database of the exhibitors of the ASCO annual meeting 2013 in Chicago Create a database of the exhibitors of the JFR 2013 (Paris) - Create a Database with Company User Information Create a database with e-mail addresses of all dutch café's - Create a dating app Create a dating app design with bootstrap - Create A dating, Matchmaking, Friendship and meetup, and ecommerce site Create a dating/hook up app - Create a Debugger to replace Debugger supplied with Visual Studio have computer interface. For managed code C# both to debug and interface. Create a decal - Create a Demo Mobile Website Page Create a Demo of a phone Interaction on HTML 5 Canvas - Create a Dental Video CREATE A DEPENDENT DYNAMIC DROP DOWN LISTS IN GOOGLE SPREADSHEETS - Create a Design for a Dental Cosmetic Studio Create a design for a jewelry banner - create a Design for web pages, many of which combine text with pictures, graphics ... create a design I can print on a t shirt using my ideas - Create a desktop and mobile site Create a desktop app - Create a desktop MS Access App to interface with remote mySQL DB Create a desktop music database application in VB.NET (Not C#) - Create a Detailed Scraper using Mozenda or Create a detailed Social Media marketing plan for new start up - Create a dialogue box (widget) for WordPress - Possibility to edit text inside the box Create a dice game for a virtual currency like bitcoin - Create a digital forensic scenario in some action is analyzed Create a digital forensic scenario in which some action is analyzed. - Create a digital signature with tcpdf Create a digital version of a hand drawn logo - Create a directory of courthouses within the state of Alabama Create a Directory of Doctors with Wordpress - create a display server time message - a project only for mayanksm7 create a distributed execution system that can run a pre-defined set of functions. - Create a DLL to Facial Recognation Create a Dll to get url retrieve for Google Chrome, ie and mozilla. - Create a Documenary Film in Zeitgeist Style