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    I need to hire developers for my company who is good at Java or PHP, .NET technologies. He must be based in Vietnam. Please contact me

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    I have built the back-end which receives and logs data from an off-the-shelf radiation monitor, but my UI needs a lot of work. Using the REST endpoints offered by my Java based server, I need you to display a set of real time monitoring graphs for the user in addition to the ability to select a time-range for viewing and downloading historical data

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    Java sun certification will be Assets, Core Java 8 SE Expert, Online coding Assessment, Contain 27 questions, Typical time of 32 minutes.

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    Need a developer with experience in entertainment app to add a rich news and video feature to an android app. Admin will be able up upload video and post news from the app backend. I have mockup designs already. App is written in Kotlin, Backpanel is Symfony. There will be more jobs in the future (Need a reliable developer for long term relationship

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    Required skills : .net, java, php, flutter. Please contact me

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    I am a fine art painter. I need a designer familiar with [登录来查看链接] to upload my artwork to their website so that it can be printed on textile fabric. I don’t know how to upload in a way that repeats the design correctly.

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    Need to have 150 furniture products manually added to Mage...manually added to Magento 2.0 store from a single source site. We will provide link to the source site for each product. We will provide an example format to follow. Must upload product and add the assigned sub-category. Must add all images. We will provide source site login credentials.

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    76 个竞标 empresa - Disponibilidad para trabajar conectado remotamente en una PC de la empresa - Experiencia utilizando versionadores Subversión o Git - Experiencia programando en Java Web – J2EE - Preferiblemente conocimientos de Oracle Pl/SQL - Conocimiento de JavaScript avanzado y HTML 5 - Conocimientos de Android Nativo – Android Studio - Conocimiento

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    Space Invaders game in Java 6 天 left

    I want Space Invaders game in Java. I will provide complete details in chat.

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    Transform a PIM model (domain model) into another model of the same level (PIM) where class names will be translated from French to English (or vice versa) Create a Java class that reads the EMF model, translates the class names using a table of names between English and French names, and saves the new EMF model obtained

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    I have hired 2 other freelancers already and paid them only to have failed the job of uploading 2000 stores (address, phone...uploading 2000 stores (address, phone number) from an excel sheet to a listing theme called MyCity. I want to enable google maps, directions, distance etc. the norm. If you can upload demo and excel, you're the guy gal for me.

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    Junits and Java 6 天 left

    if you know Java and junits please ping me

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    Project for Graphics using java + openGL The project sholud have a 2D or 3D Object Also must have : 1) Anmation 2) Intration ** use keyboard ** Sample game and easy with little code

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    Consider an interesting and challenging synchronization problem, the campaign mailer’s problem. Suppose that a campaign mailing requires three items: an envelope, a campaign flyer and a stamp. There are three volunteers, each of whom has only one of these items with infinite supply. There is an agent who has an infinite supply of all three items. To put together a mailing, the volunteer who ...

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    Project for Java using openGL for Graphics - Using 2D or 3D game for Tower Of Hanoi - Can have animation - Can moving by mouse or keyboard small project - hope there is a good developer can make it

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    1. sort categories The order of the products must be changed in the categories. size or color. It must be done so that the filter works. 8. image sizes Currently, in the Woocommerce shop all image sizes are different, depending on what image you upload to the shop. Please set this so that all images always have the same size automatically.

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    ...for a way to do something similar in this online solution. The other part is a way for a user to acknowlege by signing or ticking a box for consent and if possible a way to upload some images onto the odd clients record if there is ongoing foot treatment they need to record over time. Any questions please email. Please do not PM me at this time or start

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Mac using Java. This software needs to run on terminal.

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    Understand more about the project, Marketing to upload a zip file and run it on multiple computers. You want to upload a zip file and run it in various ips that are detected in the ip geographic finder, which are presented in various countries. eg you get the Mexico IP and send the file and execute it. IP Status: Green - Already Sent, Red - Not Sent

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    I already have an ios app i need you yo add two features in and i want you to make the app in java too for 100$

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    ...action for the day. 2. Page to manage "Primary Settings", "Trade Settings" & "Stock Settings" (check attachments) 3. Manage = Add + Edit + Delete, would be great if I can just upload the csv files at one shot to update/replace all settings 4. Create a bot (1) in my telegram account and push proper error message whenever it encounters 5. Create a bot (2)

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    I shot a video. It does not need editing. I would like captions added to it as well as a thumbnail and end card. I have the end card (see attached). I am unable to upload the video. How will I be able to get that to you?

