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    ...From there, various problems occurred. まずだいいち、タクシーの運転手が遅れて到着されました。 First of all, the taxi driver arrived late. 全体を通して、私の目的地までゆっくりとうんてんされてもりいました。 I was driven slowly to my destination throughout. 最終的には、タクシー運転手はより高い料金を支払われました。 Eventually, the taxicab driver was paid a higher fee. 私は仕事にほとんど遅れられました。 I was almost late for work。 あとで、勤務シフトの終わり近くに、電話がされて入りました。

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    Statistical analysis 6 天 left

    ...sample size or duration to observe 2 normal-car drivers converting to electric vehicles. Input Data -The current population size of all car drivers is 20 million -A car driver replaces their car on average every 7 years. -The time it takes, from deciding to buy a replacement car to purchasing a new car, is 16 weeks. -The current population

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    Hello all i bought this [登录来查看链接] I need someone with strong When he solves everything It restores everything and runs it on my computer (I will not release money I even see a working admin panel and 2 app android rider and driver Without any problems)

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    Modify Documents 6 天 left

    ...of bonuses for a Webinar training that is designed to help business owners prepare for their eventual exit. The first one is for a Stay Bonus and the second one is a Value Driver Assessment. I need to add an explanation page for the reader for each one of these and will provide that when needed. I would also like to have you add in some graphics and

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    I need a developer for an app similar to Uber & lyft. With gps tracking capability driver log in an passenger log in with tips and cancellations options. Also if you have bad reviews iam not willing to pay anything upfront. Looking for serious, trustable reliable people to help me with my project.

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    We need help to create a website which will be specific for dispatching driver to location for work to help our customer. Geo location and creating ticket

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    ...tournament will be paid out the majority of the funds, and second place will take some as well. In all cases, the app takes a small percentage as a wager fee, which is the driver of profit for the app. Other requirements: - We should have full ownership and access of the app once completed - Need compatibility across all major web browsers and mobile

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    Feedback USB 5 天 left

    ...Install out of the box liblightstone from Github onto a linux operating system. If that install fails or the driver needs modification then the job will include modifying the driver and/or creating a working workaround. Modify or create the driver called liblightstoneFIXED formely called liblightstone found at or see cached copies of https://github.c

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    Mobile App (Food & Social) 5 天 left

    ...[登录来查看链接] with reservations and food delivery. Restaurants accepts delivery and reservation orders for small fee. Restaurants OPTIONS to use their own driver app with their personnel or outsource to driver and pay them directly. Restaurant are charged a fee for accepting each delivery and/or reservation. Customization of Zamato app to QR Smart code by

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    Automate delivery process 5 天 left

    ...- Building number - Floor Number - Apartment Number - Delivery Fee - Other Notes After the dispatcher collect order information he send it to the nearest driver to the restaurant The driver receives the order go to the restaurant collect order, pay order amount for the restaurant After collecting the order he go to the receiver place give the order

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    Log design 5 天 left

    A professional logo for our company. we can provide an initial idea or reference, however, the designer need to driver his/her own creativity. Should not mimic to conventional logos in stock images. must be unique which should not resemble in google search images from enterprises.

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    Bug Test My App 5 天 left

    [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] You can find above links to two of my customer apps and below are link to two employee apps. Service is similar to Uber. [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    Image sensor board design 5 天 left

    We need a mipi camera board for Raspberry Pi. It may require special skills in PCB artwork, circuit design, linux device driver for SONY image sensor. Your work will be 1. Design of the circuit with a sony starvis cmos sensor(e.g IMX291 with MIPI CSI-2 or similar) 2. Design of the PCB with an M12 lens mount holes (board size: 20mm x 20mm) - Freelancer

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    ...type of waste) by a planning department. 3. Truck driver uses our android/iphone App to register the loading (of waste) of his truck. 4. A digital cover letter will be generated in the truck drivers app and is that is his official document allowing him to legally drive his load. 5. (When the truck driver gets stopped by law enforcement, he can show this

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    ...(from the LoRaWAN stack projects) The Keil project should have a new BSP driver (for the BlueNRG-2 and SX1262). The final deliverable would be this Keil project: - fusion of Bluetooth stack and the LoRaWAN stack - the 3 projects (BLE_Chat, End_Node, PingPong) - new BSP driver. This project requires very good C skills and good knowledge of Keil IDE

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    Looking for a White label Uber type app Both and iOS Driver and user apps Have to be Professional,Fully functional and uploaded on both platforms that is to be customized

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    i want to develop a camera (hardware) tha...(hardware) that has computer vision. The camera should run off of DC 12v as it will be wired into a vehicle inside a car. The idea behind the camera is that it will recognize driver behavior.. alert by SMS if people are left in the vehicle with the doors locked , recognize hand gestures and other things.

