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Develop Business Card Designer - Develop business to reflect increase turnover and realise greater profits Develop Business Video for Recruitment - Develop C# winform appplication to transform data from an SQL query into a HTML document Develop C# WPF Application On Site At Client In Hackney, London - Develop capability document Develop Captcha Games for kids website - Develop CBT course for EAGLE (CADsoft) training Develop CCavenue Payment Gateway integration for Joocart (Joomla Opencart) - Develop Checkout For a Ministry Store Develop Checkout Pages In English & Arabic From Psd - Develop Class to burn with ImgBurn Develop class/function for place bid on Yahoo Japan - Develop CMS (Wordpress) using provided web templates -- 3 Develop CMS in PHP - Develop CodeBlocks Plugin for Clang (1421433) Develop CodeBlocks Plugin for Clang(repost) - Develop company Branding/ Logo - New Business Launching soon Develop Company content for Website and Brochures - Develop Complete Magento Website Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop Construction Site Develop Contact form - Develop cookies for website Develop Cool iPhone Game Like Words With Friends - Develop corporate identity for an App (Android-IOS) Develop Corporate Identity for Coffee Shop Chain - Develop crea8social script based on laravel. Develop creative background and Web site in WordPress - Develop Cruise Website and iPad App Develop Crystal Report - DEVELOP CUSTOM APP PHOTO OVERLAY DEVELOP CUSTOM APP PHOTO OVERLAY - Develop custom features for SalesForce/ platform Develop Custom File Share Module in Wordpress Site - Develop custom paypal form Develop Custom Photo Grid for Wordpress Homepage - Develop Custom Store Locator For Cell Phone Repair Franchise Develop custom theme and for Drupal 8 - Develop Custom WP based Website - Fully responsive Develop Custome Design Website using WORDPRESS - Develop Data Collector Using LinkedIn API Develop Data Entry App for Internal Business Use - Develop database of Aged Care / Nursing Homes in Victoria, Australia Develop database of Australian Chambers of Commerce - Develop dating-escort/social website with version mobile (for Pheobustech) -- 1 Develop dating-escort/social website with version mobile (for Pheobustech) 02 - Develop Design Style Guide for website and mobile app Develop design watch faces for smart watches - Develop different modules for Prestashop Develop different modules for Prestashop -- 2 - Develop domain names/create sites Develop Dot Net Nuke Website - DNN Developer - Develop Drupal site using views, taxamony Develop Drupal template from a great design - Develop e-books in HTML5 Develop e-Commence Store - Cosmetic & Makeup - develop e-reader app Develop e-signature system - Develop eBook develop eBooks WEB and iBook reader for APPLE and Android. - Develop ecommerce site in OPENCART Develop ecommerce site similar to - Develop Effects from Various Particles Engines and Physics Engine on My Website Develop efficient Search Engine code for Mysql classified Ads Database - Develop email list of Estate and Trust Attorneys Develop email marketing services like aweber - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application (target audience: women) - Develop EPOS Software Develop EPP Domain Registration Software, must have knowledge of EPP and ZACR - Develop Excel file for ebay file transfer - repost Develop Excel Gauge Add-in - Develop existing CakePHP website as SEO Friendly Develop existing client/server web application - Develop Existing WordPress Theme Develop existing wordpress website - Develop fabric that can be sprayed onto a person Develop face detection - develop facebook apps (need to both support mobile & website) Develop Facebook Apps for branded Facebook pages - Develop Facebook Web App Develop faceook memory matching game - develop few IOS pages Develop few mobile Application for Android and Iphone - Develop Financial Kiosk Software (windows) Develop Financial Kiosk Software (windows) - Develop Five Wordpress Plugins Develop Fixed Assets Module in Delphi - Develop Flash Games Develop Flash Games - Develop FM Radio online develop fms apllication for following script - Develop Forms Application Using C#/.Net develop forms for car sales website. Search and find. parsing etc.. - Develop from scratch one portal to replace many sites + maintenance of those live sites during the development Develop front end - Develop Full Flash Based Web site - only experienced developer please Develop Full Flash Website - Develop Fundler Wordpress Theme Develop Fundraising Program - Develop Game like Minecraft and Skyrimm Develop game menu based on Scaleform GFX from Adobe Photoshop - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). - Develop Google Maps, Yahoo Local, or Bing Maps Visual Basic Web Scraper Develop Google Play API - Develop GUI for an android App Develop GUI for android App - Develop Hebrew WPF software with 2 other people. develop hello kitty apps for ios and andriod system-2 - Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API - repost Develop hotel booking site using GDS system - Develop html guy Develop HTML of Generic Gynecomastia landing page using bootstrap - Develop HTML5 widgets (.wgt) Develop HTML5+CORDOVA FILE test Android App - Develop IIS Website using Password Generator Develop Iliki Website - develop in to a better website develop in ZK framework - Develop Instant Messaging Android App Develop Instant Quote Application For Website - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting -- 2 - Develop IOS & Android App Develop iOS & Android App - Develop iOS and Android app for an existing website, React Native preferred Develop IOS and Android app like UBER - Develop iOS app Develop iOS app - Develop iOS Application Develop iOS application - Develop iOS multi-player strategy game demo Develop iOS Music App - Develop iPad document viewer (scroll) Develop ipad restaurant menu - Develop iphone and android application for restaurant Develop Iphone and android applicaton - Develop iPhone App Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app for Loan Calculations develop iphone app in XE4 FireMoney - Develop iPhone application - Video app + Social
