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I have designed a circuit board with a LORA antenna 868Mhz (with pi filter and 50ohm) and an integrated trace antennas on the PCB, designed per manufacturer design recommendations with pads for a "PI" filter for impedance matching the antennas to 50ohm impedance.

I'm looking for a RF engineer who can select components (capacitors and inductors) for the PI filter and test the circuit boards with the proper equipment, a network analyzer.

Please only bid if you have the correct equipment and experience with this type of antenna tuning / impedance matching. Thank you.



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  • ElectronicsGuru1 Profile Picture


    adalfa,  Saudi Arabia

    I am a PhD candidate (wireless sensor system design) with over 5 years of experience in embedded and RF system design, I can provide my professional services in the areas of microcontroller programming, PCB design, wireless front-end design and electronics circuit design in general. I have broad range of experience with number of controllers like Arduino, MSP430, STM32 and Freescale controllers etc. I have LPKF PCB machine for rapid prototyping and I have RF background to design wide range of wireless front-end components like antennas (patch, vivaldi, loop, monopole etc.), low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers and filters etc. I have worked on wide range of communication protocols including zigbee (CC2530), Bluetooth (CC2540, nRF51822) and wifi (RN171) with custom antenna design for wide range of wirelessly connected devices. I also have experience in wearable electronics using Adafruit wearable components like FLORA controller, LSM303 IMU unit etc.

  • DASOT Profile Picture


    Athens,  Greece

    Hardware Electronics designer with excellent skills for both Analog & digital circuit development, and also for High frequency - RF systems up to 5GHz! Fully equipped Lab for any design - testing and pre-compliance verification of final products. Specialty for RF systems including radio & TV broadcasting transmitters and peripherals. With more than 3 decades of knowledge of pcb - layout design for either analog or digital circuits and our skills for RF circuitry requirements on pcb's we can deliver fast and excellent products to you. Thank you Sotiris

  • Chpb3929 Profile Picture


    Rajkot,  India

    We have worked on many projects which comes from the back ground of Embedded Research. We have also worked for many clients on other freelancing site portals.We have an expertise on Analog electronics and digital in PCB design software like Proteus, Eagle, Design spark, Express PCB, OrCAD, KiCAD, SOLO PCB and in Circuit simulation tools like Proteus, Multisim and on Prototype Skills:Can work on 8051, AVR and PIC work on keil, MPLAB X IDE, Code Vision AVR, Atmel an expertise on Arduino also. We have an expertise to design a static web page in HTML 5 also.

  • VachPetrosyan Profile Picture


    Yerevan,  Armenia

    I learned in State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA). Currently am a systems engineer at "10X Engineering" company, and already I have a 3 years experience. Also I am certified LabVIEW developer (CLD 100-916-10369)