Requirement engineering2

Opdracht 2 Requirements Engineering



In this assignment you will to learn programming in a formal specification lan-

guage. For this you go and use special Eclipse distribution that here

is specially made ​​for it. This software can be found at: http://sourceforge.

net / projects / overture / files /.



In this language, it is intended that you the following 16 requirements im-


R1. A computer-based system is to be developed to manage the alarms of

this plant.

R2. Four kinds of qualications are needed to cope with the alarms: electrical,

mechanical, biological, and chemical.

R3. There must be experts on duty during all periods allocated in the sys-


R4. Each expert can have a list of qualications.

R5. Each alarm reported to the system has a qualication associated with

it along with a description of the alarm that can be understood by the


R6. Whenever an alarm is received by the system an expert with the right

qualication should be found so that he or she can be paged.

R7. The experts should be able to use the system database to check when

they will be on duty.

R8. It must be possible to assess the number of experts on duty.

R9. Please introduce another expert: The Requirements Engineer.

R10. Some experts are interested in becoming an expert in one other area

as well. If they are, they should be paged also.

R11. There is a new alarm class ¡Meltdown¿ that is basically a call to all

available experts.

R12. If an expert has more than two expertises, she is more expensive to

page. These experts should only be paged when no other experts are

available. In case of a Meltdown, these should be called first.

R13. Experts can cancel an alarm after reaching the scene, to reduce the

number of experts coming.

R14. Experts need a car to get to the location of the mishap. If there are no

cars available an exception request needs to be sent to factory mana-


R15. Cars can hold a maximum of 2 experts.

R16. Experts that have two similar expertises should never be in the same

car together.

You can use as a starting point one of the examples (Alarm + + tracesPP)

from the collection which can be found on [url removed, login to view] tgroentj ~ /, there are

some basic requirments from the list above already implemented.


What we expect

1. working code which all 16 requirements have been incorporated(have been processed)

2. some by yourselves writen tests

3. good gecommente code (not too brief, not complete)

4. handle an English naming convention. Auto - ¿Car, Boat - Boat ¿

5. define classes with a capital letter. car - ¿Car, boat - ¿Boat

6. a text document explaining why you have made certain choices,

and an explanation of your homemade tests.



to write a comment you start the line - and use it for business

to make clear. overloading of functions / constructors does not work. think

with each function after about pre and post conditions. Functional languages ​​have no

sequential structure. If the precondition of a function where it is

executed. If you want to be functions performed consecutively, then make

that the post-condition of function 1 is equal to the precondition of function 2.

usefull links

• [url removed, login to view]


• [url removed, login to view]

• [url removed, login to view]

技能: 软件构架

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