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    I want to achieve a modern sophisticated look for our brand, I’ve got colour pallet and idea, need help actioning it Colour scheme is deep green, with black text and gold, the breakup colour is royal purple Trying to achieve a simplicitic luxury design I’ve attached ideas of how I would like the logo to be related and suitable with

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    Hello, I have the wireframe/prototype ready, I just need someone to code this. I built it using InVision Studio, there is barely any thought process on the UI. This website will have the purpose of checking how compatible the computer parts are with each other. There are 3 user groups: guest, user and admin. There are 3 different main pages (excluding

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    GPS System 6 天 left

    We need a smart guy to design and build prototype of a GPS System. This GPS must 1) use only little power and works under unstable power supply 2) can be select to work will GPRS (SIM card), WiFi or LoRi 3) over 10000 pcs of this GPS device will be works at the same time and all be showed in the map in real time 4) the interface to set up and use the

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    I am after a design for a cafe menu, has some animation or corner movies clips. The attached sample is of I did but i dont like it, as coffee's and cold drinks must be on one screen. The menu needs to be devided into three TV's TV1: Coffee and drinks TV2: Breakfast & Sandwiches TV3: The daily specials (like a slide show mon, tues, thu, frid) NOTE: I

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    Hello. I'm a student and need help with a very simple task. I have a databse, with a table called: main_category that contains fields id, main_category I want to make dropdown in which i can choose of these fields in main_category And then show sub categories related to it. I have many other tables that work as sub categories. I will explain more

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    We need a developer or software architecture for our restaturant SambaPOS system to do setup and integrate and caller ID in German telecommunication system.

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    Design menu 6 天 left

    looking for some one to design menu for restaurant shop (pizza and pastries)

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    ...physical prototype of the game and would like to turn it into a downloadable smartphone app. The game is fairly simple and straightforward, and so is the app. The components consist of a Tinder-like card swipe feature, one minute timer, score counter, and players. I am a full-time graphic designer by day, so I have designed a simple Adobe XD prototype of

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    Simple dropdown in laravel 6 天 left

    Hello. I'm a student and need a little help with something. This is a VERY simple task for someone that has experience. I have a set of data in my phpadmin database, with different columns. Here i need someone to help me achieve this: When i select a category, it should automatically know the subcategory, and when i choose that and press a button, it should give me all the results.

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    1. In the menu the social icons need to be a different color and closer together as you see in the attached image 2. The contactform in the footer needs to be as in the attached image

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    加精 加急 加封 顶级竞赛

    ...then Make read more buttons link to product pages. 6 Add/change icon and adjust background color of product category link menu 7 Adjust home page elements and buttons on mobile version of website. 8. add /Relocate a navigation menu 9, Move some elements around on product page. I need this done in one day. I will pay and leave a great review once

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    membuat aplikasi mobile untuk android kebutuhan umum : - melakukan login, dan menampilkan data user (user dapat melakukan perubahan data profil) - muncul beberapa menu ditampilan awal - dapat melakukan otentikasi member dengan scan qrcode - melakukan upload dokumen dengan batasan ukuran tertentu - memberikan notifikasi pada aplikasi kebutuhan teknis

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    Web scraping soccer data 6 天 left

    ...match) [登录来查看链接] Then More bets on the right hand side and Correct Score on the drop down menu [登录来查看链接];2 There is the data I need on that page - the scores and the corresponding

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    ...AM/PM format: ie. 5:55am or 8:19pm, etc. - Game length: text field - Field number: text field - Location: text field - Home Team: dropdown field to select the home team (options from 'Team post' type) - Away Team: dropdown field to select the away team (options from 'Team post' type) - Final score: two number fields, labeled with the teams that are playing

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    ...pages 1. Splash Screen & A walkthrough; You can use lottiefiles for a beautiful animation 2. Login , Register and Forgot Password 3. A dashboard or a Homepage section with menu items 4. A Chat Template: Conversation list, Conversation between two and a contact list page Requirements 1. It must be a react native template 2. Use a simple react native

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    ...samples of sites to replicate design, style and functionality from. About 9 tasks ranging from hiding some elements on mobile only, editing style and functionality of mobile menu. Budget is $30. Only looking for experienced developers for shopify and is a bonus if you have worked with Out of the sandbox turbo theme before. It is an easy job so looking

