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    I want to build a new store on Shopify. My shop is kinda big and I'm not tech-based so I want someone can take care of my shops from A-Z. To be specific, please access this service: [登录来查看链接] I want similar

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    Hi there, we have a scanned document we need it back in word file.

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Word

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    I want access my odoo viva subdomain

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    Looking for an expert on SQL to delete all contacts from CiviCRM database SQL and Import a new list.

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    instalar tienda en word WooCommerce

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    Design and build a hardware device that can do the following: - scan a barcode / QR code - convert the scanned code to text - send the text to a server over wifi The rest API to be called to send the data will be provided.

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    We would like to convert PDF into a WORD.

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    we would like to pdf convert into word

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    Hello, I have a wordpress website with pages and feat...implemented. Just need to work on the design and layout now. Some parts that may need to be edited to achieve the page result: widgets, css, and template files. I will give access to those files and create an admin user for you to work on. Thank you for looking at this project. Have a nice day!

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    The website uses old .NET technology. It was migrated to a new server. There's a problem accessing the admin section. Need help to resolve this tonight.

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    We would like to convert PDF into a Word

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    N...formal language (non-commercial). Bahasa speech writers, business/policy contents writers and copywriters are welcomed to drop CV and sample of previous work. Deliverable in MS Word format. About 5 to 6-day work. Fee depends on relevance of experience in similar context i.e. social science, education and labour market and quality of past projects.

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    Need support to create AngularJS 1.8 UI and C# backend with SQL server database project.

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    we would like to pdf convert into a word

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    We have a C++ BOOST ASIO based library that access various file transfer systems to which we want to add MS Sharepoint access

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    we would like to pdf convert into a word

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    ...(Applet #3): Task 1 and Task 2 features ALL IN ONE. This is just adding the finishing touches to the applet to get it ready for use with our client, ChatSpace. We will provide access to the ChatSpace [登录来查看链接] and code if need be to help with this project to get it resolved. We can also provide a testing server for these purposes as well. By agreeing

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    we would like to convert pdf into word

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    ...and searches for specific product with keyword search. Browser extension should utilize the products displayed and take the products Ids and rank them based on our backend database and present them in the dropdown of the browser extension. This plugin must take the products Ids and fetch for all products of the search, not just what is presented in page

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    We have a client that has had an opencart site is working. Then give us a quotation to make necessary changes and then maintain the site via us for our client. We can supply the backup URL, test domain name and server access. Please provide a price for the first phase to restore the backup to working, the we will determine the scope of works.

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    will give multiple excel data sheets & workbooks. Need combined consolidated data and certain specific reports using functions like v-look up, sort, filter and pivot. Need to be careful as unique values of multiple duplicate cells in diff sheets needs to be maintained as it is.

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    We have a client that has had an opencart site is working. Then give us a quotation to make necessary changes and then maintain the site via us for our client. We can supply the backup URL, test domain name and server access. Please provide a price for the first phase to restore the backup to working, the we will determine the scope of works.

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    ...have 5 sensors with position includes latitude, longitude in double format and bearing results of those sensors in degree. I need algorithm for determining target location using k sensors (k=1,2,3,4 or 5). This algorithm return the target location in latitude, longitude and error ellipse with center location and length of major, minor axises. This

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    Thanks for your watching my Job. Need long-term front-end engineer partners, especially using Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Have some other works to do, but we hardly find out the skillful web font-end engineers nowadays. It will be the scratch web-site building with responsive and SPA. I will provide related font and image source files, and XD files. My hope-hire

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    responsive issue on Shopify 6 天 left

    ...products neat safari chrome mobile 2. Fix menu to make it neat for safari and chrome mobile 3 Fix bug when add to basket website freezes on mobile chrome and safari, make sure can access cart. 4. Fix checkout layout of products, make sure product can be deleted and not freezing. 5. Overall check mobile responsiveness make sure everything is neat and tidy when

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    Convert PDF to word 6 天 left

    We need a native US citizen with PayPal as well as CashApp. The chosen bidder will receive money through CashApp from our clients in US and will have to transfer the amount at the end of each day to our PayPal account. The project is for 12 months. The successful bidder gets to keep a percentage of money on each transfer on top of the taxes. Everyday transaction will be 1000 dollars. Sun shines on...

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    ...complete service of video editing and audio editing and voice over actor to complete the series of ads. We don't have a voice over actor at this point, so we need someone with access to voice over actor references that will be able to closely work with the editing team. We will need some typography effects on some of the shots so keep that in mind if you

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    $116 - $194 / hr
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    I'm look for someone to write a children's book about modern america. I'm willing to pay a $1 per word for about 100 words.

