IT management questions

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25 questions need to be answered from the provided reading

Answers must NOT come from google.

Google can be used to understand IT concepts

Answers need to be 100% accurate. Confirmed by providing citation from readings.

old sample questions:

1. According to the reading, what is the first step necessary to implement the type of lean practices that made eBay, Dell, and Ford successful?

2. What are the differences in the mechanisms IPv4 and IPv6 use to find a MAC address that corresponds to an IP address?

3. The need to connect multiple devices in one location to  the Internet when the provider  only allows a single public IP address per location brought about what development?

4. Are perimeter firewalls effective in protecting hosts from attacks orginating from inside the organization Why/Why not?

5. According to the reading, what are the three types of errors you might discover when debugging? Based on these three types, if your program runs correctly, but delivers the wrong results, what type of error is it?

6. You are connected to a wireless network that is secured using WPA2. Does this setup protect your data on the Internet backbone? Why/why not?



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    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
    • Time
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Times Online