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I am a Researcher in the field of Renewable Energy here in Bangladesh. I have more than 7 published journal and conference papers. I have obtained my Masters degree in Renewable Energy Technology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering degree from University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan. Currently I am working as a Cambridge Certified Advanced level teacher. I am also working as a freelance certified translator in various web platform.
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Cambridge Certified O and A level Teacher

Aug 2016

I am a Cambridge Certified O and A level Mathematics and Physics Teacher at American Standard International School. Major Job responsibilities include: • Preparing lesson plans and delivering lectures of different subjects. • Checking answer scripts of different exams. • Conducting viva voce. • Taking laboratory classes etc.

Research Assistant

Sep 2014 - Jun 2016 (1 year)

Research Assistant (From Sept. 2014 – June 2016) at Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka under the supervision of Dr. Saiful Haque. Major Job responsibilities was: to supervise and do maintenance of a grid –connected solar PV system, a solar hot water system, and testing of Improved Cook Stoves.

Service Engineer

Jul 2012 - Sep 2012 (2 months)

Worked as a Commissioning Engineer of Electrical Sub-Station at CORONA ENGINEERING Ltd from July 2012 to September 2012. Major job responsibilities were as follows: 01. Installation, testing, commissioning and troubleshooting of HT Switchgear (ABB, AREVA T&D), LT Switchgear ACB (ABB, DORMAN SMITH, FUJI, SEAMENS) & PFI plant. 02. Maintenance of 110V DC battery charger. 03. Load calculation of residential and commercial High rise building.


BSc in Electrical Engineering

2008 - 2012 (4 years)

MSc in Renewable Energy Technology

2014 - 2016 (2 years)


Estimation of solar radiation from cloud cover data of Bangladesh

In this study, an analysis of the monthly mean values of the fraction of the sky covered by clouds (C) of all types and the duration of bright sunshine hours (S) and global solar radiation on the horizontal surface (H) was carried out to establish relationship for solar radiation estimation for Bangladesh.

Global solar radiation estimation from commonly available meteorological data for Bangladesh

In this study, several regression models were employed to estimate global solar radiation from commonly available meteorological data such as sunshine duration, temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover for 34 meteorological stations of Bangladesh.

Effect of Various Model Parameters on Solar Cell Simulation: A SPICE Analysis

In this paper, all the models of PV cell namely, ideal single diode model, single diode Rs model, single diode Rp model, the two diode model, and the three diode model have been discussed. SPICE simulation is done to evaluate the impact of model parameters on the operation of PV cell. The effects of the parameters are discussed.

Estimation of solar radiation from Temperature data of Bangladesh

In this study, an analysis of the monthly mean values of the temperature variation (ΔT), precipitation (P), extraterrestrial radiation (H0), and global solar radiation on the horizontal surface (H) was carried out to establish relationship for solar radiation estimation for Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sixteen models are developed to predict solar radiation from temperature and precipitation data.

Microcontroller Based 3-phase Sequence Indicator

Phase sequence is the order in which the rotated voltage or current generated by 3-phase system attain peak or maximum value. Each sequence voltage is 120 degree apart. Therefore, the maximum value achieved by each sequence is at the definite time interval.

Techno-Economic Analysis and Challenges of Solar Powered Pumps Dissemination in Bangladesh

In this paper, the optimal conditions for solar photovoltaic irrigation have been identified by doing a technical and economic feasibility study for Bangladesh. The optimum system is found to be a lone PV system for irrigation load below 4 kWh/Day, and a hybrid system of PV-Generator-Battery for loads greater than 4 kWh/Day with storage tank having capacity lower than 20 kWh.

A comprehensive review of global solar radiation estimation models

Knowledge of the amount of solar radiation is essential to utilize solar power. Without prior knowledge of solar radiation it is impossible to design solar energy systems and models. In spite of the great importance of solar radiation measurements, due to the high cost, maintenance and calibration requirements it is not readily available to the designers of solar energy systems.

Replacing diesel irrigation pumps with solar photovoltaic pumps for sustainable irrigation

As a tropical country Bangladesh receives a substantial amount of solar insolation suitable for PV application. Being an agricultural economy, the irrigation need is increasing day by day. Use of diesel run pumping system is neither cost effective nor environment friendly. Even though 47.8% of the total irrigation pumps are diesel run which emits a huge amount of CO2 and other toxic gases.

Design and Performance Analysis of a Directly-Coupled Solar Photovoltaic Irrigation Pump System

In this paper, we have shown the design and performance analysis of a directly coupled solar photovoltaic (PV) motor-pump system operating at Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Three 1kW DC series motor coupled with pumps were powered by photovoltaic panels of 2kWp. The motor pumps were directly connected without any converter.

Remote Tracking UGV Robot by Track-Learn-Detect (TLD) Algorithm

In this work, we build an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with a RC car, a wireless router and arduino circuitry implementing a novel approach called Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD) that overcomes this problem.


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