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We need a tinder-like application.

The project is divided in 2 subprojects.

- Backend App

- Mobile App(android and iphone)



Mobile App(android and iphone)


- Sign-up form

- Login form

- Login with facebook account.

- Keep logged in until purposely log out

- Implement a "Recover your password form" by email.

- Implement payment methods for paypal and credit card, for the payed version.

- Implement the logout button.

- Implement the general settings page where you can

- Change password

- Manage Payment methods

- Manage Billing Cycles

- See payment history

- Filter potential matches

- Switch between own profiles

- User will have the ability to have different profiles under the same account.

- User is able to edit each profile created with the following fields:

- Name

- Age

- Sex

- Race

- Pedigree(yes or no)

- Type: Cat or Dog(for now)

- Profile pic and other photos

- Short personalized description (400 characters or so)

- Option for user to view the profile as other would see it

- Automatic geolocation should be saved for each profile

- Change its geolocation selected with maps(just for the payed version)

- On login, the user sees its matches directly.

- User can like or dislike a match. That match should not be shown again.

- User is able to click on a potential match profile pic, to see its pictures and more data.

- If both users like each other, its a match.

- Make a page for matches

- Make it possible for matches to talk to each other privately

- Show who is a new match and also which one is a new message

- Separate buttons to report and block a match

- On app restart, the user last profile with the applied match filters used will be saved and shown.

- User should be able to filter matches by:

- Distance

- Race

- Whether it has pedigree or not

- If it is a Dog or Cat

- Sex

- The user will be able to link any of his profiles to instagram accounts. The last x instagram photos are shown.

- Shown instagram photos can be clicked to be enlarged.

- Error page for when user has no internet connection

- 2 profiles cap for the free version.

- 25 like cap for the free version

- On app start, and once a day, user will be shown one profile that has given like to the current profile.

Backend App Services


- All services needed to support the mobile app

* Technical Specs


- Use Docker for dev environment and production releases

- Make automated unit tests

- Reactive design for all web components. (ie site should look good on different screen sizes)

- We would like to build a RESTful API.

- The backend API should be built using python, django and djnago-rest-framework.

- We use git for development and have a branching and versioning approach.

- There is a development branch, for development, which is merged to the master branch (production).

- Each new future should reside in a separate branch, and must be submitted as a pull request for code review from us. (NO DIRECT COMMITS TO DEVELOPMENT).

- Branch from development, unless there is a hotfix

NOTE: Please consider there might be other small details not included in this document, and that probably will prompt along the development of this whole system.



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