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Design my Website -Private Chef - Design my website on Ecommerce design my website on weebly - Design my wedding invitation card in GUJARATI Design my wesbite - Design my XXX site Design my YouTube Channel - Design name cards, flyers and posters for a wedding Design name cards, flyers and posters for a wedding -- 2 - Design Need for a filesharing website Design need for my website - Design needed design needed - Design needed for a Beauty salon website(Joomla) Design needed for a Beer/Ticket Site - Design needed for PreSchool Design Needed for Sales Brochure/Powerpoint - design needed project #4 Design needed to be added on template - Design new Sleeping Giants T- Shirt Design new ''Lay Out'' - Design new BC Design New BG, Header & Icon - Design new company logo Design new company logo - Design New Header Background/Pattern - Abstract Type Design Design New Headers - Design new Login page 3D :) or much better and a banner Design New Logo - Design new Logo asap Design new logo for a new web project - design new NFV for mulitmedia streaming. Design new oildrop for existing logo with cut lines - Design new Radio Station logo Design new retail shop - Design new theme for Android Word Game Design new theme for site - Design new website Design new website - Design New Website ~ Show Your Talent! Design new website! - DESIGN NEWS PAPER ADVERT Design News Portal Like New Yahoo Website Without the Menu - Design Newsletter and Coupon Templates in HTML Format design newsletter and few other things - Design Newspaper Ads Design Newspaper Advert 50% Open Day Promotion - design no 23 layout for riseofaryan Design noen ikoner - Design nogle Ikoner Design nogle Ikoner - Design Nursing Scrub set Design nutritional supplement products label - Design of Mockup Images of an App in an App based website Design of MPC ( Model Predictive Control) control strategy for converter - Design of 10 icons for a DB Admin GUI software Design of 10 simple icons (vehicles) - Design of 2 Kids Slipper model Design of 2 landing pages - Design of 20 Facebook Posts Design of 20 Icons / Logos in Vector Format - Design of 3 images Design of 3 Logos - design of 4 banners Design of 4 Banners for Motorcycle Helmet Shop - Design of 5 unique Banners for Mobile Phone Repairs Design of 5 Website templates,including logos - Code Modifications - General bug fixes - Design of 8 application icons Design of 8 bit risc processor using mips architecture - design of a 20 page COREL DRAW magazine template design of a 20 page COREL DRAW magazine template - Design of a banking hall Design of a banner - design of a business card and leaflet design Design of a Business Logo - DESIGN OF A CITY ADVERTISING Design of a clean & modern logo for an online-only digital/web agency - Design of a Dating Website Design of a desk calendar - Design of a Fire - Water Grid system Design of a Fire - Water Grid system - Design of a Geographic Information Retrieval solution (1) Design of a grabbing logos for our caravans using our Colorado brand - Design of a kitchen living dining area - open to bidding Design of a Label for Argan Oil bottle. 145 x 48 mm - Design of a logo Design of a logo - Design of a logo for website + head letter Design of a Logo for your academy - Design of a mock up leather hand bag Design of a model - design of a newsletter Design of a newsletter (Email Template) - Design of a PHP/ HTML newsletter Design of a Pictorial Church Directory - Design of a Pullover Design of a Quiz app about how to learn the road laws and signals - Design of a Retail Kiosk Design of a Retail Kiosk - Design of a simple computer design of a simple jewelry shopping website - Design of a small Peltier LED driver circuit design of a small site - design of a stun gun. design of a submission (approx. 40pages) by mid next week - Indesign - Design of a vacuum distillation unit Design of a valve controller - Design of a web/js app for smart phones Design of a webapplication - Design of a website Map or Java Images. Design of a website Map or Java Images.(repost) - Design of academic based icons Design of accounting programs - Design of an 140 m2 residential appartment Design of an A4 Certificate - Design of an Ebay-Template Design of an Ebook - Design of an interior, architecture, facades of buildings, projects, 3? modelling design of an invitation card - Design of Annual Report Design of Annual report - Design of ATM surround shell Design of Audio Signal FM Modem based on digital PLL - Design of Banners / Billboard - Repost Design of Banners / Billboard - Repost - open to bidding - Design of boarding pass-style 'Save the Date' wedding invite Design of Body and Frame of Auto Rickshaw - Design of broadbanDesign of broadband antenna using SMTL for wimax/wland antenna using SMTL for wimax/wlan Design of Brochure - Design of Buried Code Circuit Technical Report Design of business card and Flyers + change color of logo - Design of business tri-fold brochure Design of businesscards - Design of Cartoon model figurez Design of cartoon of Roman characters / situations - Design of circuit - repost design of circuitry for kiddies electric pedal car - Design of Company Broucher Design of company business cards - Design of construction company site for a Spanish company Design of consumer device enclosure - Design of Custom Icons Design of Custom Power Point Presentation & Graphic Brochure - Design of Documentation Design of Documentation package - Design of Educative Facebook (FB) APP