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    ...This is the space Bungalow Residents will visit whenever in need of assistance with day-to-day issues that arise during their Bungalow experience. As the primary content driver for this project, you’ll own the creation of all Help Center - Maintenance content - ensuring that core messaging frameworks and brand voice are followed while delivering effective

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    i need a half bridge inverter 4 天 left

    ...rating max 3-5kw max with fan and heatsink -input power 220v 60hz - output frequency 1 HZ - 50 khz max ( variable frequency and duty cycle ) - also i need this circuit driver to have an audio input as audio modulator - i will be using this circuit in different projects such as tesla coil and induction heating - Note the the offer price is not

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    ...will also be able to not only buy but also sell their own items. In order to sell Users will go through identification and ownership verification (uploading vehicle papers and driver license). Dealers and Users will have their accounts created in order to buy or sell and they can track their sales, pending, processed, approved or denied orders. Payments

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    ...involves building a new Metabase driver plugin (written in Clojure) into Dremio, a data-as-a-service platform. The objective is to extend the existing Sql driver of Metabase to convert and process Dremio queries. The driver could be written as a third-party plugin to Metabase. The deliverable is the code for this driver in a Clojure project. Apps involved:

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    Run sheet and delivery dockets for delivery drivers. See requirements document.

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    We have an ESP32 based communication device that has been designed with: 1. USB 2 RS232 converter for connectivity and software update 2. RS485 driver on a serial port, for Modbus communication 3. CAN driver 4. Frequency counter input (already designed) 5. MQTT support is aldready implemented in the software 6. An OLED display for debugging and status

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    I am looking for a website development for taxi bookings and also a despatch software and apps for drivers In website need a front and apps for drivers In website need a front end with distance calculator and zones limitation and extention feature In software need invoicing feature along with driver statements etc More will be discussed

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    I want an android application like Uber. It should have an engaging interface so that the customers can track their driver when a cab is booked.

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    10 个竞标 signed with chosen subject. We provide servers, design info, running text. Extra would be app apple/android with view to mobile site and optionally possibility to track driver on the google map. Long term collaboration is possible for maintaining the site and upgrading with more options if needed. More details about the project will be discussed

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    ...apps. Requires for both Android & IOS platforms. Will go with Android first. A quick reviews are as follow: The app would have 2 different interfaces: - 1) Customer app 2) Driver app The customer app would allow customers to: - 1) Register / Login to app using their contact no. and email address. 2) Look for recovery vehical’s either nearby their

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    Kernel Panic Centos 6.10 2 天 left

    Problem: 1. Kernel Panic as attached image. Objective: 1. Recover RAID without data loss. OS: CentOS RAID: mdadm software RAID

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    I am trying to install a new Dell R440 server. I...I need phone and remote tecnical support to help setting up server to use it remotely. Also need to configure few software that have some restriction for users. Also set up RAID and create user storage space. Need to map sever as remote storage device etc. More details will be provided over the phone.

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    ...device class" driver for iPhone and iPad (iOS devices). The goal is communicate with my dongle device which connect to iPhone and iPad via Apple "Lightning connector". I have already developed USB dongle device for Android phone/pad. I also have developed a USB CDC "communications device class" driver for Android. The Android CDC driver works well w...

