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Create and draw an image - Create and Edit News Story Create and Edit PDF file with Bookmarks - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF - Create and fix some elements of existing websites Create and fix some small features for GameCage. (Exe.file, C++ Programming) - Create and Implement a SEO Strategy for our Website Create and implement a Theme in a Magento shop - Create and Index in Excel Create and index ppt of ~150 pages -- lyric sheets - Create and install basic Free Vivvo Template Create and install CRM onto my webserver - Create and install Wordpress Template - Sachin only Create and install Wordpress Template -- 2 - Create and integrate shopping cart Create and integrate template for my auction site based in webid auction - Create and maintain a business-centric Computer Inventory Create and maintain a fashion blog - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and manage a social media campaign for an exciting new toy Story Bear Create and Manage a Successful Adwords Campaign - Create and manage Google Adwords Pay-Per Click Campaign. Keywords research Create and manage Google Adwords Pay-Per Click Campaign. Keywords research - open to bidding - Create and Manage Professional Web 2.0 Blogs Create and Manage Professional Web 2.0s - Create and Modify Metagtags Create and Modify MetaTags - Create and populate forum Create and populate MySQL Database with components from binary files - Create And Promote C++ Forum Create And Promote C++ Forum 1 - Create and publish high quality SEO English. Create and publish high quality SEO English. - Repost - Create and run a Social Media Campaign Advertising Marketing Network Create and run an app install campaign on Facebook - Create and set up PHP tool Create and Set Up Wordpress Site Using Existing Theme - Create and submit a Google Product Feed from a Zen Cart site Create and submit a news release in Korean - Create and update monthly MailChimp campaigns Create and Update New Function in my Web-Based System PHP (Codeigniter) - create and upload Magento product upload CSV 200 products Create and upload Moodle courses - create and/or modify Coreldraw templates Create and/or adapt nerd/geek t-shirt designs - Create Android 3D Games in Unity!!! Create Android : Drawing App - create android and OS application Create Android Antivirus - create android app create android app - create android app for eCommerce Shopping Create Android app for existing iOS app and develop - Create Android App to connect to OpenSource Stand-Alone Mibew Messenger Create Android App to control ESP8266 - Create Android application Create Android application - Create android application to connect via bluetooth to escooter Create android application to connect via bluetooth to escooter - Create android custom user dictionary Create android custom user dictionary - Create Android IPTV launcher for Android M8 S802 Create Android Java file reader for channel lists - Create android play developer account Create Android plugin for wordpress - Create Android video chat Create Android Video Player - Create angular 2 component to handle tabs and tables with my specifications Create Angular 2 Custom Filter Pipe - Create animated 3D render Create animated ad Video - Create Animated Explainer CREATE ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 12 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 13 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 43 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 44 - Create Animated Logo Video Create animated marketing video for cell phone repair training 1-2 minutes duration - Create Animated Video Create Animated Video - Create Animated Videos Create Animated Videos - create animation create animation - Create Animation for 2 Crisp Explainer Videos Create animation for a mobile app showcase demo - Create Animation for website launch/home page... Create Animation Frames From 3D Deer Models - CREATE ANIMATION OF PROTOTYPE Create animation of walking and jumping animal 10-15 png's (i have example) - Create animation Video Create animation video - Create Animationi Create Animations - Create ANIME Logo design for website/instagram Create Anime Site with Wordpress - create another log-out button create another logo for me - Create antivirus software in 3 days Create antivirus software in 3 days - Create API and Online API Documentation For Website Create API and share button for new social network Startpeeps - Create API for my website Create API for Oscommerce - Create API REST/JSON PHP Create API SHOPIFY Products To Joomla Mijoshop - Create app Create app - Create app based on the Automobile industry along with its website Create App booking for iOS and Android - Create App for iOs and Android - open to bidding Create App For iOS And Android for manage events- Webapp with backend - create app for wordpress blog Create app for YouTube Video of Image Slideshow - Create app like Runkeeper using the PhoneGap Create App linked to K2 blog. - Create app that looks like skype and add a conversation in it Create app That will track my childs viber message - Create App with Google Api create app with my own website content - create application blackberry/ipad/android/iphone Create application for Android and Iphone - Create Application like Whats App - iPhone, Android and server support create application of scheduale of a conference - Create Appointment booking app ios & Android with backend admin create appointment into someone elses shared calendar in exchange server from access - CREATE ARABIC SECTION FOR MY MAGENTO SITE / FIX SOME BUGS / ADD SOME FEATURES create Arabic SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires - Create architectural plans and 3d renderings of 2 extensions Create Architectural Portfolio - Create art cover for music album Create art cover for music album - Create Article Spinning Software Create article style emails around tips and tricks for improving your mood - repost - Create artist signature Create artist view for my music player - Create Artwork for short story create artwork for website - Create contact us form in sidebar and page Create ASP.NET Dynamic Website With CMS - Create assembly file out of Stl files Create Assembly instruction artwork in Adobe Indesign CS6 - Create attractive and unique website splash page Create attractive assets for my app - Create auction website Create auction website for invoices - Create Audio Page
