Building a short Beaglebone deamon programme



It will help if you're familiar with beaglebone or raspberry pi interface. I have a deadline so this has to be a little accelerated.

Regarding the script, there should be 5 integral values namely: 'I(DS)' range:([url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]), 'V(NP)' range:([url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]), 'V(DS)' constant:([url removed, login to view]), 'CC' range:(233uM-1101uM), 'BG' range:([url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view])

All the other three values are dependent on 'I(DS)'value. In other words, 'I(DS)' is proportional to ['V(NP)' inversely in this case], 'CC' and 'BG' where 'I(DS)' is the main variable and other 3 values are 'I(DS)' dependent variable.

Changing of 'I(DS)': At the start of programme, 'I(DS)' will start at a random value in it's given range. I(DS) is to be randomly added or subtracted by a random value between 0 to [url removed, login to view] in a random time delay between 15 to 30 seconds. Also 'I(DS) should not exceed or fall short of it's given range.

All the following real-time values have to be displayed through a 20*4 char liquid crystal display.

Programme can be written in any language.

Thank you for your time.

技能: 电子, 嵌入式软件, Linux, 微控制器, 树莓派

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