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    ...main content element of their website by 45 degrees to reveal a secret menu behind it. This menu needs to be populated from the standard menu functionality used within wordpress. I've attached a couple of images below to demonstrate the functionality. Key deliverables: - Secret menu managed by wordpress - background image on the layer behind the main

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    Service Portal Layout (Menu) Case Management (Tickets) - Open/Closed/On hold (Attachments should be located in Secure Document Portal and linked to the ticket) Project Management - Open/Closed/On hold project visibility - Ability to download a project to CSV functionality Document Management (Secure Document Portal space unique to each customer)

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    please find the attachment and make similar menu

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    menu redesign 6 天 left

    We have expanded our menu and want to redesign our menu for disturbing. I’ve attached our current menu. It is a DL trifold size. We’d like to go for a square tri fold menu (image attached) and include more information on what we do.

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    ...[登录来查看链接] Password: Freelancer The deliverable I expect is a WordPress theme that I can install on my WordPress instance and that looks like the WIX prototype. The theme should be responsive (desktop and mobile). The formatting of the pages "Agenda" and "Galerie" do not need to be implemented. Note: only dedicated developer and

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    We are a takeaway food business. ...are a takeaway food business. We deliver hot meals to people in our local area. We have expanded our menu and want to redesign our menu for disturbing. I’ve attached our current menu. It is a DL trifold size. We’d like to go for a square tri fold menu (image attached) and include more information on what we do.

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    ...design task, it may require special skills in mechanics, math and thermodynamics. What have to be done: 1. Create design of the product and get an acceptance. 2. Create a prototype device after the design acceptance. Device Description: - The device will be used for tests and will not be used by public users we may produce more for tests. The device

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    So the customer journey goes as: 1) Customer uploads an image of themselves into the portal for enhancement 2) As the image is uploaded and viewed on portal 3) The customer is given three choices for enhancements- red lips, green lips and purple lips. 4) As he picks a color, it will be reflected in the processed photo. For eg: As red lipstick is picked- it will directly show the customer's i...

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    ...add to any page that will give the user login and logout ability. If they are not logged in it should show “log in”, if they are logged in it should show a link to a drop down menu with two options, a link to their profile and “log out” button. * Account profile page * Display an account profile page that shows their username, current subscription status

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    UX: Social Media Platform 6 天 left

    I'm hiring to build a social media platform. The platform should be responsive and developed to a high standard. I've an ide...a high standard. I've an idea about what all features needs to be a part of the platform. I want a UX designer who could drive it from ideation to delivering a click able prototype. More details after the signing of agreement.

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    Food Cart Design 4 5 天 left

    ... EACH 17 in. L x 25 3⁄4 in. W x 22 3⁄8 in. H d. Prep table 16 inch x 26 inch e. 2 microwaves sit on one side of Cart EACH 20.94 x 15.75 x 12.91 Inches f. Hanging Menu 4. Design sides, corners and back enclosures to keep rain and cold out. Make it permanent where it attaches to top. Drops when cart is in service. Rolls up to top for

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    Build Tesla LPR Scanner (Plans included) The Surveillance Detection Scout prototype, whose software Kain has made available on Github, works by capturing and analyzing the video from a Tesla's three cameras—two on its sideview mirrors and one forward-facing—on a $700 Nvidia Jetson Xavier mini-computer. It uses an open source neural network framework

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    I want to have a basic food delivery app that displays my restaurant menu and take orders. I'm only looking for basic features as the app is exclusive to my restaurant.

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    ...must have 3 tabs: tab 1: List of chats already started with users, tab 2: List of users to select and start a chat, tab 3 - Login option and exit the application - Drop-down menu: Options Start, Exit. - All conversation should be recorded in database - All chat will be text only The application must be created with: - [登录来查看链接] MVVM - Web API with

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    We need a redesign of our medical spa, looking for graphic designer who can create a great menu that works with our brand

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    ...3 tabs: tab 1: Lista de chats ya iniciados con los usuarios, tab 2: Lista de usuarios para seleccionar e iniciar un chat, tab 3 - Opción de login y salir de la aplicación - Menu desplegable: Opciones Inicio, Salir . - Toda la conversación deberá se grabada en base de datos - Todo el chat será solo texto La aplicación deberá ser creada co...