Design of effect - Design of eshop - an online store, Phase#2 - for sakshmamta Design of evenloppe and stationary - Design of Facebook Cover Photo design of facebook fanpage - Design of flash banners Design of Flash gateway page - design of food catalogue Design of food ordering website - Design of full architectural day care project. Design of full architectural day care project. - open to bidding - Design of Grid connected distributive generation system Design of grid tie and off grid solar power system - Design of High quality Graphics Design of High Quality Reusable Email Template - Design of html pages in Android and iPhone App DESIGN OF HUBLESS WHEEL (EXTENSION) - Design of Images for website Design of images for website - Design of Internet Billing Scheme (NS2/NS3/OPNET) Design of Internet Billing Scheme (NS2/NS3/OPNET) urgent project - Design of Joomla template Design of kaleidoscope type mandalas by using mathematical interpolations or algorithms or scripts - Design of light steel frame (lsf) using CAD/CAM, Vertex or equivalent software. Design of line stickers - Design of logo Design of logo - Design of logo and e-shop creation. Design of logo and favicon - Design of Logo for luxury clothing project Design of Logo for my client - Design of logo with letters "T" and "Z" Design of Logo, Banner and Slider for luxury fashion brand - Design of Lp for School site Design of machine - Design of Marketing Brochure and Poster Design of Marketing EMails and Flyers - Design of menu, forms and templates design of metal detactor for crusher plant - design of motor Design of Motorcycle lift - Design of network in Visio Design of Network Security Protocol - Design of new Website Design of new website - Design of One Mockup Screen for an Iphone App Design of one screen for my game and icon - Design of Package Bag Design of packages for HDMI-cables, USB-cables and chargers aswell - Design of Perfume Bottles / Gift Boxes Design of Pharmacy + Webmaster Page - Design of Plone-powered website Design of Podcast Icon for iTunes - Design of Power Point Presentation Design of power system stabilizer (pss) with FACTS devices (sssc ,statcom,ufpc) - Design of Product packaging Design of product Packaging - Design of Quilting Company Website design of radial piston engine - Design of RIA Interface Design of Robotic Female Character - Design of several stuff Design of several web & print ads for Retail Store - Design of simple website Design of Simple Website (YA) - Design of small part of web page based on ready mockup Design of small product boxes - DESIGN OF SOME GIRLS CHATTING AND SITTING Design of some headed paper - Design of stationery (writing letter) and business card Design of stats business reporting dashboard for web application - Design of Symbian Application for Taxi rendeavous Design of system - Design of thankyou card Design of the banner / image for blog posts - design of the natural whey website Design of the packaging of cell phone cases and accessories - Design of time bill payment machine using Asic Design of Timelife de Facebook - Design of two brochures Design of two brochures (NGO) required - Design of UI for customization of Print Products design of UMens UDIrectorio - Design of video animated outro -- 2 Design of video brochures - Design of web poster (graphics design – possibly 3d design) Design of web project - Design of Website Design of Website - Design of Website (PMP) Design of Website (QC) - Design of website in wordpres Design of website like Getafreelancer - design of whiteboard for company presentation Design of Wide Range tunable Bandpass filter for LTE bands - Design off diffrent print stuff like Brochures, flyers, banners and such Design off diffrent print stuff like Brochures, flyers, banners and such - Design Oil Filled Radiator controlled via Wifi Design Olap Cube - Design on illustrator Design on imagine - Design one Android app icon design One animated .gif banner in two different sizes - Design One Company Questionnaire Poster Design one component under Altium (Sumbol+Pcb) - Design one Icon for a T shirt Design one icon for Android Google Play - Design one opencart based website Design one or two pages for an Online Developer Training Game - Design one page consultancy website Design one page css - design one page of css/html Design One Page of Site - Design One PDF Presentation - Private Project for Naef DESIGN ONE POSTER - Design One Template ! Design One Tour Page for our website - Design Onepage website and Admin Panel Design onesie jumpsuit - design online greeting cards applications design online kids clothing store - Design Online Slot Skins Design Online Sports Scoreboards and Gamecast Pages - Design only (no development require immediately start - repost Design only (no development require immediately start - repost 2 - Design only of app - repost Design ONLY of website home page - Design Opencart homepage Design OpenCart theme for Gadgets 2 Go - Design Or 3D Render Images of My Products in Two Environments Design or a blueprint needed for a dairy product manufacturing unit - Design or Produce Design or program for English Pronunciation correction - design original logo Design original Space T-Shirts featuring Soyuz parachutes pieces - Design our animated logo mascot Design our app intro screens - Design our company logo design our company logo - DESIGN OUR FOOD MENU -- 2 Design our Front Page in Photoshop, $20 - Design our Logo Design our logo - Design our mobile app design our monthly email for mail chimp - Design our Myspace page