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    Photographer 6 天 left

    Looking for someone to take images at a local spa in Seattle for social media content. Ongoing project.

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    Edit images in Photoshop 6 天 left

    I want you to edit mass post production images. Refer all details here [登录来查看链接] Bis only if you do the sample for me to select the best editor for mass images editing.

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    ...Is this something you would be able to capture? We would like photos and video footage (both ground and drone). Do you have a drone? We only need raw video footage and raw images so no editing is required. No more than approximately 2 hours should be spent on the site. This is a link for more information on safety, equipment, and preferred shots.

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    min $387 / hr
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    ...of the tasks i believe would be: - Improve layout, alignment and placement of text and images - Improve headings look and feel - shadows and pop ups/hover boxes - Colors of text and background colors - Bullet points and styling/presentation - Better icons and images - easier mobile navigation - Improved navigation bar - Improved Footer - Add 4 new pages

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    realestate 6 天 left

    i need some features for my realestate website. That is under development. Bc of time i need it to be fix as soon as possible. 1 week maybe 9 days. u can check the images and we can have a talk.

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    Hi i need a partner to take our example photos and edit them as follows: 1. of how we will deliver the photos and the quality we expect. Per product we need 3 views: frontview, sideview and tilted view. I need a demo asap for the attached images and then a quote for 3000 products (3x3000= 9000 photos) Looking forward to the result.

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    "Bigfoot Landscaping" We are starting a new and modern way to landscape. I have attached two images of a company that I like their clean designs. I also want a character that is a "bigfoot" or "yeti" that we can use for branding on t shirts and other merchandise. Thanks!

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    1. Design pages for al...component based on location, ratings, etc 4. Comment and rating box to rate each component. 5. Payment 6. Video chat app ( ex. zoom, etc) integration [登录来查看链接] section to upload images and videos ( can use google / youtube) among each cateogary. B. There will be individual pages for all the components to register themselves.

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    Amazon listing 6 天 left

    i am looking for someone who can list all my product on amazon with variation images keyword and all the necessary details for professional listings

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    Make a forum logo 6 天 left

    Make a forum logo to replace the two attached images Text - Anonymous Possible Idea add a anonymous / hackers mask Forum colours are Black background with blue borders

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    Trophy icon InterConnected Sticker Logo 9 天 left

    I would like a logo made for a sticker call 'Interconnected' The logo should include some relevance to: Connecting People/Businesses/Goods The Flo...Connecting People/Businesses/Goods The Flower of Life Global The Colour of the font 'InterConnected' should be changeable or another main element of the design. Multiple Images may be required after

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    ...I have short turnaround of a week to complete this project. Interested in someone with a lot of experience laying out these types of guides, and incorporating the relevant images that flow with the copy. We have a need of approx 4-5 ebooks of this kind every month. Please put word "Cargo" in the beginning of your proposal so I know you read it.

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    ...will be primarily targeting Hunters. There will also be a shopping cart with a few products. You will need to be creative as we have limited images and content. I will do my best to supply copy and images, however I am counting on you to be creative. One of the business managers (a software engineer) will oversee every aspect of the development

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    ...Also, I need three backgrounds with this image, but as separate files. I will provide a photo of a female face on which this image should be based. Additionally, I need these images to be animated, but not much. The girl should be in front, her eyes closing and opening, hair moving slightly, then she needs to disappear and appear in the distance. The whole

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    ...any text or structure of the website, just make it better and cleaner. * The homepage should be broken down into sections with lots of pictures. (you can find lots of those images in the picture gallery and other parts of the website) * We just want you to redesign the page and not the header and footer. * Make the page nice and classy also make sure

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    I have a couple of pdf files whose content consists of unnecessary banners, images, footer text and formatting issue. I want all of them to be converted into .docx file with proper format, correct spellings and excluding those unnecessary banners/images etc.

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    Hello my name is Joan and I need a tool to be developed. The tool: We need a tool to vectorize images, to convert from .jpeg and .png formats to .dxf. The shapes of the input images will be in high contrast from the background, so this will be easy to distinguish the “part” from the background. The program will run under a windows OS. Actually

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    ...Doing nice screenshots with catchy phrases - Helping me setting up an ad campaign to create sales. - Further advice to make my app success - In-app tutorial graphic design. 3 images to describe how to use the app. My app is an habit tracker, I have been using it for a while and I think is unique, simple and super useful. But I know I have to communicate

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    ...get an idea of what I'm looking for see this - [登录来查看链接] Illustration Style - [登录来查看链接] How To Enter This Contest: ****PLEASE READ****** Please draw the below cards to enter the contest so I can assess

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    we have an overgrown garden - maybe half an acre and want to sort it out. need an outline design to include seated areas, a shed, potentially wild swimming pool and som...half an acre and want to sort it out. need an outline design to include seated areas, a shed, potentially wild swimming pool and some planted areas and a greenhouse. Can send images.

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    Hi I have the attached file .ai with licence I need the text changed in same font type, to read magic dragon. very small job requires quick turnaround. Need a few vari...attached file .ai with licence I need the text changed in same font type, to read magic dragon. very small job requires quick turnaround. Need a few variations on a couple of images

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    ***UPDATE*** I have replaced sample images with JPEG format. You should be able to open them now. Thanks for pointing it out. Hello, We are looking for someone who can cut out rug images (see photo No.1-4) from the background. After the images are cut out, further retouching will be handled on our end. These images will be used for our e-commerce website

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    ...improve and really looking for a high quality finish. The website is lacking flair!! Some of the tasks i believe would be: - Improve layout, alignment and placement of text and images - Improve headings look and feel - shadows and pop ups/hover boxes - Colors of text and background colors - Bullet points - Better icons - easier mobile navigation - Improved

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can design a logo, and has illustration skills because the logo icon will be an i...cyberpunk theme, maybe a modern illustration "ghost in a shell" theme. - The entire thing should look like a nice logo (maybe circular shape) see examples attached. See attached images for design inspiration and for reference. Thanks.