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    Build me an app/website 5 天 left

    I need a software for tablets similar to Ziosk. That allows customers to play games, view menu, view ads on a tablet that I will provide

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    Não preciso de algo robusto, gostaria de um player que rode links m3u8 e que eu possa ter um menu pra trocar os canais... Ou seja um player IPTV simples.

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    Não preciso de algo robusto, gostaria de um player que rode links m3u8 e que eu possa ter um menu pra trocar os canais... Ou seja um player IPTV simples.

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    create a prototype web site, which models user registration and log-in system for access to a simple website and password protected intranet pages.

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    ubermenu install/configure 5 天 left

    I need you to build an ubermenu similar to [登录来查看链接] including submenus, mobile menu and wpml localized. we have a custom wordpress website, so please only reply if you can do it I need it done in a day. thanks!

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    A simple dynamic website where search, menu, contact us, about us , feedback options are required. Page will contain a banner with 3-4 pics, and list of products (6 as of now). And later we can add, delete , update product. And email id also required with website domain name with Google suites.

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    Hi, I needs someone help me to develop a prototype app that needs to use Unity3D to integrate tensorflow lite human pose estimatiin model and deploy to Android platform. It will use tensorflowsharp or ml-agent to integrate any human pose estimation models(e.g. tensorflow lite) to get people's skeleton data realtime in Unity3D. At the end, it needs

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    Requirement, having the following fields 1. Impact- a dropdown custom field with options I1 I2 I3 I4 2. Urgency - a dropdown custom field with options U1 U2 U3 U4 3. Priority - a dropdown system field with options P1 P2 P3 P4 4. Weight - Single-line textbox which holds a numbers(n1 n2 n3 n4 n5...n10) I would like a script to do the following Senario:

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    restaurant menu design 5 天 left

    A new restaurant need their menu design. 1. Initial design and concept already exist. You just need to improve and extend it to full menu with all pictures. 2. All food pictures need to photoshop to best color and enchanced apperance so it looked delicious. 3. All item will need picture attached in the menu. 4. Logo of the restaurant already designed

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    Updated prototype files 5 天 left

    I have files created in solidworks that I need altered. I have original sketches and photographs of earlier prototypes. Im looking to have my current files updated and refined. The files will be manufactured with plastics.

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    ...[登录来查看链接] Password: Freelancer The deliverable I expect is a WordPress theme that I can install on my WordPress instance and that looks like the WIX prototype. The theme should be responsive (desktop and mobile). The formatting of the pages "Agenda" and "Galerie" do not need to be implemented. Note: only dedicated developer and

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    I want to add a help menu to my VB6 application. Something that looks professional. Able to link to a pdf file. Tool tips. Hopefully something that is in open source. Being able to search is optional

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    Image sensor board design 5 天 left

    ...16.04/18.04 Task acceptance format: 1. The device meets the requirements and characteristics 2. PCB files, device driver files(c code), demo files(c/c++ code) 3. Working prototype(both board and code) 4. Your final result should be able to capture 1000 consecutive image frames(raw and compressed) from the sensor without any issues. We prefer a freelancer

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    Build me IOS prototype 5 天 left

    ...from other people who have put them up on the app to be hired. (Similar to something like [登录来查看链接] but with custom functionality). At this stage I need a functioning prototype with all functionalities that I list out. I have a list of user stories and draft designs ready (i have uploaded one of the designs). I also believe we may need some

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    Specific details on the project will be provided to you after you submit the NDA. Currently we are looking for someone to help us with the following 1. Make a prototype of the App on Marvel/[登录来查看链接] ( Evaluate the details provided and communicate the number of screens you would be making) 2. Make a document with a list of requirements for the working

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    Our business works mainly with Joomla. We need more link builders as well as another developer to help with volume. We provide all menu/ page titles, keywords, locations, meta content, page content- you build out the pages :) When not link building, we would need assistance with development for clients. All content is provided to you and there is

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    UX Designer 5 天 left

    ...Responsibilities: Contribute or conduct usability testing for internal and external client websites Conceptualize and design smart and engaging responsive sites and applications Prototype site architecture and wireframes to communicate structure and functionality Work directly with customers and collaborate with UX project management and development teams Use

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