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The project is to develop a new, slick, modern website design and back end as detailed below build in php and mysql. The main requirement of this website will be auto upload. An internal program creates a custom CSV and pictures which will be uploaded into a folder on the website, then either a cron job or a button pressed on the website to add the pictures into the site which will be displayed.

1. I need to organize a (small) database to track landlord enquiries, the source of them, and the properties they relate to. This will gradually need to be expanded to accommodate tenant enquiries - hopefully, the end result will be tenants able to register on the website.

Date Required - ASAP. Details below of what I think we need straight away.

2. We need a new website design. Currently our website is vastly out of date and simply does little to function as a good, modern marketing tool for landlords and tenants.

Two main sections -

a. Landlords

This will be the main portal for new business. We need to demonstrate what we can do and how we do it. A slick modern design is what we are looking for.

I am looking to create a repository of documents that will demonstrate expertise in the area. I am thinking a database of legal and practical advice and tips, hints and problems to avoid. The idea is that this will be a resource for all landlords, clients and potential Clients / other agents etc (Not that we will be giving away trade secrets, but if others link / copy our information it can only be beneficial).

Facilities for online enquiry. A "Contact me" or "Please send more information "function.

b. Tenants

This will be more "active" in that we will want to advertise all the properties we have available on the site. Currently this is managed through our internal software, which uploads the files in csv and jpeg.

We will also want to give Tenants Guides, downloadable .PDf format booklets etc and of course links to the information database.

Above all, we will want to integrate the database with the website and allow tenants to register online. This will generate sufficient information for the Negotiators to simply pick up the enquiries and use them straight away to market new properties to and will be added to the existing Tenants Database (that will be designed in addition to the Landlords Database).

We would also like to set up a function for tenants who have viewed a property to be able to log into a secure area of the site under the property reference number and then make an application for a tenancy online. (The idea being to enable tenants to view a property and then apply later, after office hours, allowing the Negotiators to pick up the lead first thing in the morning and act on it). Depending on price and difficulty, we would ideally like the facility for tenants to pay the administration fee online as well (we have card processing facilities, so perhaps a commercial account with one of the (cheaper) online clearing houses may be appropriate)?

Database -

As I say, we need the following ASAP -

The facility to log (and track) landlords enquiries by -

a. Landlord ID

b. Employee First Name

c. Employee Last name

d. Department (Front Office / Back Office Etc).

Then Clients -

a. Client ID

b. Salutation

c. First name

d. Last Name

e. House Name / No.

f. Street

g. Street 2

h. Town / City

i. Post Code

j. Home Phone

k. Work Phone

l. Mobile Phone

m. Email 1

n. Email 2


a. ID

b. Bedrooms

c. Property Type (House/Flat/Bungalow)

d. Garden (Shared Private etc)

e. Parking (On Road, Allocated, Off road, Garage)

f. Area (Of Brighton)

g. Let Already?

h. Rent Obtained / Expected

i. Date Available From?

j. Students?

k. Smokers?

l. Pets?

Sources -

a. ID

b. Private Add

a. Gumtree

b. Friday Add

c. Evening Argus

d. Other Private Add (Specify)

c. Referral (Specify)

d. Existing Client (Specify)

e. Networking (Specify)

f. BNI

Call History / Log

a. Date of Initial Call and Notes

b. Date of Diarized Call back - and Notes

c. Continuous facility to schedule call backs and notes of outcome.

(Call backs should be able to be flagged by date due so that a track can be kept of who needs calling on a day-to-day [url removed, login to view] should have been called (and hasn't yet) etc.

Facility for a category of client may be beneficial, such as "0" for clients not yet contacted, 1A for Clients who are looking to place their property on the market in the next 14 days, 1B for say 14 days - two months, and 2 for 2-6 months. (Such as a query for all category 1B's that have 2 bedrooms that may be on the market in the next two Months etc.)

please give examples of design and coding examples. This site will grow over time so there will be chances to bid of follow on work and modules

技能: 一切, MySQL, PHP, 网站设计

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