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    I have clearly scanned images of documents that i need them re typed in word

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    I need a website fixing , enhancing and improving with new features. I need you to design and build my online store. I don’t have wireframes or design's or images or logos im not designer or developer I need in wordpress expert developer who can ADD WEB FORMS and NEW PAGES to premium theme and have strong wordpress experience!!!! You must be able

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    ...quality assessment frameworks with publicly available code / deployments (free or paid). The frameworks should be applicable to collecting subjective ratings/scores for videos or images (ACR, continuous rating scale, DCR, etc.). I need some with an academic/scientific background to do a quick literature review. Some examples: [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello! We're looking to create some custom Cable Eaters...and only have 2D diagrams, but require 3D CAD files for the machinery to create them. We require a STEP file of the diagrams attached, and will possibly need a round or 2 of images to make sure that the product is totally right. Please reach out if you're able to produce these files. Thanks!

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    Proof reading 6 天 left

    ...and contain a lot of errors from word flow to grammar. You will also need to put relevant images from free sources that we will guide you on. The budget is $10-20 depending on the size you will be working on. These are sample articles to be edited and a few images added. [登录来查看链接]

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    hello guys I need to build a pdf tutorial for exercises that can be done with a machine I sell check [登录来查看链接] the images and words will be provided by me check links [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    I need someone to alter some images.

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    Hi there, I have 19 different images with a product on. This product is a "radiator hider". All images are high quality on dark background. I need these different radiator hiders to be made as vector graphic, but still looking good and "real" - i mean via shadows etc. I need them on transparent background in high quality Illustrator vector. Many

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    We are planning to make a video/GIF illustration of a Image. We also would like to make two videos, couple of custom images and a websites logo. Please let us know if anyone is interested to this project

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    ...countdown clock 8. Main Game: 12 screens that are all very similar and the team moves to the next screen if the answer is correct. On each game screen they can: - View text/images/audio/etc. - View remaining time - View # incorrect answers given - View # hints used - View penalty for using hint - Request hints (each time the hint button is pressed, some

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    Speed my squarespace website up by at least 3X (3times faster), without getting rid of any current assets, features, load times etc. So need to make all images on website smaller etc. [登录来查看链接] Squarespace experience and past results is required

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    In short the app is like any dating app with features like swiping, chatting, uploading images. etc. However, IT IS NOT A DATING APP. Requirements: Android App iOS App Web services Admin Panel (management) 6 months support after launch Contact me for further details

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    Trophy icon Video Series YouTube Thumbnails 6 天 left

    I need TWO thumbnails for TWO video series. The thumbnail will primarily be for YouTube (1280x720) but I would like to use on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms as well. Please use attached pictures FIRST Video Series is called "Road 2 Pro" SECOND Series is called "Gabe's Good News LIVE"

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    ...limitations, it is difficult for customers to send their images to us without clear guidance. I am searching for someone to develop a website/landing page which can be linked to customers upon making a purchase. The idea is that this link will serve as an 'upload site', in which customers can upload their images for a purchased product with the ability to edit/scale

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    I need to hire the services of a creative designer who can help me design creatives (still images, gif, videos etc) for my social media platforms, website etc

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    We need a product photography expert and a graphics expert who can create images for our website.

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    ...this project 5 demonstrators shall be presented in 3D for an AR project. Each of the demonstrators will be extended with an AR function. Animations as well as interactions, images and videos are to be integrated. We need 5 different animations including interaction parts at 5 different places. Therefore, individual scenes must be startable via buttons

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    I am looking ...parsing in php. I am using smalot pdf parser library. Text parsing works well, but object(image) parsing doesn't work well. I attached pdf. you can see the check and uncheck images under the Payment History section of the pdf. Please bid if you can parse the image array and output the array of 1 and 0 according to the image. Thank you.

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    Graphic Artist needed to create enhanced high quality icons for existing website. Designer expected to develop a new creative ...creative thematic version the existing icons with branding presentation. See the scope of icons needed in attached file. Also visit [登录来查看链接] to view animation for each icon. Images and animation should be in SVG format

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    Hi, I need two photos cleaned, color corrected to go on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. It's a very small project and I need the images on priority.

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    I have a website on the shopify platform, I need it to be mobile friendly and responsive and this includes the home page and see at...have a website on the shopify platform, I need it to be mobile friendly and responsive and this includes the home page and see attachments below as well certain sections and images do not fit well on the mobile version.

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    Build me a card game app 6 天 left

    I have a unique set of Tarot cards with an accompanying guidebook which I want to be made into an app for mobile phones. Each card has 4 x half images that may or may not match up to another card above, below, to the left or to the right. The idea being the player deals out the cards and the cards spin on their dealt spot, to try and create a matching

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    I want to prepare 10 whiteboard expl...explainer animation videos for selling my product. I can provide you with the voice recording for all stories of these 10 videos. But, you need to be very creative in choosing the images and motion. Total length of each video will be around 1 mins. Kindly share your past whiteboard animation videos for reference.

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    Hi everyone, We would like you to find images that we can use on our website for selected categories. To read the full brief, please follow this link: [登录来查看链接] Because of extreme time pressure we will not be able to provide you with personal feedback on your

    $969 (Avg Bid)
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    need 100 banners and home page images for jewellery website

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