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Everyone has a talent. Whether it be juggling, or that funky impersonation of some outdated celebrity you saw on TV as a kid. For me, though? Words. Words and Structure. Structure, you ask? Well, that can be interpreted in many ways. Structure: Everything has to be orderly with me and my crazy thought processes. Give me a time, and I will go head over heels to reach it. Structure: the details. A building can't quite function properly without all the right components; You need a foundation, walls, a roof. Duh. But what about Air Conditioning, some windows? The same may apply to my literature. I could go for the bear minimum, but should I? Some things are needed to make it comfortable, and presentable. Finally, Structure: The Backbone. This one may not be so obvious in the metaphor, but it does in fact make sense after some explanation. I love to code. See? Programming is the backbone of almost everything you're doing as we speak. It's a good thing I do it well on the web.
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