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    Project on Java 6 天 left

    I need someone to explain me the concepts and help in doing my assignment. Anyone who has experience and time to connect and guide can ping

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    This assignment is based on advanced com...a multicycle pipeline processor to dynamically schedule instruction execution and employs caches in order to expedite memory access. the programming language I would use is Java It indicates how an interface should be look like. Please read the problem statement carefully and if you can do it let me know.

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    ...architecture/development: - modify our current spring boot application to make it compatible with a microservices architecture - create a proof of concept whereby an existing java service which turns htmls into pdfs is being replaced with a call to a python based microservice that carries out this task by using the weasyprint library - advise us on the

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    Java developer 6 天 left

    java developer who have experience with SOA(service-oriented-Architecture) , BPEL processing language, and experience in using jdeveloper

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    ...addresses, built using Java. All we've come up with is a regular-expression checker whether an email address is VALID (i.e. the formatting is okay...). We want to actually VALIDATE whether the email address being entered is DELIVERABLE (that the mailbox exists and can receive messages). Your task is simple - create a pure java class that has one method:

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    i have workqueue class it has todo which needs to be fixed can you please do it everywhere where it says todo please adjust it it is like 10 minutes of work

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    Looking for Java/Full stack developers

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    Java Project -- 3 6 天 left

    I need support for a task on java. anyone having experience of the same can ping me

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    tasker help 6 天 left

    ...task that can do... 1. record start in .mp4 format 2. wait 2 sec 3. record stop and need help with step 4 4. upload recording to google sheets or website via http post or java or something via tasker. i allready set up google form and published to get entrys in a spreadsheet via HTTP post. but i have problems with next step. now... i know i cannot

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    Jhipster - Java expert 6 天 left

    Hello, We Looking for Jhipster - Java expert, We need some help in auth. in our project. Please bid if you expert and help us in this. Thanks!

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    A new method has been added to a class and we would like to add some unit tests for this method. This method checks if users have exceed their storage usage. The method first warns the user when nearing the account limit and then if the user exceeds the limit it changes the status (disables) the account. The following tests should be completed: - Check to ensure that the account is NOT warned o...

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    I have purchased the following websites If you have any ready websites completely developed matching the domain name If are willing to...[登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] *Interested in only java website can host in tomcat server.

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    I need trainer for the above mentioned skills

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    To Develop mobile app / e-commerce require software architect Skill set - Java / Pyhon / ML Concepts

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    Our ideal developer needs experience with all these subjects. 1. JavaScript (for our chrome extension) 2. Python (our web app) 3. Extensive Scraping experience (amazon scraping would be a bonus) 4. Amazons API’s 5 UK/US Based If you ha e all these then you’re well on the way to joining our team. We’re looking for someone part time who will work towards full time role. All our...

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    Its a socket project Computer Networks All the requirements inside the pictures + I Need to fully understand the project so you will have to explain everything later on + Comments on every code. thanks!

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    Own git version 6 天 left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Java

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and [登录来查看链接] Android development in Java

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    JAVA Project 6 天 left

    Hosting JAVA Project(TOmcat 9, JDK1.8, MySQL ) into CLOUD(Widows 2016Server).

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    7 个竞标 about the products we can produce, please do not hesitate to visit our website at [登录来查看链接] and my online catalogue is [登录来查看链接] For the Q and A you may send the e-mal to furnindo@[登录来查看链接] We are waiting for your precious reply and hope we can build the mutual benefit business

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    I am looking for professional in testing front-end backend and api testing. Expert in java and Javascript, Selenium, protractor, postman, SQL, jmeter. Proficient in English. It's remote project, so don't bid if you cant work remotely. This is 1 hour remote work, so don't bid more than $30 because I won't be paying more than $30. Type "virtual" in proposal

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    Hello, I created a Java program in NetBeans about a year ago and want to convert it to Swift for a cool project I decided to start working on. I have attempted to convert it to Swift (in an Xcode project) so I can send you that to possibly save you some time as well as the original Java program. I need this by Sunday at the latest, but the sooner the

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    I need to hire developers for my company who is good at Java or PHP, .NET technologies. He must be based in Vietnam. Please contact me

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    In this assignment, you will build a Sudoku puzzle solver (not an interactive player) and in the process make use of Temple Method pattern and other appropriate patterns so your design is extensible, maintainable, and testable. For information about the Sudoku game, look at [登录来查看链接] and other online resources about the game, its rules, and strategies for solving it.

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    Simple web application that uses the eBay API to do the three following things: 1. Co...API as it relates to this small project. Use your own eBay API login for the sample prototype. Can be written in any web language, for example PHP, Coldfusion, Javascript, Java, etc.. Very simple prototype app that uses the eBay API to perform the specifications.

