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    i have source code of zcart application of you are able to set them bid. check demo and bid fast [登录来查看链接]

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    $155 - $1291
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    Conversion of PDF into Excel 6 天 left

    We would like to convert PDF into a Excel, we want to done this work

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    COV-19 iOS Application 6 天 left

    Hello, I'm looking for some help on building an iOS app...will last but I'm interesting in building an app for social distancing purposes. I'm new to the whole iOS development world so I'll need additional help in submitting my application. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you or whomever you decide to help with the process!

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    I'm looking a junior Python developer that can convert legacy Python2 code to Python3. Some of the code is in Django, and some of it in Flask. I'd really like the developer to comfortable with Linux.

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    the project have 2 users: (Arabic & English language) 1) salons 2) suppliers when the salon owner need for example creams or scissors ...etc. the salon owner can use the app and go to suppliers list, and choose one supplier from the suppliers list , and the app navigate him to supplier store ( basket ,check out ) pay online. in suppliers screen on the top we can determine the city, and in th...

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    we would like to convert pdf into word

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    We would like to convert PDF into Word

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    We have an iso application that needs to be packaged and tested, lack of p12 packaging certificate, looking for packaging certificate, if you have, please contact me

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    $1938 - $5813
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    We would like to convert PDF into Word

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    transcription 6 天 left

    Hello Transcribers !!! The application process is very simple. But you have to pass a test. if you want to join as transcriber in language below: Available Languages: |Kannada| |Gujarati| |Tamil| |Malayalam| |Telugu| |Swedish| |Japanese| |Korean| |Thai| |Vietnamese| |Indonesian| |Turkish| |Ukranian| |Russian| |Greek| |Urdu| |Mandarin| |Bulgarian|

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    Have an existing design and partial schematic built. Require support to verify EasyEDA schematic and convert to a PCB design for manufacture. Design is relatively simple; 3rd party ESP32/Lora board (Heltec Lora32) and two relays to control a linear actuator (some additional buttons etc). Will provide existing materials to enable design.

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    We would like to convert PDF into Word

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    we would like to convert pdf into a word

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    Sorry dalim ok i want it to 1. Record clients session and let them have access to the records 2. They can book their own appointments and whoever is in charge can confirm their appointments by yes they could do it or no 3. It will send reminders of their appointments 4. It will send them every time there's a special

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    I want some who can build a new android app with special facilities

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    We would like to have our 42 scanned PDF files converted to a Word file. Each file contains nearly 50 pages. For more Info : [登录来查看链接]

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    I need to convert some pics to 3D for sculpting

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    we would like to convert pdf into a word

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    Android App Caller ID. 6 天 left

    Android App Caller ID. Hello, we need to create a mobile application for private use that can identify the calls we receive and make from the mobile. The call data has to be obtained from a mysql database in the cloud. The application has to obtain the following data. Customer phone number Customer name Client photograph What the client is looking

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    We would like to Convert PDF into a WORD

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    We need an application to sign xml documents using XmlDsig and websocket in MacOs Catalina. Currently we have the same application in Java but we need it in Swift.

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Excel

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    I want to develop a grocery application. In that customer can purchase grocery and vegetables. On another side, admin's can add and remove item on the list. It should be for both android and ios platform.

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    ...manual for compiling and deploying the application for Android and IOS must be prepared Scope: 0. Add the LQX Coin coin to the wallet portfolio and test the sending and receiving of coins. When you're ready send me the address and I'll send you coins to test between two different wallets. 1. Change the application logo. You must ask me what size and

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    $166 - $1387
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    Mobile Application for both Android and iOS (to be built on Ionic or Flutter framework) Guideline for MVP development Milestones 1. User login with Google SSO and Search feature with filtering and sorting (DB architecture and server config) 2. Merchant to be able to set up his profile with business details including contact information 3. User to be

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    E-commerce aggregator application with 6 user interface (including admin.). Reference website, seo, smo and sustainable marketing. Intellectual property protection by binding contract for 20cr.

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    Webflow Rockstar 6 天 left

    ...(Webflow only, please) and a link to your Dribbble or Webflow profile. Try to send a DIVERSE set of sites for us to see your range of expertise ;-) Thank you for your application! Should we choose you as a candidate, we’ll be sure to respond in the next 1-3 days!...

