Filter a file by gathering information on the Internet

On one hand there is a database (csv excel compatible file) with words in english extracted from a book and sorted by frequency; ? on the other hand a home-made websit[e][1]to learn english vocabulary: a word in french is displayed, the user has to type the english equivalent. The project consists in:

- uploading the csv file to the educational site (ASP, VB);

- removing from the csv file words already listed in the website database;

- adding the french translation in the csv file if one is available on? [wordreference][2], or removing the line should it be otherwise;

- delivering the amended csv file.

## Deliverables

- Example of a ? csv file attached (document 1). A typical file is about 12000 lines long.

- the first (most common) translation is the one chosen. It appears on wordreference after the 1. meaning "first acception".

- Not only words are listed, but also phrases, for example "football gear". The program must be able to find the entry "football ~? tenue? f? de football", on the page "gear", ~ standing for "gear" and write "tenue de football" next to "football gear". The program must also recognize "to be ~ed up" as to be geared up, and find the corresponding translation.

- When detailed informations are given with the translation, they are put in another column. Example for "gear": 1.? (equipment)? matériel? m;. column english: gear; column french: matériel; column details: equipment.

技能: 亚马逊网络服务, ASP, 工程, 微软Access, 项目管理, 脚本安装, 软件构架, 软件测试, Visual Basic

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