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    Looking for an experienced developer who can help with integration. Should have worked on Java, j2ee, spring, hibernate, JavaScript and jQuery

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    We need help to finilise and test crowdfunding web app phase1, that can be accessed on desktop, mobile,...customers feedback. Technology: Programming Language PHP laravel 5l, MY SQL Server with HTML 5 bootstrap, Jquery , Angularjs Database Management Server MYSQL Scripting language CSS/java script/Angular.js Version Control VSS Amazon Web app hosting

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    I have a Mobile Application in kotlin I would like to have in Java The code should be commented and explained Will send app to interested Partys Thank you

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    The project has to be done in R language. Developers having good knowledge in Python & Java as well would be good.

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    java program that imitates database view serializability transactions ( read , write) 1)input given Schedule (set of transactions: open T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6) Tn can read or write 2) give the corresponding serial schedule ( all the combinations: T1 T2 T3 or T1 T3 T2 or T2 T1 T2 ..... etc) also it needs to check for 1-initial read , 2- final write, 3-update

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    Java project 5 天 left

    Write a small project in java

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    Busco personas que se dediquen al desarrollo de apps móviles nativas (JAVA, Kotlin y/o swift) en CDMX

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    Create a reservation system which books hotel rooms. Rooms have different types (single, double, triple, penthouse suite..), each having a different rate. Keep track of when rooms will be available and can be scheduled. App should allow to: check if a reservation exists for a specified guest (by name/id), show reservation details, compute the price to be paid (based on number of days and room rate...

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    I have code but i need to fill with some code in dynamic programming part

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    I need visualiser Java Script code to implement to existing music website. In attachment screen what shows what effect I need. Lines left some foggy blur effect with time delay example in this video [登录来查看链接]

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    java task123 5 天 left

    looking for expert java programmar to complete few work related to java more details in chat

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    Looking for Full Stack Developer (Java, Javascript, PHP, Laravel) for building multi vendor marketplace/platform.

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    ...server side is built on object oriented php with a MySQL database. Includes 3 Platforms- namely: a). Website, b). Android, c). IOS; It is based on .apk, .dex, .dat, .db, .java, .xml, Layered PSD, Layered PNG, JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, HTML – details can be found at [登录来查看链接]). Mainly you

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    $5872 - $11744
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    Need a JAVA and OpenGl expert 5 天 left

    need to design a classic isometric video game using P3D/OpenGL

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    Simple Project 5 天 left

    Simple java program for me .

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    Core Java Trainer 5 天 left

    We are looking for short 10 days (20 hours) core java trainer timing is strict 10:00AM - 12:00PM EST. if you're interested please share split course outline into 10 days (2 hours per day) each and share sample PPT. Thank you

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    video scraping python expert wanted ! Must be knowledge of API and downloading VOD to our servers. (some website has token systems an...of API and downloading VOD to our servers. (some website has token systems and need to bypass them ) Must need knowledge of Database , SQL, DB. Java experience needed sometime if the token system has a Java algorithm.

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    Hello, We Looking for Jhipster - Java expert, We need some help in auth. in our project. Please bid if you expert and help us in this. Thanks!

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    ...consideration support/price/performacne?) with ubuntu 18.04 and plesk cp(php5.6,7.2,latest,mysql,postegre,webmail,ssl), i want to install on it: rocketchat(snap), siberiancms(java&androidsdk for fradle apg generation), builderengine(php5.6), rocketchat, mayan-edms, pastec. I tried to install each software independently where i install ubuntu 118.04 then

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    Need to integrate following activity - Firebase integration - Change http request for location to tcp socket - fix map interation issue

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    Any one have BCA final year project with full documentation. Pl. provide me ASAP. I have a budget of $20, project related medical aid website, but the documentation should be at least of 50 pages... :) it put good impression on examiner. Project should have synopsis ,source code and a final project report

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    Java App developer 5 天 left

    I am looking for Java App developer op Android Mobile Phone Mentor has experience on Application Development to accomplish a very simple task . If you find yourself in the necessary experience, please see the attached file below

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    I'm looking for an expert in Java and Axelor ERP to Translate the software into Arabic and supported RTL when selected Arabic Language.

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    Bayes calculator that can handle 10 evaluations (or more) at a time. Either web-based or Android- iOS based. Libraries are readily available. Probably java.... your choice. The calculator at this link is basically what is needed: [登录来查看链接]

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    Hi, We...where users can post there own content, images, videos, links and text, there is a few bugs with the editor when posting and they need fixing. Our android app is created in Java. We also have a iphone application which is fully working if we can match the editor of this version to be the same for our android application that would be great!

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