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    Delivery business system 2 天 left
    已验证 looking for committed developer or company to create delivery system for delivery company. What we do, we take orders from restaurant and other places by phone and send driver to pick it up and delivery it, as simple as that. What i am looking for is to automate the process of distributing the orders on the drivers and keep log of all the action

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    ...manually. Possibility to set the starting/destination point with the pin. Route reconfiguration on the initial route in case of a driver error. Possibility to update the route from the main station in real-time. Real-time driver tracking. Please give options for the map service (GMaps, Apple Maps, Transport Comanies maps, etc.). Any suggestion that could

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    Trophy icon Black and White Carton 2019 2 天 left

    ...[登录来查看链接] This year I want the car stuck in traffic and a robot or robot arms have come from the cars bonnet to shave the driver, although it has been very enthusiastic and has covered the drivers face/visor with shaving foam, so they cannot see. I enclose a very rough guide on what I want! Although

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    We have a server running RAID 10. The drives are good with partition, but the md units is missing. md1, md127 is missing. Partition are still exist on drives. We just need to recreate the raid unit. Must be able to resolve it within 1 hour. For more info, discuss in chat. Problem: 1. md device is missing, only md0 exist. 2. Partition is still exist

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    We have a server running RAID 10. The drives are good with partition, but the md units is missing. md1, md127 is missing. Partition are still exist on drives. We just need to recreate the raid unit. Must be able to resolve it within 1 hour. For more info, discuss in chat.

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    ...4-passenger web panel 5- Driver ios App 6- Driver Android 7- Driver web panel 8-Company web panel 9-Admin web panel to mange all Passenger App Features: Home Profile Schedule trip (your trips) Wallet My Addresses Trip History Notifications Invite Friend promo code emergency contact Live Chat Support Language Log Out * Driver App Features: Home Profile

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    ...4-passenger web panel 5- Driver ios App 6- Driver Android 7- Driver web panel 8-Company web panel 9-Admin web panel to mange all Passenger App Features: Home Profile Schedule trip (your trips) Wallet My Addresses Trip History Notifications Invite Friend promo code emergency contact Live Chat Support Language Log Out * Driver App Features: Home Profile

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    We have a server running RAID 10. The drives are good with partition but the md units is missing. md1, md127 is missing. Partition are still exist on drives. We just need to recreate the raid unit. Must be able to communicate via whatsapp and to be available to resolve it within 1 hour.

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    this project will include 3 parts. 1. mobile website for customers 2. driver application for driver to delivery to customer 3. a control panel to list and mange delivery systems. Our goal is to develop an on demand cannabis delivery system. A customer will enter the website, then their location will be identified. Once their location has been identified

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    I need an Android truck booking app. It should have 3 modules - User, Driver and web management.

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    Looking for quotations for a cab aggregator android app (like ola, Uber). Rider as well as driver interface. *low budget project *

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    ...daily only for the next day. Returning ride can be booked before 2 hours of leaving. After booking any ride, an order number will be generated and will be sent to customer, driver and admin and that seat will be reduced from vehicle's available seats. Similarly if any ride is cancelled then that seat will be increased in available seats in the vehicle

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    ...Person who orders make an offer ( price) 4. when order is generated an automatic Qr is generated and send to person who orders and person to receive delivery mean while the driver will have Qr scanner to scan in the the mobile phone at collection and scan at the delivery addition to taking pictures. All must have accounts. will use mangopay to complete

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    I have a Fujitsu E24-9 with 10 point touch screen. I need to convert it in single touch screen to connect it with Sony Video switcher in Linux OS environment. .

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    ...spreadsheets, complex equations and GPIB interfacing. We will also require the engineer to validate their upgrades via live testing and certification. If you understand the driver architecture, subroutines, VISA libraries and more this may be the perfect job for you and us. Candidates will be given a test routine to review for familiarization and will

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    wordpress website 12 小时 left

    Hello word press website for printing website there are users and accounts, the users will upload their files and then choose printing proparites. Then, they can co...process by choosing the delivery place, and then the order will be completed. The user can edit the order, The user can change the delivery information. The user can rate the driver.

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    i want to make food order and delivery app from only one city , i want simple and easy app food order and delivery app is combo for customer app+delivery driver app + restaurant app + admin panel i have very small budget to done

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    Our company is making driver-less shuttles for hospitals, college campuses and corporate parks to reduce the commute time. Check out more about us at [登录来查看链接] We need simple yet meaningful logo. You can refer to our old logo for a basic idea. We want a symmetrical logo which we can put in cards, t shirts etc. Note- 1) We won't entertain plagiarized

    $328 (Avg Bid)
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