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    Run my ebay store 6 天 left

    I am looking for someone to run my ebay store , upload products, order forfillment.

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    I am in the process of starting my own handbag business and have drawn out sketch designs. I need someone to create the design in 3D online to upload on my website.

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    ... Page to manage "Trade Settings" (check attachments) 4. Page to manage "Stock Settings" (check attachments) 5. Manage = Add + Edit + Delete, would be great if I can just upload the csv files at one shot to update/replace all settings 6. Create a bot (1) in my telegram account and push proper error message whenever it encounters 7. Create a bot (2)

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    I need someone to upload some code to a WordPress landing page . You will embed the forms via iframe .thanks I need this done quickly.

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    i am looking for a java expert who is familiar with spring framework to make some tests on a spring application with junit and mockito.

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    I want developer who is excell in Angular.js, Java FrontEnd development Task. Developer need to compalete my each small task or small small project requirement. Tool is ThingsBoard, you have to customized thingsborad source code or right new code in existing thingsboard framework. Developer is perfect match wo know Thingsboard tool already.

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    I am looking for a java developer who is familiar with spring framework in order to make some tests on a spring application with junit.

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    ...integrate with twilio. (Actually, my brother sent to me now, and asked for posting it here and asking for help So, in hurry, I have not translated the document, please just upload it on Google Translator , and you will see the English Version We will always talk in English and will send you everything afterwards in English, for our better communication

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    I need someone to upload 300-500 products from website A to my woocommerce store. You will need to copy and paste the descriptions from the product listing on website A to my site and the image. I will give you the product upload guide.

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    Website - Ecommrace 6 天 left

    ...integrate with existing system. Product adding panel. Variation creation system. CSV file UPLOAD and Download. This has to be one page and every product listing can be managed from product page. No multi page editing. Every website’s separate picture upload but on same page and continent text box. Picture selections for the product. (main pictures

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    java , c++ 6 天 left

    Assessment Assess your algorithms. Considerations might include • performance (time / number of operations) • accuracy - for approximation / randomized algorithms, to what extent did it find the optimal answer • where applicable, there may be other measure of success. For example, if you are doing data compression, you might compare the compression ratios of the different algori...

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    ...1)get a quote based on a user selection from the attached picture ([登录来查看链接]) and a user should be able to attach own pictures to upload like this [登录来查看链接] 2)send request with whatsup like this ([登录来查看链接],%20Kindly%20I

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    data structure you need java One of the main functionalities offered by online social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is the recommendation of new friends. This is achieved by utilizing various information about the users, but the main factor used for recommending a new friend to a user is how well these two users are connected. A social network

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    I am looking for a java developer who is familiar with spring framework in order to make some tests on a spring application with junit.

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    need a full stack django and flask developer to convert python script into web server, you should know java script, html-css, bootstrap, Django-flask, and python.

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    We have a new Flight tickets Hotel Bookings Car Rentals website. The website is originally filled with content identical similar to other websites us...regarding travel trips etc should be added at once. Later, new content will be added about once a week (blog or similar). Job will be separated between the first content upload and the weekly.

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    Create a tree of Integers, prompt for the name of the input file, read and insert the values into your tree, and print the tree. You will need to use BST, Stacks, Linked Queue, Linked Stack, and the Interface's. I listed all the files needed to be used for this project below. I also uploaded a detaled Word Doc with more discriptive instructions.

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    加精 加急 加封

    I have webview app(android and ios) I have uploaded android app on google play store already. But I did not upload ios webview app on app store. I need person who can upload my webview ios app on app store.

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    We are looking for a talented React developer. but you have to be fluent in React and Facebook integration(not needed beautiful UI, only funtions!). This job is urgent, so if you could not start right now, don't apply. Hope to hear from you.

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    i want to connect constant contact to my website and social networks. i want to upload all my connects and the service to be ready for email sending and tracking.

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    ...up multiple pages. All the users on the site may be searchable via tags or geography, similar to a business directory. The profile could include a free-form text area to upload text content as well as videos, links to articles, etc. In addition I would like to add question sections where the user will be required to enter their answers. Both the questions

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    Website upload and fix errors 6 天 left

    I have some errors on my website

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    need wordpress template and editor to upload the content from my end

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    ------------------------------------- small java project

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    ----------java project 6 天 left

    -----------java project--------

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    Looking for a java, php, css html developer for my game as soon as possible.

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