After several rounds of testing, you testers have helped us solve many problems. But we still need a larger sample to further improve the usability of the software.

You need to complete the full version of Duolingo English Test (non-Practice test) for a total of 30 minutes. We want to make sure that this test goes well in different parts of China. Your task is mainly to complete the entire test, to ensure the smooth completion of the entire process. (We do not need your feedback on the content of the test.) The

compensation is still: $ 10 / h (after fee)

Detailed operation Please follow the attachment procedure.


您需要完成Duolingo English Test 的完整版(非Practice test), 测试一共大约用时30分钟。我们想要确保这个测试在中国不同地地区均进行顺利。您的任务主要是完成整个测试,确保整个过程完成顺利。(我们不需要您对于测试内容进行反馈。)

报酬仍然为:$10/h (手续费后)


技能: Mobile App Development

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