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With the php sub-system, we need freelance support for a place in our system. Presenting the details.

Football competition is a system for managing referees and observers. 80% of the system is complete. But an important part is waiting. For us, this important part is also the first place MASTER ANSWER page. The system with the following information is an example of a finished system. I will give you the information I have given to you, and when you reach the page I examine, you will know what I want.

Briefly, a match assignment process is performed. An editTable will be used. 6 units Selection and selection are controlled instantly. It will be written to the error line if there is a problem.

Example System:

Link: [url removed, login to view]

User Name: admin

Password: 12345

Here is a similar system where you can log in from the above. Assignment> Match Arrangement> If you enter the Edit Unpublished Matches link, if you do not agree, the table will also be processed.

We currently have all system tables and tables. When you create this page, the veria will come to you. All you have to do is to make and control what you need.

We have red and yellow rules.

Some of the tabloda will write no trouble. If all the added matches are not a problem, the match will be published and printed and the matches will be published. The rules are in order. The red rules must be corrected, and the yellow rules are for informational purposes only.


Have you attended or not attended the last Epic Education?

It's kept on top of the tableland. Last entries will be checked.

Do you have a justice excuse on the date of the game?

Permits are being held on the tableland. Here you can see excuses for the staff.

Match Is the date played determined by the day on which the referee may be assigned?

It's being held on business day tables. For example, the match was given to me on Tuesday. But if it's 0 on my Tuesday, it's gonna be a warning.


Is there a punishment in the history of the game?

He's on the penalty chart.

Do Arbitrators and Observers Have a Relationship with Teams?

The relationship is being held on the tableland. One judge is involved in a team if there is a relationship.

If Referees and Observers are selected in two different games on the same day. A warning will be given.

If the teams are selected in two different games on the same day. A warning will be given.

Thank you, Good Works



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