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create articles for web content Create articles for web pages... - Create Artwork and Packaging Designs Create Artwork and Packaging Designs - create ASP Email form Create ASP Form - Create ASP.NET Server Control Create ASP.NET Server Control (repost) - Create at membership portal for my wordpress website Create ATC ( Add to cart ) Bot for supreme and other sites - Create Attractive, Highly Functional Website Create attractively softwares. - Create audio clip of story in female voice in Local Indian languages Create audio clip of story in female voice in Local Indian languages -- 2 - Create Audiobook in Perfect English -- 3 Create Audioboooks of 5 mins for different topic - Create Auto Acceptor Software for email Create Auto Ad Poster on Gumtree - Create auto Push notification GCM on my APP Create Auto Refresh Service Management Software - create autocad drawing Create AutoCAD drawing from jpeg/vector file - Create Automated ''Installer'' for Delphi desktop application Create Automated Amazon Mechanical Process and Setup Hosting - Create Automated Trading Feature/App (Stock Markets) Create Automated VPS Servers for Game Server Hosting - Create Automation Script for my web application Create Automation Software. - Create Avatars Create Avatars - Create Awesome Fanpage Create awesome flat illustrations for my website - Create Azure ARM VM using puppet --Urgent create Azure b2c AD and mobile api to fetch data from mysql - create back up of complete site & email to me Create back-end for some hard coded pages using mysql. - Create backend site for members Create Backend System - create backlink finding software Create backlink java phop script - Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 2 - create backup database page Create backup for my website - create bank statement temeplate for chase create bank statement temeplate for chase - Create Bank Statement Template - repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost 2 - Create Banner ads Create Banner Ads - repost - create banner for facebook Create banner for finance company - create banner style .gif logo Create banner templates - Create banners (private project) Create banners (PSD available) - Create banners for selling audio book Create banners for slide - Create Barcode Plugin For Adobe Illustrator Create barcode scanner application - Create Basic Arena Simulation create basic ASP.NET api to log querystring parameters in a GET request to file or database - Create basic interface for Java Eclipse Project & Fix some issues Create Basic Internet Speed Logger in C# - Create basic Romanian website on Wordpress Create Basic SaaS Control Panel for non SaaS PHP Script (details in job info) - Create basic Wordpress theme - repost Create basic Wordpress theme - repost 2 - Create beat sounds for mobile app Create Beats for 5 Tracks - Create Best Animation Ads create best logo. - Create Big Commerce Listings Create Big Commerce Template (brkfo) - create bindings for php5 for STAF Create bindings or port c lib to Python 2.7 - Create Bitcoin Wallets Create Bitcoin, Buy/ Sell link with API - Design = simple but neat looking.. some style needed - Create block at website and email us forms CREATE BLOCKCHAIN BITCOIN ADDRESS - Create blog content for 2 of my eal estate websites Create Blog Design in PSD Format for Sanjay2004 - Create Blog Posts Create Blog Posts (Adult) - Create BLOG with *back-dated* posts create blog with google adsense - Create Blogs on Create blogs on free blog hosts - create book cover Create Book Cover - Create booking system - First quote via email, then proceed to book on webpage Create Booking System that corresponds with ITS-RezExchange - Create Bootstrap Dropdown Menu to work with existing "Market Place'' website Create bootstrap html5 template. - Create Bot for me Create bot for telegram - Create Box Design For Baby Product Create Box Design for product - Create Brand Identity for the upcoming Food Truck Create Brand Identity Policy - SmartPointe Real Estate - Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant - create brochure create brochure - Create brochure, business website Create Brochure/Data Entry/Microsoft Word - Create BuddyPress/Wordpress Privacy Plugin Create Budget - Create Bulk SMS Marketing Software Create bulk social and internet promotion site - create business card + 3 flyers b create business card - URGENT - Create Business Cards from existing design Create Business Cards in Illustrator/PhotoShop - Create Business listing with DirectoryPress Create Business Listings from U.S. IP's - Create Business plans, web content, tag lines, slogans and marketing material Create business process in cloud bitrix24 CRM system - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - create BW sketches from video scenes create bypass debrider - Create C# program to cover the requirement in the description
Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image - Create c++ Zip/Unzip file Create C-ICAP plugin to send requests over MQTT. - Create CAD file from .STL and 3d render Create CAD File out of kartesian coordinates via Python - Create calculations using Macros in Power Point Create Calculator Plugin For Wordpress - Create Campaign Tracking Cookies on a Wordpress Site Create Campaignmonitor template - create captive portal pages for wifi hotspot Create Captive Portals - Create Caricature Logo - repost Create caricature mugshots of suspects for a game - Create Cartoon Characters Create cartoon characters - Create Cartoons Create Cartoons - Create Catalog Groups cake php gmaps api Create catalog images for software products - Create categories in BigCommerce Create categories in BigCommerce - Create CD cover and artwork acording to template and altering old design according to breif Create CD Covers and Inserts - Create CG Animation Videos weekly Create CGI for our new property development, 3D modeling! - create character using only eye brows, eyes, nose, and mouth Create Character Web Tokens - Create charts from Excel data create charts from excel data; use company branding colors - Create chatting room for smartphone Create cheat for IOS Game. - Create child theme for customizations of WP site - repost CREATE CHILD THEME FOR DIRECTORYPRESS - create Christmas and newyear banners for me create Christmas and newyear banners for me - Repost - Create Chrome Extensions Create Chrome Plugin - create civil design foundation plans - 12/03/2017 00:01 EST Create Cl Postings - create classifieds website Create Classifieds website like (NOT ON WORDPRESS) - Create Click-Through 2D animations Create Click-Through 2D animations - repost - Create client-server application that mimics functionality of GoToMeeting Create Client-Server Stock Market Game in Java using Sockets, Putty and RMI - Create Clone of Template monster Create clone of three SpendMap Module - Create cloud-based quoting database Create cloud-based website evaluator - Create CMS to update our website Create CMS web site shell - Create code from Schema Create code generator - Create Code to Use user inputs to generate Meters in mobile app (iOS/Android) Create CodeBlocks Project for compiling curlpp library - Create collection of Excel spreadsheets and links(repost)(repost)(repost) Create College Transcripts - Create combined data feed for products on multiple websites Create combined file - Create communication between wordpress and a customized checkout script. Create Community Builder Search Plugin / Joomla / CB - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - CREATE Company LOGO and Main Web Page create company logo and namecard design - Create Company Profile Create Company Profile - Create Company Website Create company website - Create Complete Android Messenger Application using Open Source Textsecure Create complete Back page index for a book - Create component + module to Joomla Create component + module to Joomla 2 - Create concept for a Ginger Beer Flavoured Energy Drink Create concept for board games for learning maths for grades 2 to 7 - create connection between website currency and whmcs in order Create connection to bank gateway - Create contact database Create contact database - Create contact form/data collection form for shopify Create contact forms for wordpress site - Create contact.php file and make contact form work create contact7 form - Create content for a website and do basic linkbuilding Create content for an App Development Catalogue - Create Content For: Using Social Media To Find A Job Create Content From Sources - Create Contents for a Stock-Market Related Website Create contents for my Google plus - Create cookie policy pop up we can edit and upload ourselves Create cookie to hold 3 variables - Create copy of website using provided Wordpress Divi Theme. Create copy of website using provided Wordpress Divi Theme. - Create corporate identity Create Corporate Identity Designs - Create Cosmetics Create cost calculating Wordpress Plugin - Create Course Description Pages Create course in articulate storyline - Create covers for 5 ebooks Create covers for erotic eBooks - Create Crawlere Create Crawlers on - Create CRM (Act, Goldmine, Etc) Create CRM backend for existing website. - Create Cross platform App Create Cross Platform App - Cloud, Web & Mobile - create crypytocurrency create crystal report - Create CSS Animation of SVG image Create CSS based themes for a exisiting webapplication - Create CSS HTML EMAIL Create CSS HTML page based on PDF file - Create CSS template using Less Framework 3 Create CSS Templates - Create css/html from psd file Create CSS/HTML Popup Banner With Buttons & Graphics! - Create csv file of downloaded html descriptions Create csv file of downloaded html descriptions - repost - create csv to import product Create CSV to XML converter - Create Custom Altcoin cryptocurrency Create Custom and Engaging Facebook Page App - Create Custom Blog II (Ongoing Private Project) Create custom Bootstrap 4 Navigation - Create custom Code for a Squarespace Website Create Custom Color Picker/Custom Design Element for Retail Site (non-Flash) - Create Custom Discount with WooCommerce Subscriptions Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site - Create custom Facebook share button to share canvas HTML5 as PNG image on Facebook Create Custom Fake video Player with sign Up and Sign in - Create custom form in Contact Form 7 Create custom form in wordpress - Create custom high-end myspace pages Create Custom Home Splash Page and Implement Into Shopify and Bigcommerce Store - Create Custom Indicator and implement into EA Create Custom indicator by Combining two Forex Indicators and add SMS/EMAIl alert - Create custom JSON-File editor (Html/Javascript/C#) Create Custom Keyboard Extension for iOS - Create Custom Magento Store Create Custom Magento Store Product Import and Stock Update - Create custom Mt4 indicator Create Custom Music identification Logging Software - Create custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts - Create custom Photo gallery for my website