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  • NabeelGISP Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    Diligent GIS Professional with three years of experience using ArcGIS software for: ==> Developing GIS Maps [ Vector Property Maps, Digitization, Map Books, Data Driven Pages, Data Extraction, Data Conversion, Geo-referencing, Geo-Coding, Raster Images, Google Maps, GPS Locations , Google Earth (Kml/Kmz)] ==> Performing Spatial and Statistical Analysis (HotSpot & Regression Analysis) I have worked with different bands of High resolution imagery using ERDAS Imagine for different Temporal Analysis purposes and also familiar with other Remote Sensing Techniques. Using my intermediate level python skills to automate the boring processes . I'm committed to providing quality mapping services and utilizing my GIS knowledge & skills to visualize the data in different perspective for better understanding of data and spatial patterns.

  • some235one Profile Picture


    Beer SHeva,  Israel

    Python programmer, Geophysicist ,Seismoligist , Data analyst, Data Imaging , Geologic and spatial analyzing and imaging

  • xtxskif Profile Picture


    Ivano-Frankivsk,  Ukraine

    I am master in GIS. I finished study in AGH in Krakow (Poland) and INTUOG (Ukraine). I am working in Expert Centre in Ukraine. I like sport. I have skills in computer programs: MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, EasyTrace, Photoshop, etc. Also I use Mapbox for web-cartography

  • GeoSpatialServ Profile Picture


    Enkhilette,  Tunisia

    Master degree in in geomatics technologie: GIS & Remote sensing and have acquired approximately 7 years in GIS analysis as wel as Image processing with Remote sensing & Matlab experience. My previous employment has enabled me to gain an accurate understanding of the concepts of Admin Support services and Business Management. I am a highly motivated individual who is able to work independently, recognizes the necessity to be an assertive and efficient team player in a fast paced environment. However, I would like to establish myself as a selfemployed/independent contractor. More importantly, my primary objective is to provide costeffective and value-adding business support, through my strong organizational, planning and communication skills, my ability to multitask, complete projects and meet deadlines in a timely manner.

  • ismail231 Profile Picture


    Guntur,  India

    I am working as Gis Analyst since 1 year 7 months. i can work on Autocad map, Q gis, Arc gis, Now i am working in Q gis.

  • bennyadjie Profile Picture


    Tenggarong,  Indonesia

    I am Bachelor of Geophysical Exploration, have 3 year experience in mineral exploration and mapping. Specialized in data processing and visualization i am work using related software (Arcgis, Mapinfo, Global Mapper, Oasis Montaj) for helped to finish my job.

  • irsg Profile Picture


    dandong,  China

    I 'm senior in GIS,RS analyst & developer for 15 years. During this period, I worked mainly developing and designing with c++,qt, vertual3D terrain generate,satellite image analysis programing, GIS&GPS programming... - ArcGIS/QGIS developer -OpenstreetMap/Openlayer -Cartographer and Map designer -Python -Remote Sensing programmer and analyst. -WebGIS -Mobile GIS -Registry Cleaner, image processing, -Audio processing

  • KomatinaSlobodan Profile Picture


    Novi Pazar,  Serbia

    Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Belgrade Efficiently and quickly solve a lot of problems for a short time at low cost... Performs tasks of data processing in Microsoft Office, geospatial, mapping, etc...

  • A2Design Profile Picture


    Mississauga,  Canada

    A2 Design Inc is a professional Russian-Canadian team of developers. We provide full cycle development: - create specifications - develop web applications - design UI/UX - and support your startup projects. We want you to succeed, so we truly believe in lean startup methodology: Launch fast, stay lean. Besides having development skills we have a ton of business insights how to build a startup right.

  • AlexGiurgiu23 Profile Picture


    Bucharest,  Romania

    I have a bachelor degree in geography, I graduated a GIS master and I am PhD candidate. I gained experience in GIS and remote sensing during my bachelor and master studies, and since I start working in the GIS field.