Develop iPhone Application based on a Joomla component - Develop iPhone mobile couponing application in steps; demo in 7 days with 25% of project budget payment - repost Develop iPhone movies app - Develop iPhone/iPad/Android Meme Generator App Develop iPhone/iPad/iPod app game - develop java based web application Develop Java classes for each of the following objects - Develop Javassist for Android Develop jBPM 6.2/6.3 REST API for JavaScript Client - Develop Joomla Online Learning Platform Module Develop Joomla or Wordpress site (some programming required) - Develop JSP Front End for WebApp Develop Juicebox-like Galleries on Drupal website - Develop larger proposal to modify network monitoring system (i.e. Nagios, Pandora FSM, Zenoss) (repost) develop launcher - Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form Work Now Develop like Scramble with friends + Word Search App using Cocos2d-x - develop location based reminder for android Develop Location Finder Feature - Develop logo for a Corporate Identity Develop Logo for Business - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 9 Develop Loyalty CRM program & integrate POS terminal with the program - Develop Machine Learning Algorithm for Health Wearable device Develop Machine Learning Algorthims kits using python - Develop Magento Site develop magento site - Develop Mangeto website and deploy on Amazon EC2 Develop Map Application - develop mass embeddeder Develop Massage Site - develop MCQ's(repost) Develop MDM system with beacons - Develop Member/Registration Form Develop Members/Admin Section For My HTML Website - Develop Micro Sites and Graphic Design Develop Microcontroller(STM8S103F2) programming in embeded C - Develop Mobile across platform using iconic Develop mobile and website apps for early childhood education - develop mobile app base on SDK from third part Develop mobile APP for a M2M application - Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework -- 2 Develop Mobile App Including UI Design for Photos Captured on Mobile Devices for Dentistry - Develop Mobile Application (HyBrid Application) Develop Mobile Application (HyBrid Application) . - Develop Mobile Apps using TokBox API / WebRTC Develop Mobile Chat App - Develop mobile rich media ads that can be converted into Celtra templates Develop Mobile sites from approved design - develop module Develop module "Catalogue of products / services" - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding Develop Moodle 2.8+ block - Develop MS office like application Develop MS Office plug-in - Develop Multivendor ecommerce project Develop Muscles Really Fast! - Develop My Company Website Develop my company website - develop my lawn website Develop my magento website - Develop my simple basic app Develop my site design into wordpress - Develop my website and adjust some things in the PSD files Develop my website ecommerce - Develop native app (android and IOS) based on current app Develop native IOS and android mobile application (PHP + MYSQL) - develop new c# app proj develop new c# windows app to alert admin - Develop new features to an existing AJAX IM instalation Develop new features to existing AJAX IM instalation - Develop new logo from existing logo Develop new method using IPv6 in NS3 - Develop New Social Media Network Website Develop New Software for Outdated Program - DEVELOP NEW WEBSITE Develop New Website (Template & Pictures provided) - Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity Develop nice simple application in ASP.NET with great design - Develop of a comprehensive educational website fast Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/PHP Develop of a excel spreadsheet. - Develop on opencart checkout extension Develop on php and XML - Develop one page Website Develop one page with paralax scrolling and outstanding graphics - Develop online booking centre Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy - Develop Online IT Database for computer inventory - repost Develop online job manager - Develop Online Shopping Website Develop Online Simulation (for Project Management Calculation) - Develop only the portfolio for the company Develop only the portfolio for the company contracting - Develop OpenOffice Calc Code Develop optimised keyword list - Develop Order processing module for our website. We need the procedure of checkout, with payment option and shipping module. using Angular JS , .NET Web API , C#, SQL , Bootstrap. develop organiser for Android - Develop our Django Site Develop Our E-Commerce Web Site - Develop out FB Develop Out of School Hours Care Program for 5yr -12yr olds. Outline and Detail - DEVELOP PARMESAN CHEESE LABEL Develop Parser for Custom Software - Develop Payroll and Attendance Module for Dolibarr Develop Payroll Module - Develop personal DNS server for streaming from Aus to NY. Develop personal LinkedIn profile to attract job recruiters - Develop Photo Rating Website Develop photobook web app for Wordpress - develop php files Develop PHP fom - Develop PHP Website Develop PHP website - Develop platform for social network/content management site. develop platform php mysql project - Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration Develop plugin nopcommerce komerci redecard integration - Repost - Develop POS and Purchases/Inventory Modules DEVELOP POS APP FOR HANDHELD TERMINAL AND ANDROID PLATFORM - Develop premium wordpress Develop premium wordpress - Develop print.css files for several sites Develop Printing function & CVS for website - Develop Professional Powerpoint template Develop Professional Powerpoint template - Develop program to modify .csv data and output .sql file develop program using VB6 and crystal report - Develop PSD into Wordpress Theme Develop PSD Theme For Wordpress Store Site - Develop Python script for Linux on EC2 Develop python script for scidavis - Develop Quiz database Develop quiz game in ios, sane as in android version - Develop Real Estate CRM & Sales Management Software Solution Services Develop Real Estate CRM & Sales Management Software Solution Services - Develop recurring invoices module with Spring Framework 3.x Quartz scheduler/JQuery/JSF. Develop Reddit-like iPhone App - Develop Reporting Module for an Online Service Develop Reporting Tool for a web application - Develop responsive layout of a website in bootstrap based on the layout i made Develop Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme for WordPress - Develop RESTful APIs with Java Develop RESTful Web Service in PHP - Develop Roku Package for Channel - repost Develop Root for SM-J320YZ - Develop router / firewall software