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    Hi, sorry I had to replace the recent project post with this one. DO NOT QUOTE UNLESS YOU HAVE LOOKED AT THE ATTACHMENTS I am after someone with CAD skills to take the hard drawn measurements and floor plan and to create a new floor plan and elevations for the building. Need a N, S, E elevation drawing for the main dwelling and attached bedroom

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    Hi dears Here is a brief description about the project. Who I'm: I'm a newly certified PMP What I have: I have a very detailed RFQ from a supply chain management company. This RFQ is reagrding deployment of a sortation system called Put to Light. What I want: A very detailed SRS on the RFQ. Other details: I need SRS which will have - Proposed software

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    arduino i2c expert 6 天 left

    I would like to have someone help me learn around I2C sensors and how to connect then with this project called SigKsense. [登录来查看链接]

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    This is some web automation that helps me do my gaming easy. REQUIREMENTS experienced in automation software. anything will be fine.

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    it's a 2000 project with 4 days deadline

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    ...(form lead generation), CRM list capture and management (mail monkey?), special deals and promos page layout or integration in overall design, menu linking to pages, possibly add a store feature with agency labeled goods. Would like clients who sign up with us to have a dashboard where travel preferences & details, external loyalty numbers, credit card

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    Special Project for Harshil T 6 天 left

    As discussed I need you to build it.

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    Need to have 150 furniture products manually added to Magento 2.0 store from a single source s...from a single source site. We will provide link to the source site for each product. We will provide an example format to follow. Must upload product and add the assigned sub-category. Must add all images. We will provide source site login credentials.

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    ...production. For this, I'll need to work with you to give you the api keys for these connections. There is a project in our product called "Meetup" with the core code for this in the file MeetupProvider.cs. The responsibility of thjs project is to connect to meetup, authenticate, and return the data for the authenticated user. The data is returned

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    Animated project prototype working model

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    Customize & install our Theme 6 天 left

    We purchased theme code from Codecanyon, and are looking for someone to edit the design, and then add it to our website.

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    I have a subscription website, which has 2 plans based on the number of people. I want to add a WooCommerce product, which is independant of the number of people. Will share the details with the shortlisted freelancer.

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    8 个竞标 to is be able to search a song based on the database I created and they would be able to click on the link of the video of each song they want to click. Also, be able to add pictures of the artists and mini bio about them. I created the sign/log_out part. I just need help with the other stuff. Please negotiated to $40 or $50 dollars please.

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    Project for Aditya 6 天 left

    Writing of 8 articles as discussed I am off tomorrow; Sunday If you bid right now, I will award the project. Or else, on Monday

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    ...Things required should be automatically retrieved from post itself. If possible, make an exception, which is post with "Daily" tag never shows on the top (rolling post). 2. add a go-down button beside go-top button. 3. place Donate Section to right region. Make it visible only when a post is opened. 4. replace forward/share methods with WeChat and Facebook

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    Sure Are you good at English???? Don't bid if you are not good at English.... I am finding new freelancers to help me....

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    - rpa technologies needed - uipath, winautomation - 3-5 days/week

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    2 个竞标 include the marketplace multi vendor. I also have the Marketplace API to integrate into the Magento 2 app. On my customer flutter app I want to expand, I would like to add 1) Seller Screen (Create New Screen) On Seller screen, I would like - Seller Profile Screen (With follow seller function) - Seller All Products Tab - Seller Categories Tab

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    Project assignment on Legal case. Case will be given, 2-4 page analysis and Graduate paper writing.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    Spotify project 6 天 left

    Hi,i need a project for spotify. It's a bit complicated.

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    Excel work needed 6 天 left

    ...Excel expert to create formula or macros to calculate something from a spreadsheet. We need to know what the average income is per day and per month in BTC. So for each day add up the BTC that is deposited, then subtract the fees. I've attached a sample spreadsheet. We need this formula or macro to run easily whenever we load an excel spreadsheet.

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    FiveM Server developer require: - Script maker - add scripts - translate scripts

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    I need to add some option to my site

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    Project for Graphics using java + openGL The project sholud have a 2D or 3D Object Also must have : 1) Anmation 2) Intration ** use keyboard ** Sample game and easy with little code

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    We are currently using OpenKm community edition 6.3 for document management solutions. We want to add bar code reader module with that. We are looking for open source developer for doing the same. We are looking for open source software developer who can modify source code of our old DMS. We need to integrate Barcode scanner module with our old DMS

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    Hi we need to present a project for a tender that we want to apply, and we need some architecture designs of some buildings the design is only for the tender so it dosent have to be too detailed the important thing is the timing... we need it quite urgent so please apply only if you are available to start working immediately. the deliverable will be

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    trilogy add 6 天 left

    Hi we are looking to make 1 min to 1m30sec add for our on product that is similar style to this. [登录来查看链接]

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    I have a new website. I need you to read through my requirement and full fill my need on my online store.