Create Audio Player - Create Aurora brand manual Create Australian Call Centre Leads List- Call centre size 50-100 users - Create auto document generation tool V2 Create auto embedder for streaming site - Create auto share Software / Script Create Auto Strava Kudos C# Application - Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches Create AutoCAD from pencil sketches - Create automated GUI from cmdline script Create automated gui tests for android and iphone with appium / selenium - Create automatic image with blog title+description Create automatic install package for Weblate - Create Autopost Schedule For Instagram Create autoposter software to post in OLX - Create Aviation MRO Inventory Web Application in Vaadin with connection to Oracle Database, Create AVL tree from pseudo code - CREATE AWESOME TOUR PAGE FOR MY SITE create awesome website. - create b2b b2c seller marketplace Create B2B Content for a Network Security Software Company - Create Backdoor link for Adidas UK / Demandware Backdoor Create Backdrop - Create background curtain with sponsor logos -- 2 CREATE BACKGROUND FOR A TV SHOW - Create Backlinks Create backlinks - create backlinks for my website Create backlinks for my website, get it ranked high in search engines - Create Backup or Unzip Backup files (Extract) Create backup photo albums - create bank statement temeplate for chase or citi create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo - Create Banner Create banner - Create Banner Ads in Flash Create banner and add blog to home page - Create banner for Rummy Card Game Create banner for Rummy Game - Create Banner/header image for 5 pages of my website Create Banners - Create Banners and Landing Pages Create banners and products images+description - Create banners from existing images -- 2 Create Banners from Existing Pics Provided, Experienced Typographer Needed - Create base template system for Appengine website. Create based on open source "Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System" (Multi Vendor Market Place) - Create basic but attractive Life coaching website - repost Create Basic CD Cover - Create Basic iPhone Game App Create basic joomla template - Create Basic SaaS Control Panel for non SaaS PHP Script (details in job info) Create basic searchable database inside of a Wordpress site - Create basic wordpress template from already running template Create basic Wordpress theme - repost - Create beat Hip Hop beat sampling an older song Create Beat Production Software - make it similiar - Create Bespoke Enhanced Ecommerce Specification Document for Universal Analytics Create bespoke packaging design - create bidvertiser,clicksor,clickbank site generating 30 dollars a day Create Big Commerce App - Create Binary Landing Page on Pagewiz Platform Create binary options strategy with given indicator with maximum level 3 martingale - create bitcoin wallet application with bitcoinJ library create bitcoin wallet site - Create Blender Animation! Create Blender file using Python for two (2) crossing images - Create Blog Based Website, Graphics, Forms, SEO, etc..(repost) Create blog categories for my tumblr blog - Create Blog page, Portfolio page and Newsletter ability Create blog ping (and more) script - Create Blog Template Create Blog that i can post my free beats on - Create Blogging Wordpress Theme create blogpost from different websites based on keyname to - Create Bold Font from existing TTF File -- 3 Create Bollywood Quiz questions - Create Booking Engine Tag etc for Sandos Hotels Facebook Fan Page(repost) Create Booking Form for my Wordpress website - Create Boostrap Admin Panel Create Boostrap Admin Panel -- 2 - Create border for photos Create Borders for My Website Images Thumbs - Create Bottle Thread & Cap Create Bottle Water Label / Branding - Create brand and design some packaging create brand and logo - create brand names for services Create brand new Wordpress Wedding theme - Create Breakout style minigame Create Bricologe Demo installation - Create brochure for direct mail campaign Create Brochure for holistic health care clinic - Create Browser freezing pop up that should just freeze the page and you cannot do anything to it. Create browser game - Create Building Plan Create Building Theme using Photoshop - Create business ! New freelancers welcome Create BUSINESS (not personal) Social Media Profiles for me - Create Business Card with logo Create Business Card+Logo - Create Business Email Contact Database Create Business Ethics dialogue script - Create Business Name Create business name and design logo - Create Business Video Presentation Create business web page for new franchises business - Create buttons for iphone game Create buttons for my website - Create C# Class Create C# class and console app to print label on Brother printer - Create C#.Net RDLC report on Windows Desktop Application Create C#.Net User Control (DLL) for windows form application - create cache system for bulk php mail system:(repost) create cache system for bulk php mail system:: - Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model - repost Create CAD of Product and manufacture - Create calendar pages for a daily agenda Create Calendar Program - Create Canadian escort email / phone list create cancel button in magento order to cancel order and send email to customer. - Create car rental website Create car rental website - Repost - Create carousel jquery slider with hover effect Create Carousel Page - Create cartoon christmas card from photo(peppa pig style) Create cartoon clip/revise existing cartoon clip - create cartoons - open to bidding create cartoons for anti nuclear energy position - Create catalog images for software products Create catalog in excel format - Create categories in BigCommerce Create categories in BigCommerce - create CD album cover and graphics Create CD Autorun with simple yet elegant design and 4 menu items - Create Certificate - new certificate for club Create certificate generator - Create Character in Anime Studio Create character logo on my example - create chart/graph Create chart/map dashboard demo on Laravel Sximo CMS - create chat room Create chat room with feature parity to highly traffic'd Q&A site - Create Chibi styled cartoon emojis Create Chichen Itza background - Create childrens site from scratch to completion Create childtheme on wordpress site - Create CHIP BAG Packaging Design