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I have logo, art already Create Business Form - Create Business Plan Based on Sample Business Plan Create Business Plan for E commerce startup to pitch funding - Create busness card and e-mail signature images based on existing logo Create Butterfly Marketing Site - use 1 shopping cart - Create buttons to design and upload them via ftp Create buttons/image files for website navigation - Create C# function library to write a new note in Evernote [ProjectID:FRLX_21] Create c# function that logs in to betting website and places bet - Create c++ directory(Add c++ links)(repost) Create c++ directory(Add c++ links)(repost)(repost) - Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product -- 3 Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product -- 4 - Create Cailee Rae "Symbol, Logo" create cakephp login script - create call to action and fix magento newsletter mailchimp Create call to action banner - Create captcha for my software Create captcha for my Web Scraper - Create card deck Create card designs - Create Cartoon Animated Commercial For Toy Product! Create Cartoon animation video advertising about our company - Create Cartoon Mascot and One Page Website CREATE CARTOON PICTURE FROM PHOTO - create cashback site create casing for my LED - Create Catchy Category Names for YouTube Videos Create Catchy Creative Category Names for YouTube Videos - Create category images for ecommerce Create Category Landing Page Image Functionality - Create CEF-browser based application prototype (C++/C#) CREATE CELEBRITY MYSPACE PROFILES WITH LINKS TO MY SITE - Create character concept art for an adult video game Create character concept art for an adult video game -- 2 - Create Chart Analytics using HighCharts Create chart based on ticker (PHP) - Create Chat Application for Mobile ( Create chat application in ios and android platform - Create Checkout Page & Admin Panel Create checkout plugin for EC shop shopping cart - Create Child Window Control Create Child Window Control(repost) - Create Chrome extension Create Chrome extension - Create Church App Create CI & customize magento template for the first cradle to cradle online shop in german-speaking countries. - Create Class Flyer, Enrollment Form Create Class from VB Code - Create clean HTML page from mockup create clean illustrations from existing drawings and images - Create Clickbank Feed API Store Create Clickbank Landing Page - Create Clipped Grid from Multi-polygon --GIS--Vector Programming-- Create ClippedHexagonTessellation from MultiPolygon - CREATE CLONE WEBSITE Create clones of software - Create CMS 1500 Print Image File Create CMS and 2 news slide with sections - Create CMS website incl. Paypal option Create cms website including mobile friendly and android app - create code php remote upload sites web video Create Code Repository System - create codes/plugins using java (Jedit) and run it in ImageJ Create CodeSmith Template - Create Color Swatch Page Create Color Swatches from Scanned Images - Create Comic Book Style Art Create Comic Characters in 3D (Hiper realistic) - Create Companie Brochure Create companion text for video Hyper-V Installing Stand-Alone - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create company logo for App Development Company Create Company Logo for Website and For Freelancer Profile Pic $TrueAwsome{Solutions} - create company profile CREATE COMPANY PROFILE - ENGAGED IN WAREHOUSING & DISTRIBUTION ( RELATED TO STORES LOCATED IN RIYADH) - create company website Create company website - Repost - Create complete Back page index for a book -- Create complete backend solution - Create Component - Personalised Google RSS Search Interface Create Component for Joomla - Create concept illustration from a quotes (100 Quotes) create concept illustrations - Create connection with EDI to Microsoft NAV, VMI Create connection with logistics website to create a package - Create contact database of Yoga schools and Yoga Instructors(Form Fiiling in Software)Story Typing Create contact details list for me for Food Industry By NAICS Codes that will be provided - create contact forms for wordpress site. Create contact forms with "contact form 7" - create contact7 form Create Content - Create content for a website and do basic linkbuilding Create content for an App Development Catalogue - Create Content For: Using Social Media To Find A Job Create Content From Sources - Create Contents for a Stock-Market Related Website Create contents for my Google plus - Create Cooking Recipes Create Cooking Trailer from Youtube documentary for Branding - create copy protected DVD Create copy script - Create corporate identity for financial startup
Create corporate identity header and background for Facebook fanpage, Twitter, Newsletter - Create costing estimate Create costum Pins for Bing maps in 4 different colors Red, Yellow, green and grey... - Create course outline in PowerPoint 2013 Create Course Selection Program - Create cPanel Account in WHM Create cPanel Accounts and Simple Wordpress Blogs - Create crawling bot on Linux server(Target is torrent website) Create Crazy Product Videos - Create CRM using vtiger Create CRM web-based system for vehicle sales - Create Cross Platform Image App with features. Create cross sell list from two excel spreadsheets - Create Crystal Reports Create Crystal Reports for VB6 Application from Access Database - Create CSS design for video chat. Fully responsive single page. Create CSS Drop Shadow Around a DIV - Create CSS Layout for website Create CSS Layout for website(repost) - create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front