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预算 R$45 - R$75 BRL / hour
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平均竞标 R$57
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Looking for an experienced developer in Ansible Modules and Playbooks, to help me in migrate our bash shell scripts using Expect to Ansible Configuration Management.

Our main goals are:

- pass commands and return result;

- create, modify and remove firewall rules (security policies);

Ansible; Network Security; ScreenOS | NetScreen



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  • andreazorz Profile Picture


    Roma,  United Kingdom

    Monitoring & Log management: * Nagios core, Nagios XI, OMD (Thruk/Nagvis), NRPE scripting * Logstash, Kibana4, Elasticsearch Cloud & Virtualization: * VMWare, XenServer, LXC, Qemu-KVM, OpenVZ * Amazon EC2, VPC, S3; Google Apps Languages: * Php, Bash/Shell scripting, Python, RegExp Web - LAMP: * Apache, Nginx, Vsftpd, Squid Proxy, HA proxy, MySQL, PHP Mail: * Kerio connect, Zimbra, Postfix, Gmail for Business Other: * OpenLDAP, OpenVPN, OpenSSL, Ansible Linux Distro: * Novell SLES, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Amazon AMI VOIP SPECIALITIES: * Integration of Legacy-PBX and Open Source IP-PBX technologies * Asterisk AGI and Manager development * VoIP services monitoring (also developing custom modules) * VoIP network design and assessment * Unified Communication systems * VoIP Gateways * Presence and IM server * Fax Over IP solutions * SMS gateway and email2sms services

  • PDIP7 Profile Picture


    Ahmedabad,  India

    An expert Build and release engineer, Linux Programmer and a Shell Script Developer. Automation freak. Looking for interesting and tough tasks.

  • eIndian Profile Picture


    fremont,  United States

    Expert in cloud technologies and setup. Expert in Infrastructure as code. Can provide cloud hosted configuration management service using Puppet/Chef/Ansible.