Bash Script: Calculate sundown and enter this time in cron tab



Industrial Building Lighting – when the sun goes down, lightings should go up (executed via a linux command line utility – out of scope). Based on geo-coordinates, this time varies. It should run on Debian 6 system.



SCRIPT_NAME: “[url removed, login to view]”

INPUT: $1 geo-coordinates (x,y), $2 hour_offset (+/- hours), $3 minute_offset (+ minutes), $4 execution_string

BUSINESS LOGIC: Takes the parameters, calculates internally the sundown based on the geo-coordinates given in $1, builds internally an cron-job string, and the replaces an existing line (the last line in the cron file – the one frpom the day before) in crontab with new calculated

EXAMPLE: [url removed, login to view] 67,76,+2,+15,“bash /opt/scripts/[url removed, login to view]”

SCRIPT EXECUTION: There is a fixed/static cron-tab line which executes “[url removed, login to view]” every day at 02:00 am (Annotation: so that at the next day the lights will be started with the new sundown time)

OUTPUT/RESULT (please make a valid cron entry): (Annotation: replaces last line in /var/spool/cron/tab/root)

* * $calculated_sundown_hour (+/- $2 = hour_offset) $calculated_sundown_minute (+ $3 minute_offset)

技能: Linux, PHP, Python, shell脚本, Ubuntu

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$30USD 在1天里

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