Rethinking Crime and Punishment [Excerpt]


The following is an excerpt of the introduction to a speech delivered in Trinity College Dublin's Law Colloquium on the 'philosophical foundations of the law'. The paper considers the socio-political development of modern attitudes to imprisonment and argues for a more utilitarian approach by way of example and with reference to the native laws of ancient Ireland.

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Fluent English speaker from Ireland with a genuine interest in the artful expression of the English language. My interests are quite broad but I have obtained certified FETAC distinctions in the following subjects: History, English Literature, Psychology, Communications, Philosophy, Classical Studies and Statistics. My final year for a degree in Law and Society commences in September (2012). I also have an interest in music, spirituality, food, cultures, health and sustainable living, and gardening. Two of my articles have been published in the Sovereign Independent newspaper (Ireland). Additionally, in February 2012 I had the honour of speaking at a law forum in Trinity College Dublin where I delivered a paper on the 'Philosophical Foundations of the Law'. While I hope to someday be an accomplished writer, I am freelancing to showcase my ability, build a portfolio and develop my existing skills by writing in a variety of fields. Thanks for taking the time to peruse my profile, hoping to work with you in the future...

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