User registration website using joomla components

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## Deliverables

User Registration Site Description

Introduction: I created a website with Joomla and Virtuemart components and would like to put together a simple user registration site. What I currently have:

I currently have a site that accepts payments with paypal pro payments for onetime fee. The site uses Joomla and the Virtuemart component.

What I would like to have done: When responding please include the word 'crackberry' in your response to cut down on [url removed, login to view] ideal person should be available on skype or aim for a daily chat. I would like to have the community builder component installed for Joomla and do the following:

The website should have a login option on the home page

User Registration- should ask the user for the following:

1) name

2) last name

3) e-mail

4) user id

5) password

6) confirm password

7) Paypal account -yes /no. If no, link to pay pal account set up.

8) Agreement letter that user has to agree to A confirmation email should be sent to the person after they have filled out the registration form

I would like every user to have their own page, which should be called MyNotes and should be only viewable for registered users. After the user logs in, they are able to access their MyNotes page. On the MyNotes, there should be the following:

1) User profile- profile:




Subjects taking


Graduate year

2) History of notes




3) Upload Notes, Browse File

Price of notes- $4.99, $9.99, $14.99, $19.99, other users selects price what they think notes are worth Explanation of author of notes.

Needs to be a integration of Doc man component and virtuemart [url removed, login to view] me know what component you would recommend and have experience with, so when user uploads the notes, the notes automatically become a product in virtuemart.

Accepted in any format

Site Features

I would like to have the following features on the site:

Home Page should have the following:


Search engine ??"college, teacher, subject, class code MyNotes link only accessible after registration is complete

Forum link. I know joomlaboard runs a forum component. Let me know what you would use. Each registered user can access forum.

Browse system links:




Class code

Notes Tab:

Registered users can access notes link. Notes link sends user to notes page, with all the notes that have been uploaded by users and approved by administrator. To get the notes they need to buy the notes. Notes page needs a search engine and a browse system similar to the home page.

Notes Page

Image preview of notes

Each notes need a grading system that administrator has power to alter and control. I know Joomla has a component E-Writings that allows uploads, grading, and feedback. Let me know what component you would use.

Click Buy link -User can buy notes.

Grading policy link

Copy right at the bottom of home page

Payment Options

The users should be able to pay using credit card or paypal. I have a paypal pro payments account. Once the payment goes through the user gets a confirmation email, where they get a link to a website where they can download the notes.

Dividing the profits

I think this can be accomplished with iDev affilate. Please let know your thoughts on the best way to handle it

User- the user that uploaded the notes gets 50 percent from their notes put into their paypal account within 48 hours automatically after easiernotes receives money. easiernotes gets 50 percent from the user notes price put into their paypal account within 48 hours automatically after a sale has occurred.

Platform options

I would like to manage the content using Joomla and accept payment using Virtuemart and PayPal .

Administrator options-

1) monitor the content of the users:



E-mail sent to user saying notes have been confirmed or declined

2) Be able to grade the user

3) Cancel user registration

## Platform

Windowns XP, Vista, in all 6.0+ versions of internet explorer and 2.0+ versions of Firefox

技能: 嵌入式软件, 工程, MySQL, PHP, 项目管理, 软件构架, 软件测试

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