Help with customer support

预算 $2 - $8 AUD / hour
竞标 34
平均竞标 $5
状态 关闭

Looking for full time Customer service champion to execute the following:

- Email tickets

- Chat support

- Data entry

- Phone call (inbound and outbound)



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  • nimmirepakula Profile Picture


    Chennai,  India

    I am an reliable and hardworking individual who had 6+ years of experience giving professional, efficient and high quality service to various call center companies in different domains. I am skilled in communicating with clients over phones and emails in collections/Sales/Marketing processes and handling different types of tickets(problems). I have experience with Live Chat Support and Zendesk and am eager to learn to use any other new tools that would get the job done well. I am ready to provide 24/7 Customer Support (Email, Live Chat, BPO) on low pricing with good work production as per clients' needs. I am ready to meet the deadlines endorsed by the company and would not make false promises to keep. I’m a team player, but can steer the ship alone if needed be. I look forward to working with you in providing excellent customer service and anything else you may need help with!

  • Smasum002 Profile Picture


    Halishohour,  Bangladesh

    '''''""CLIENT'' Satisfaction is MY Satisfaction ''''''''' ► Honest ►Reliable ►Confident ►Responsible ►Quick learner. I am a full-time professional freelancer.'My motive is to make satisfied with good service. I am available here 24/7 days as reliable and trusted Freelancer. Top Skills are: # ADMIN # Data Entry(MS Excel & Google Docs Spreadsheet) # Virtual Assistant # Web Research Expert, Internet research & Market Research! # Lead Generation # Customer service. # Customer Support. # Phone Support. # Email Handling . # Data Processing. # Video Upload. # E-mail collection.( CEO,CFO,CMO,COO,CAO,CDO,CCO,CBO,CSO) # LinkedIn Profile Research # Database Creation ( business and consumer email list ) # Email Marketing, Bulk Email Sending # Yellow Pages & White Pages # Photo resize or photoshop etc I am very committed in providing Fast & Quality work. Ensure high Quality service with 100% accuracy. PLEASE contact with me for any project.

  • imayaglobal Profile Picture


    Hokandara,  Sri Lanka

    At the imaya, we are driven by the desire to add sustainable value to our customer's business, through building long-term relationships, working together with their people, and becoming an integral part of their ongoing growth and development strategies. At imaya we recognize how important your people are to the success of your business. The quality of the impact they have with your customers is absolutely vital if you are to maintain and increase your market share.

  • hmartinez61184 Profile Picture


    Bogota,  Colombia

    I´m a trustworthy person who grow up between the united states and Colombia so I handle the two languages perfectly, and I´m qualify to translate from Spanish to English and vice versa. also cause of my background I know the formal words and the slang word that for this specific book it will be very useful.

  • sulta505 Profile Picture


    Boynton Beach,  United States

    I hold multiple roles across the TrueGamingNetwork, in this role I proofread work, and handle reports of rule breaking content as well as entering data and writing SEO's. All work is peer-reviewed and checked by others. I was a community moderator for I also do volunteer bug testing for indie devs and a few freelance projects for GBTN. I've worked with Royal Mail doing data entry. I've also previously written reviews for and IMDB.

  • nikfb Profile Picture


    Novi Sad,  Serbia

    I am very motivated and hard working person. Due to bad financial status of the country I grew up in, since I was young I had to hustle and find my own way of making money. I've been making money online since I was 15 years old. I have a lot of experience in various areas such as: Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, ppi, cpa, hosting, web development (front and back), customer service, wordpress, whmcs, crypto currency and a lot more. Communicating with people is something I really enjoy doing, so that's why I think I'm a perfect fit for any type of customer service position

  • jaybegonia07 Profile Picture


    Paranaque,  Philippines

    I have worked as an IT Service Desk Analyst for 6 years. Active directory specialist for 2 years and now I am working as an Information Management Specialist specific for PC software distribution. My rate and time is Negotiable. Affordable rate with High Quality of work.

  • ennairam17 Profile Picture


    Calabanga,  Philippines

    I am a determined, dependable and hard working Customer Service Representative for three years, skilled at interacting with customers of all socioeconomic background and courtesy in customer relations as well as communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing are some of the skills that i consider as my strength. I am good at multi tasking and can work under pressure with minimal supervision. I have a strong ability to read, study, and learn independently, can do multi-tasking and can work under pressure.

  • arielvillasan Profile Picture



    A highly motivated individual with strong team-player skills developed through work. Get on well with people at all levels, easily making good working relationships. I seek out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition and I strive for quality in everything I do.

  • marknuyles Profile Picture


    Camalig,  Philippines

    My career goal is just simple, to work for your company with all the best that I can be. I have a couple of skills up on my sleeve and I know that if your company hires me I can prove to be capable, efficient and effective in any work that has been given to me and show the abilities that I have acquired. I worked in call centers and management tasks, and I can say that I made an impact to my superiors and proved that I am worthy in doing my job and provide them more than what they expected. Now I am just waiting for your company to hire me so that I can again serve and help the company reach their goal and provide them the service and the employee that they are looking for. You won't regret hiring me and I assure you that I will exceed your expectations.