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    we would like to convert pdf into a word

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    I am still looking for someone. I have a woocomerce site using dokan and who also had experience with the ionic app. I have had this site for years and the backend is mostly totally custom with lots of patches and custom plugins. I need a really good programmer who can understand how to navigate these customizations without compromising my site. They

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    ...Javascript or Python, PHP, or any other acceptable coding skill that Walmart APIs offer. I want this API data to be stored into a database structure in accordance with the API definition. All documentation and methods to access etc., are already available in Walmart Developer site. Data extraction is limited to to walmart grocery online food items only

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    we would like to convert pdf into word

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    Email database 6 天 left

    I am looking to build a marketing database of wellness and wellbeing practitioners in New Zealand.

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    ...have a conference in the office which I need to speak on this topic for 10-15 min. Each topic should have 3 pages of minimum information plus 2-3 images. - it should be in ms word -= format * font size 12 - for text * theme font - times new roman * spacing between lines and paragraph - 1.5 * margin - normal Topic 1 - Robotics 2 - Augmented

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    I need a script that will edit a PSD file using Python. The PSD file is a mockup of a hoodie. The hoodie has 5 parts, front, left sleeve, right sleeve, left hood, right hood. The PSD file has 5 smart object layers, one for each part. I need a simple web page with 5 image uploaders. each image uploader will be linked to a smart object in the PSD file

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    ...Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer Software - Setup a network simple bridge, hub switches , examine ICMP - Adding Routers to a network and perform configuration of router [ using CLI ] - Connectivity troubleshooting - Network commands and Analysis [ all sort of important administrative commands ] - VLANs configuration - NATTing configuration - OSPF

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    Hello, I need a Wallet App Developer for our Project, take a look at my document, mine is a mixture of a token wallet & own credit point system app, for user and merchant Note: I'm a project management so if you can only start this work and show me some progress then we will pay you. If you are okay with this then you can bid if not please

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    Need a few custom solutions for Zoho CRM Implementation: 1. Whatsapp API Connection 2. Connect our existing server based database with Zoho Analytics & CRM for unified reporting 3. Add a custom function to Calls Module namely Next Follow up Date (NFUD) - With this custom function, there is an additional date field in the calls module - upon selecting

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    Please fix the issue below and others and make MS Access work properly. Compile Error: The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update the Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute.

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    Hello!, We some documents in Afrikaans/English languages that needs to translated into properly English language. There are two document in total 6 pages. Please attach your bid if you a Native Afrikaans speaker. Thanks!

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    $62 - $116 / hr
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    ...other romantic, horror, adventure, werewolf vampire themes are okay 3. Style: Creative and original; intense plot; dramatic conflict,and eyes-catching from the beginning. 4. Word count: 30k-50k words/1book, 2k-3k words/1 chapter, a total of 15 to 30 chapters 5. Options: At least 5-8 sets choices per chapter, at least 3 sets paid choices ; every set with

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    Hallo, Ich benötige 1 Formular die eine Datenabfrage aus einer Tabelle vornehmen. Die Tabelle enthält diverse Schulungen von Mitarbeiter...Jahre her Eventuell benötige ich auch ein zweites Formular bzw. Bericht, die automatisch alle Fälligkeiten prüft und in einer Tabelle ausgibt. Eine leichte Aufgabe für einen Access Experten :) Budget : 30€

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    ...forward. If you require little input, find creative solutions, and can think outside the box, you will be a great fit for our team. Ground rules: 1. The content of this document and the other two attachments are the only instructions. 2. Your experience and solutions are required to ensure successful configuration. 3. After you have configured the

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    $1938 - $5813
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    PROJECT: Create a utility tool to transfer data from a CSV file or DATABASE [Sage300Database] and insert it into Sage300 Company. ******Sage300 API MUST be used.****

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    Essential requirements: • Long term placement to consider • A quiet place to work • Great communication skills, intercultural awareness • Access to a headset, webcam, personal computer, and wired Ethernet connection • Fluency in English • Bachelor’s degree in any filed, or you are currently enrolled • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TE...

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    ...Community in Action Ask Nurses and Doctors (AND) Association for Clinitials of the Underserved California Physicians Alliance Citizen Physicians Civic Health Month Committee to Protect Medicare Community Catalyst Doctors for a Healthy US Doctors for America Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP) Doctors in Politics (DIP) Health Care for America Now Healthcare-NOW

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    we would like to convert pdf into a word

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    We're looking for a translator translate 2 technical documents and 2 sets of photographs with captions for submission to a Spanish company. The first document has about 1500 words. The second document is similar and has about 3200 English words. The 2 documents with photos each have about 5 pages and fewer than 100 words each.

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    Hi, currently I have the below to 2. Provide your recommendations on: a) Website & Email Hosting provider b) VPS provider c) Would you or should you use just a VPS for SQL database, email and website hosting? Or should you host each of these on a different providers/plans? Happy bidding. Thanks. Jonny.

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