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Develop html website iD - Develop Hybrid mobile application using vue.js and cordova Develop Hybrid or Native Android Apps for student access - Develop image registration or matching algorithm using mutual information or similar technqiue Develop image search engine (Drupal / Joomla etc accepted) - Develop information forms for business card website Develop Informational Website for a Tie Store - Develop interactive infographic in HTML5 Develop interactive Lectora software - Develop Intranet Homepage in SharePoint online Develop intranet portal - Develop iOS (iPhone and iPad) game Develop iOS (Unity) physics - Develop iOS and Android application Develop iOS and Android application - develop IOS app develop ios app - Develop iOS Application Develop iOS application - Develop iOS magazine app Develop IOS Mobile App - Develop Ipad App Develop Ipad App for reading theater scripts - Develop Iphone - Android Radio App IN ONE DAY Develop Iphone / Android Slot machine app with MLM - Develop iPhone and iPad apps Develop Iphone and Website Application - Develop iPhone app and Desktop App Develop iphone app and ipad app and adroid app - Develop iPhone Application Develop iPhone application - Develop iphone game Develop iphone game - Develop Iphone/Android App Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend - Develop IT security software for consumers. develop Jaegers Tabs application - Develop Java Software Develop Java Software - Develop - Jobs List Website with Ads Feed Develop Joolma template - Develop Joomla Website based on Custom Component Develop Joomla website for humanitarian professional assoc. - Develop keywords list for GoogleAdwords campaign Develop Kinetic Typography Video with Animation - Develop leads for conference software - $12 per qualified lead! Develop Leads for young web design business - Develop linux multiserver script/app Develop Linux OS Short Course - Develop Logo Develop Logo - Develop logo idents Develop Logo, card lay out and stationary layout - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration & integrate with the program Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost - Develop macro to analyze data. See video explanation attached Develop Macro to Combine Spreradsheets - Develop Magento Store develop Magento store - Develop Map Application Develop map based iphone and android app - develop Master-Details Form visual c# Develop Matching Tile Game Using Python - Develop me online application Develop me a Brochure for our HR Software - Develop Membership Based Blognetwork Develop membership site with Photo editing capability.... - Develop Microcontroller(STM8S103F2) programming in embeded C Develop Microsoft Access Application in VBA - Develop mobile develop mobile forensic tool - develop mobile app (joomla/ijoomer/jomsocial) Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) - Develop mobile app for my wordpress Develop mobile app For Salesboard - Develop Mobile App using Xamarin Studio Develop mobile app using Xamarin. Forms - Develop mobile application for iPhone and Android Develop mobile Application in Android & Java - Develop Mobile Game for iOS and Android develop mobile game for kids - Develop Mobile Website Develop mobile website - develop module for prestashop design product develop module for prestashop design product - Develop Mortgage Calculator App for Android & iPhone Develop Mortgage Sales Genie Website - DEVELOP MT4 EA Develop MT4 EA based off of my indicator -- 2 - Develop Muscles Really Fast! Develop Music and Video player from scratch - Develop My Company Website Develop my company website - Develop my magento website Develop my marketing strategy - Develop my site design into wordpress Develop my site further (flash tool to become PDF export file) and more - develop my website , read description before you bid Develop my website - APPLY ONLY if you can get this done for maximum Rs. 6000 including Payment Gateway Integration. - develop mysql based site Develop MySQL workbench Plugin - Develop networking site Develop new Android App Screens - develop new ecommerce android app Develop new educational games based on existing UNITY template designs and packages. - Develop New How-to Website Develop New Information Website - Develop New Phone system for Hotel using asterisk or possibly elastix and freepbx Develop New Popup plugin for WP - Develop new user-facing features on actual Website (Checkout, Product Detail Page, etc) Develop New Version of WordPress Theme - Develop NEW website- TWO parts (2 levels) membership Develop New WordPress Bitcoin Wallet Plugin - Develop nonprofit website Develop Noom like application for Andorid - Develop of facebook PHP apps Develop of file manager / dataroom - Develop One C# Class Develop One C# Class - Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop one responsive page - Develop online booking centre Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy - Develop Online IT Database for computer inventory Develop Online IT Database for computer inventory - repost - Develop Online Shopping Cart for Pet Accessories. Develop Online Shopping Website - Develop only the portfolio for the company contracting Develop ONVIF NVT protocol in .NET/WCF - Develop OpenOffice Calc Code develop opportunity memo - Develop oracle database application for Mall management Develop Oracle Sales Cloud Adapter in MuleSoft - DEVELOP OUR COMPANY'S MOBILE APP FOR IOS AND ANDROID Develop our CRM re-sellers network in Australia - Develop our VTIGER CRM Develop our web site - Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. Develop pages for Newson Consulting website. - Develop payment gateway software with all required approvals and certifications Develop Payment gateway..!! - Develop PDA application that can syncronise with MS Access Database develop pdf and video application - Develop PG dot com website Develop phase 2 - Develop Photography logo, flyer, and price sheet Develop Photography Website, Blog - Develop PHP fom