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    I would like to find someone to ask me generate image database and classification with respect to Lego bricks. If you understand, please bid. Regards. Dinh

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    I am looking for someone to ask replacing CNN module into GRU module in picking and grasping of robot arm simulation. If you understand me, please bid. Regards. Dinh

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    Project for Java using openGL for Graphics - Using 2D or 3D game for Tower Of Hanoi - Can have animation - Can moving by mouse or keyboard small project - hope there is a good developer can make it

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    I would like to find someone to ask me generate image database and classification with respect to Lego bricks. If you understand, please bid. Regards. Dinh

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    power point project 6 天 left

    مرحبا احتاج اعمل ملف بوربوينت مكون من 15 شريحة من ضمنها شرائح انفوجرافيك احتاجها بطريقة تصميم احترافية جدا لعرضها على جهة رسمية فضلا احتاج اشوف نماذج اعمال قبل التواصل شكرا

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    Hello! We want to give our Vendors (WFCM) the Option to create Webinars. What we need: 1. Vendor can create Webinar as a Product and add there the Time (when it starts), ticket price/place price and limit of tickets/places for sale. 2. Vendor will connect with just his Webcam and all users which bought the place or have acces will watch his Live Webinar

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    Trophy icon Rosa Health 16 小时 left

    ...Women’s beauty/ health product. I however need an amazing logo and branding colour ideas- What I require is: As many designs and fonts that incorporate the word 'Rosa' maybe you add a drawing or an object also- up to you- I love Glossiers Cool branding and would like it to stay close to the coolness of their branding + an element of eco friendliness so no

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    加急 加保
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    Description Objectives: 1. To retreive updated product data using four processes from two separate APIs plus daily and weekly csv file updates from suppliers. 2. Add retreived results to a MySQL database 2. To use the retreived data to improve the data quality and to update products listed on our Prestashop ecommerce websites. Some field updating will

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    android code minor error fixing and make sure project dose not violate any admob or google play policy

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    Need...cms with servers management and monitor Users management, subscriptions and monitor (hability to send messages to users) Vod (movies series separete) with tmdb scrapper, auto-add from folder Channels Management ( channel bouquets, Epg, sources and backup sources) It can be build with any kind of p2p technology. App for Android stbs for clients

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    Bonjour, Nous souhaitons personnaliser la passerelle de paiement Mangopay en ajoutant le remboursement en masse. Nous utilisons les plugins de "The event calendar" pour notre billetterie. La personnalisation devra comprendre: - remboursement individuel Total - Remboursement individuel partiel -Remboursement de masse (rembourser tout les clients

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    Are you good at English ??? If you aren't good English , Don't bid about my job. I am finding new freelancer to assistance me.....(long term)....

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    Deploy Github project (Web, Android, iOS) on GCP.

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    I want lots of VPN servers to use with authentication from my panel SQL db

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    SIC/XE Assembler simulator 6 天 left

    ...object program (OP) for a piece of SIC/XE assembly code. It is okay to get inspiration and ideas from online published simulators and even source code packages, Things to add The object program must have the Header, Text, Modification, End records Implement the two passes of the SIC/XE Assembler using Fig 2.4 algorithm Implement assembler internal

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    I already have an ios app i need you yo add two features in and i want you to make the app in java too for 100$

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    ...token and store it in database for next course of action for the day. 2. Page to manage "Primary Settings", "Trade Settings" & "Stock Settings" (check attachments) 3. Manage = Add + Edit + Delete, would be great if I can just upload the csv files at one shot to update/replace all settings 4. Create a bot (1) in my telegram account and push proper error

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    Campaign Website 6 天 left
    已验证 few months. This will be closed down in April so it's only going to be used for about 4 months. Nice to have would be the ability to have a list of supporters that I add to... maybe it's a spreadsheet or maybe it's just a picture. I'd like to be able to list out reference comments like "David has been a strong leader in the community." And also

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    ...... 1) Let me know your MOST COMPETITIVE rate to record 27 audiobooks, the books are approx. 9500 to 15,000 words each. We have an approx. budget of $1,900 USD for this project batch. 2) Send us your best samples (audio) for us to review. 3) If you are selected, we will hire you for one audiobook recording as a "test job" and if all goes well,

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    Trophy icon WordPress Theme Lingam massage 29 天 left

    ...could maybe be a good idea. We'd like to see someting original with a joyful and relaxed ambience targeted at MEN. It needs to have a "schedule this week and next week" calendar, some contact information, location, price list and a "what do other people say" so a contact form for that too. Less is more. Must of course work on all devices. I will

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to take this instrumental: [登录来查看链接] and add some beats to this, make it unique.

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