Bowling Game User Web App Interface Using Django and MySQL


This project is a web app project so can be run on all browser,Android ,iOS. I have developed this project using Django,HTML5,JavaScript,CSS,MyS QL. The functions of this project are chatting,screen keyboard,game information management and so on. I am sure that my skills using in this project are very helpful for you. Best Regards!

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I am full developer with Web and Mobile for over 7 years experience. I am a Web and Mobile developer with a Bechelor of Science (.B.S) in information Technology from Norwegian University of Science And Technology I have developed all project with MVC Framework and kept very high quality and speed of the project. I have extension experience in developing Django,Flask,PHP Frameworks,Ruby on Rails,Android,Xamarin(Android,iPhone) and so on. I always understand employer proposal and implement very quickly and fast. I will work best and very hard for you. My Skills : - Programming Languages -C/ C++ / C# / Java / PHP /HTML/Ruby/Python/ JavaScript / MySQL - Mobile Programming *Android *Xamarin * React Native -Mastered field Windows/Linux/MacOS RubyOnRails/Laravel/Codeignitor/Wordpress/ASP.NET/Django Website Developing. Web Service/JSON/Web Hosting/Web Scraping Xamarin/Android/IPhone(Social ,Shoping,Payment,ChattingTracking App ,Google Map Service,Push Notification ) Best Regards!

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