Develop PHP form - Develop PHP Website Develop PHP website - Develop platform for social network/content management site. develop platform from ilance software for reverse auction - Develop plugin for wordpress/appointment+ Develop Plugin for WP e-Commerce (WordPress / MySQL & PHP) - Develop polling & debating plugins for WordPress Develop POP print display - Develop Predictive Model Develop premium link generator - Develop price comparison website from our designs Develop price comparison website using Kaon s/w - Develop productivity application like calendar/task manager with interfaces on ipad/iphone/mac and icloud database synchronization Develop Productivity improvment System Java Struts Hibernate - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop Prototype and Beta version of E commerce site dedicated to mobile phones and related accessories. Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs) - Develop Python code using Rest API's to stream into Initial state , need help in code. Develop Python framework - Develop quality webiste in php Develop query for PostgreSQL/PostGIS - Develop rapid craigslis poster Develop rapidleech download plugins - Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP - Develop Remove Access Program Develop Rename application for window - Develop Requirements Documents for an existing web application Develop research proposal - scenario 2500 words - Develop Responsive Wordpress theme from AI/PSD Files Develop responsive wordpress theme from wire diagram - Develop Reverse Engineered Products with Product Enhancement - open to bidding Develop Review module opencart module. - Develop RSS feeds for me today Develop RTMP Stream Host - Develop SalesForce Mobile Applications Develop Salesforce triggers - Develop school management software Develop School Search Engine Website - Develop script for identifying site visitor's age, sex... Develop Script for NS2 based on topology - Develop search engine for web-page Develop Search Engine Marketing Platform - develop SEO for my website Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support - Develop set of vector icons for program Develop sets of terms and conditions for general use. - Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost 2 develop sharepoint webpart - Develop SilverStripe website for portal website Develop simil AUTOBIZ website - Develop simple Android application for a website's registration process Develop simple android application with mini admin panel - Develop simple Dart Game Develop Simple Desktop Application - develop simple iOS app that simply shows pages with info Develop simple iOS game similar to Bubble Diver Game - Develop Simple Meta Trader MT4 EA Develop Simple Mobile App for Cardio Fitness - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function only (M.E) Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function with C++ (M.E) - Develop Simple Trading Algorithms with Python Develop simple UI - integrate API (exchange cryptocurrencies) - develop simply app android with source code Develop simulation for pizza delivery drivers - Develop site design and performance testing Develop site for advertisement - Develop Skill game develop skynet file - Develop small POS application in IONIC 2 - webservices will be provided. Develop small program to track invoice history based on existing VB Program - Develop SMS Applications Develop SMS payment application - Develop Social Media Management System - PHP Laravel Develop Social Media News Feed - Develop Social Netwrok Site plus Apps Develop Social Powered iOS App Using Parse, Technical Documentation - develop software develop software - develop software for converting the afl codes in amibroker to DLL / plugin. - Repost develop software for converting the afl codes in amibroker to DLL / plugin. - Repost - open to bidding - Develop software for spectrum analyzer Develop software for start up - Develop software solution for a quick service restaurant Develop software spec for the port of a desktop Java application to Android - Develop software to set multiple images in single layout Develop software to spam check domains - develop some custom software Develop some existing php scripts - Develop some sales websites Develop Some Service Specific Landing pages on WP for PPC Camapigns| 20 CAD - Develop some software Develop some software - develop soundproof 100percent Develop source code for an app (iOS and Android-compatible) that can display tile overlays downladed from wms servers on top of native maps - Develop Splash Page Website Develop sport planner/organizer app, design will be provided - Develop Static DNS Application for Android Develop Static DNS Application for Android - REPOST - Develop streaming website - Audio Develop streaming website - audio only - Develop Survey for Mobile Browsers develop survey program in Visual Studio - Develop system to rent products Develop system tray application in Java - develop teaser page with contact form Develop TEASER-ads network - Develop Terms and Conditions section for an online business Develop test Plan and do testing - Develop the App develop the app - Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant - Develop the light system for eBay and Amazon Duplicate develop the Linux driver - Develop the screens Develop the Screenshot - Develop the website for me Develop the website for our company - Develop this functionality Develop Three (3) Responsive WordPress Websites with the Same Designs - Develop Tracking application with Google Develop tracking extension similar to Google Analytics - Develop Travel website + admin area custom Develop Tree Trader - vb.NET application - Develop two ASP.NET webforms using Devexpress Develop two chart components - Develop type treatment for child's website develop UBER Clone - Develop Unique Social Networking Website from Existing Source Code Template Develop Unique Web Design, UX/UI for E-Commerce Magento Template - Develop User Interface on AutoCAD Develop User Manual for a web application - Develop vba script Develop VBA tool to send file via SFTP - Develop Video Creation Software Develop Video Creation Software -- 2 - Develop videogame prototype develop virtual assistant that helps users navigate the features of web-based services - Develop VOIP call recording apps Develop VoIP iOS App - Develop Web Develop Web - Develop web Application Develop web application - develop web application