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    Admin Content Writer 6 天 left

    Need a content writer for a website/application. Looking for an original yet simple, straightforward content. The writer should be able to narrate/represent the company's goals and vision to the prospective patients in a crystal clear manner. Admin roles attached

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    I need to convert each of three word documents into epub, mobi, and pdf files so they can be read on ereaders including the kindle and iPad. I converted on document to mobi, but when playing on a kindle, the right margins were too long and got cut off. I need that problem to be resolved, and all three documents to read well on Kindle and iPad. The documents

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    Hello, I need help or someone who can offer an idea, to get a SmartTV or a Chrome Cast device to start an application automatically when turning on the device. For example, I want the autostart app to be the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. I will appreciate the help.

    $78 - $620
    $78 - $620
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    ...the app via leaderboards, percentage gain, or loss per trade, per week, per month, per year etc. You will have to develop this algorithm as it will be proprietary to the application. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROJECT. This is so the user can make an informed decision on which provider to subscribe too. We want to be able to rank, rate, and

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    I need a chat Platform similar to Slack Which allow user to communicate messages in Channels or as private messages.

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    i need someone to convert my mock op to a react admin interface GUI using react-redux bootstrap this is very urgent and need a creative designer asap Deliverables i will provide mock ops and possibly a template library to use unless you have suggestion

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    ...following - Secure Login for Users - Dashboard with Analytics Overview - Drag and Drop Page Builder - Has Knowledge of Checkout Systems This project is to create a web application for creating and deploying web shops / online stores. A user will be able to design their store from scratch, input product information, have a standard checkout processing

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    Fix website 6 天 left

    ...fixed. Visually it's fine. I need someone to look into the Wordpress API, add two subscriptions, fix user dashboards, and add JSON tokens to communicated with an electron application being built separate from the website. This will be an as we go sort of project that I will work hand-in-hand with you on. I have no experience with programming, so I will

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Word

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    Content Writer 6 天 left

    Need a content writer for a telemedicine website/application. Looking for an original yet simple, straightforward content. The writer should be able to narrate/represent the company's goals and vision to the prospective patients in a crystal clear manner.

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    Power point presentations 6 天 left

    Seeking freelancer to convert course references into simple visual power point slides. The task entails scanning over the course reference material provided to highlight key points as bullet points for power point (avoiding copy paste of paragraphs). Also, related or supporting images on each slide would help to make the presentation engaging.

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    Add the some functions on a Webtorrent based Webview Application using Cordova with IONIC for Android Necessary knowledge and skills - Excellent knowledge and understanding of how Webtorrent works - Extensive experience with Cordova Webview with IONIC for Android and IOs - Extensive experience in power and resource management and native programming

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    I have a pytorch model (both .pth and .pt). I need someone to conver it to a tensorlfow model, which will be loaded on C++. You will ...C++ test code which wil run the pytorch model and tensorflow model. A tensorflow model that can be run successfully on the test code. The document/code describing how you convert the model. [登录来查看链接]

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Word

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    I need a logo designed for my web application we can discuss in more details.

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    Looking for a soap integration specialist to integrate Laravel application with oracle through SOAP

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    Design the android application which includes the blog and in app monthly subscription along with ecart to purchase the digital goods

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    Html To Psd 6 天 left

    Hello, My designer has already completed PSD files of my website. Overall, there are eight pages and I need a developer who can convert them into HTML+CSS in a week.

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    Mobile app showcase website 6 天 left

    ...1. Responsive 2. Looks good in both mobile and computer. 3. Multiple pages, ability to add new pages later 4. Registration form, for pre-register of user for mobile application 5. Multi lingual support (For now there will be only Eng lang but it's better if we have option to add other languages later) Please don't forget to mention the way you

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Word

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    We would like to have our 44 scanned PDF files converted to a Word file. Each file consists nearly 40 pages. For more Info :[登录来查看链接]

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    I need a developer or development team to work with me on adapting the Mifos platform to build a banking software for the Pakistan market. The developer can be located anywhere in the world, should be able to communicate in English, preferably (but not essentially) have some understanding of banking business processes and experience with Java and MySQL which is used by Mifos (also see technical ov...

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    Searching for someone to build us a customized IOS application and portal that's operational around - OKTA (IAM), MS O365 (Cloud Apps), and Azure. Integration of Teams, Task, Office, Win10, and our ALPS integration. Skills: • Azure Online Sharepoint portal • Azure OneDrive Fileshare • Azure MSO365 (Email & Applications) • Okta IAM (SSL/SSO/SAML) •

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