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Need to write some Junit for some small codes. Here is some requirements:

test case table, reduced CFG with CC, and basis paths (in the test case table)Draw the reduced CFG (DD-path graph) - use the line numbers from the provided Java code.

Determine the Cyclomatic complexity

Develop the basis paths using the Cyclomatic complexity. Use all True paths as the initial basis path.

Develop the test case table with test case number, inputs, expected outputs and basis path tested.

For logical expressions develop test cases using MCDC - clearly indicate the MCDC test cases in your test case table or other submitted information.

Make sure that your JUnit test case file matches the test case table.

Snapshot of JUnit passing (green run bar with no errors)

Execute the tests in JUnit using JUnitParamsRunner.

Make sure the JUnit run bar is expanded to show the inputs and outputs for each test case.

Snapshot of JaCoCo source annotations for the unit under test

Show only the annotations of the source of the Unit Under Test (UUT) - we don't want the source annotations for the JUnit test file.

annotations for the UUT

Success for coverage is all green lines (all diamonds green).

Determine the code coverage achieved (decision, statement, condition, etc.)

Your JUnit test file.



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