page - create CSS/XHML from flat files Create CSS/XHTML pages from PSD - Create csv file to import to Prestashop Create CSV File to upload products on Amazon & eBay - CREATE CSV WITH CAR MODEL/MAKE/AND IMAGES Create CSVI template for Virtuemart Import - Create Custom and Engaging Facebook Page App Create custom Android and iPhone feature - Create Custom Blog II (Ongoing Private Project) Create Custom Bootstrap CSS for Tablepress plugin - Create custom Code for a Squarespace Website Create Custom Color Picker/Custom Design Element for Retail Site (non-Flash) - Create Custom Discount with WooCommerce Subscriptions Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site - Create Custom Facebook Pages for Small Business Create custom Facebook share button to share canvas HTML5 as PNG image on Facebook - Create Custom form for Wordpress site Create custom form in Contact Form 7 - Create custom high-end myspace pages Create Custom Home Splash Page and Implement Into Shopify and Bigcommerce Store - Create custom Indicator Create Custom Indicator and implement into EA - Create custom jquery / css carousel Create custom jQuery script - create custom magento report Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute - create custom moodle site Create Custom Mortgage Application in Wufoo - Create custom pal script for Sam Broadcaster Create custom pane in Windows Explorer - Create Custom Pictures/banners Create custom player using Android YouTube API (10 Day Project) - Create custom product page with options Create custom products for clothing store in prestashop - Create Custom Resume Templates (20) - Repost Create Custom Resume Templates (20) - Repost - open to bidding - Create Custom Shoppable Hover State On Collection Page Create custom shoppingcart + checkout - Create custom strategy for with C+ programming Create custom stripe cart with subscription and one click upsell - Create custom tshirt transfer Create Custom Type Posy for Wordpress Template - Create custom website application Create Custom Website for Technology Services Startup - Cyber Security Focused - Create Custom Wordpress CRM Form Create Custom Wordpress CRM Form - open to bidding - create custom wordpress template Create Custom WordPress template - Create custom WP website Create Custom XML feed for Jooble - Create Customer T-SQL script to load csv data to opencart e-commerce DB CREATE CUSTOMER TOKEN IN WHMCS ADMIN - Create Customized Forums for a Website Create customized images upload script - Create Cut-out Characters for Animation Project Create cute and creative posters. - Create Daily Report Create daily report through Stored Procedure save in local folder - Create data aggregation php script. Create data base and activate a simple word press blog - Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost - Create Data sheet search Create Data sheet search - create database CREATE DATABASE - Create database and registration form for website create database and report with actions - Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) Create Database for Non-Profit Web-Site - Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format Create database of 750 companies' personal contact emails - Create Database of Law Firms for Marketing Create database of leads from a website - CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE - Create Datadase with Java Create Datadase with Java - Repost - open to bidding - Create Dating Profiles On My Site Create dating script for new website - Create dbf in perl with XBase Create ddbb MySQL, Develop PHP control panel and connect with HTML pages created by us - Create Delphi Application Create Delphi Class and small demo program - Create demo software to use Remote Phone Call SDK with C++ Builder 6 Create demo to do FFT on audio - Create Desgins and animation for endless 3D running game ike subway surfer Create Design - Create design for 2 websites, both desktop and mobile. **ONLY INDEPENDENT FREELANCER's WILL BE CONSIDERED** Create Design For A Cat Mug - Create design for rollup banner 85*200 cm Create Design for site and logo. - Create design progress bars linked to our WebShop and PayP Create design scheme for shopping center - Create designs online step by step - Kevin create designs to used as stickers from a website logo - Create detailed digital illustration/vector from 2D sketch Create Detailed Drawing with Solidworks - Create DFD and Case Study Create DFD Diagrams from my Scenario - Create Dice Animation Create Dictionary App for mobile on Xamarin (preferred) or Native Android - Create Different User Roles for ASP.Net Site Create Different Versions of Book App - Create digital prints for a swimwear/ beach line CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS FILES FOR MY WEBSITE - Create Directory Harvester Create directory in MS Access 2010 - Create display advertisements Create Display Banners - Create DLL function to control dial up modem usting Hays AT commands Create Dll Library for Search URL Google Chrome with SharpPcap browser - Create Do a little Twek on WordPress Template Create Do follow 100 Links from DA50 + and TA 50+ sites - create documents create documents from PDFs - Create Donate Functionality for Drupal Create donate plugin for question2answer website - Create Double Verified PVA Accounts Youtube! Create Double Verified Youtube Accounts - CREATE DRAG AND DROP WORK-SPACE & QUOTE FEATURE FOR WEBSITE. Create Draggable Card In JavaScript from JSON - Create drawings in AUTOCAD -- 2 Create drawings in AUTOCAD -- 2 - Create drop-down menu on Wordpress template Create Drop-Down Menu System - Create Drupal 7 Theme based on Adobe Photoshop File