XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a specialized language used for applications such as data exchange and web services, where structured communication is needed between legally, syntactically and semantically different systems. XML Developers are those with an in-depth understanding of the language and all its technical aspects. With an XML Developer, a client can structure their data, automate web service communication, optimize data analysis and transfer, format documents or integrate an XML API onto their system.

Here's some projects that our expert XML Developers made real:

  • Developed efficient solutions to process large volumes of data exchange
  • Created automated communication systems to ensure smooth operations
  • Optimized complex data analysis initiatives for better organization
  • Developed customized document formatting solutions to fit the client's requirements
  • Improved user interface design by integrating APIs into existing system

At Freelancer.com, our expert XML Developers have put their skills to countless projects with successful results. Clients have hired freelancers on Freelancer.com and trusted them to create innovative solutions while solving meaningful problems.

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    Hourly XML Parser to DB 6 天 left

    I'm seeking a skilled PHP developer to create a script tailored to my specific needs for managing XML data efficiently. This script will play a crucial role in the operation of my e-commerce platform, ensuring up-to-date product listings and accurate inventory management. **Key Requirements:** - Develop a PHP script to parse XML files. - The script must extract specific data elements: Product Names, Prices, Descriptions, and Stock Levels. - Import parsed data into a MySQL database. - This process needs to be automated to run on an hourly basis without fail. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in PHP with a strong understanding of XML file handling. - Experienced in writing SQL queries and database schema design. - Familiarity with cron job or similar scheduling tools for a...

    $1150 (Avg Bid)
    $1150 平均报价
    50 个竞标

    As an individual managing a heavy load of Mturk tasks daily, I am in dire need of a freelancer who can help improve the quality of task outputs. To achieve this, I require someone with: - Proficiency and familiarity in using Mturk; - Proven experience in quality control and data analysis; - Capabilities of handling over 100 tasks per day. The end goal is to effectively increase HITS on Mturk. This rise in project HITS equates to improved task quality which, in turn, means more accurate and reliable data. The right candidate will not only manage the day-to-day tasks but also work towards this continuous improvement in task quality.

    $1048 (Avg Bid)
    $1048 平均报价
    4 个竞标

    I'm in need of a specialist capable of performing a migration of IBM EPIC Data Power from version V5 to V10. Key responsibilities include: - Successfully migrating all existing features from the current version to the final version. - Ensuring continuity of our integration functionality, and the installation and configuration features. - Providing evidence that the functionality of these features remains uncompromised after the migration. Ideally, you'll have: - Prior work experience with both IBM EPIC Data Power V5 and V10. - An excellent track record in executing system migrations. - A proficient understanding of XML processing and security within the Data Power environment. Installation and Configuration API-connect for Prod and DR API Connect V5 to V10 -...

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    I'm in need of a specialised JSON script to fetch and update data from a supplier's JSON API. They unfortunately don't use plugins, hence, the need for a custom solution. Key Elements: - The script should be capable of extracting both product information and inventory levels. - Specific fields within the product information to be retrieved include product name, product description, product image, stock quantity and SKU. It is important to note that the data retrieved needs to be updated on a monthly basis. The right freelancer for this project should have proven skills and experience in JSON API integration and script writing. A good understanding of eCommerce platforms would also be an advantage. Having knowledge of product inventory management could be extremely help...

    $1564 (Avg Bid)
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    34 个竞标

    I need assistance on making a XML file to match a XML scehma. When submitting the file we receive several errors and i dont understand why these errors appear. I think with basic XML knowledge this is a very easy task. We do have a XML schema and also a lot of documentation is available.

    $125 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $125 / hr 平均报价
    15 个竞标

    I'm on the hunt for a knowledgeable and experienced IT professional who can create custom server performance alerts through SQL Sentry SolarWinds. Outlined below are the specifics of the task: The Alerts: - I require alerts that are focused primarily on the cessation of SQL Services and Browser Services. You'll need a comprehensive understanding of server performance aspects and how to interpret them in a beneficial way. Alert Notifications: - Once these services stop, I'd like to receive both email and push notifications. You'll need to proficiently set up these modes of alerts within the software. Skills Needed: - Proficiency in SQL Sentry SolarWinds - Comprehensive understanding of server performance indicators - Ability to customise alerts and notifications effe...

    $1134 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, there is a Site '''' to generate AI Images with a Key like ''Summer'' There is also an API and different coding Language toolkits to make an easy automation with.. I wanna add the Key and the images getting generated + downloaded to a folder on my Desk.. easy.. IMPORTANT: No copy paste [Removed by Admin] descriptions.. i will ignore u.. tell me how fast u can do.. and what exactly u will do.. cheers

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    I have an image with my layout, I want to recreate the layout of that image in xml layout for android in android studio. I want it in a couple of hours.

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    30 个竞标

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to establish a seamless, real-time integration between Netsuite and Mintsoft, focusing specifically on enhancing our order management, shipping, and fulfillment processes. This project aims to streamline our operations, ensuring efficient, error-free transactions and management across both platforms. **Requirements:** - Develop a secure, real-time synchronization between Netsuite and Mintsoft. - Ensure accurate data transfer for order management, including order creation, update, and tracking. - Implement efficient shipping and fulfillment integration, enabling real-time updates and notifications. - Provide a solution that minimizes manual intervention and automates processes as much as possible. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience...

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    Потрібно налаштувати вже робочу синхронізацію прайсу між сайтом та Prom ua Сайт віддає прайс у форматі xml, який формується за допомогою плагіну у виді як на скріншоті. 1)Необхідно налаштувати двомовність фіду, зараз тільки одна мова 2)Правильне визначення категорію товару промом - "Категорія на маркетплейсі" 3)Налаштування переміщення товарів із свого розділу на сайті до аналогічного розділу на промі (категорії збігаються)

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    I'm looking for experienced MTurk platform users who have strong data entry skills and proficiency in the English language. The project will involve: - Executing surveys: Your responsibility will mainly revolve around completing surveys. These surveys are not complex, focusing on basic demographic questions rather than technical or industry-specific ones. - Speed and Accuracy: While tackling the batch tasks, maintaining accuracy is paramount. Remember, speed should not compromise quality. For this job, proven experience with the MTurk platform is necessary. Familiarity with the platform's functionalities is crucial in managing batch tasks efficiently and effectively. Only bid if you have prior experience with MTurk.

    $2190 (Avg Bid)
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    XML Submission Repair in XForms 22 小时 left

    As a result of a server upgrade by my hosting service, the XML and XML+XSL submission buttons on my XForms, located at & , are no longer working. I need someone with the necessary expertise to fix them and perhaps also to make additional changes and enhancements to the forms,

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    20 个竞标

    Kyc verification of our private customers In dubai Regular basis work It takes only 5 minute Instant payment

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    we need help with the following: online booking site, PNRs are created on one office ID and the queued to fulfillment partner with different office ID. Need code and syntax in order to assure that PNR is queued and fulfillment partner can a access and ticket the PNR through his office ID. We believe it needs theses elements but not sure how to integrate them: ES BERAE226X-B makes the PNR visible on our office ID, you have to enter this before queueing it. QE/BERAE2101/38 sends the PNR to our queue for ticket issuance - but before that PNR has to be opened with first entry. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Strong expertise in Amadeus GDS API**: You should have a proven track record of successful integrations and an in-depth understanding of its functionalities and potential chal...

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    I am looking for an efficient computer system to use for office work. I have specific requirements that I need fulfilled in order to get it right for our needs. We have a budget of under $500 and need a computer that can do the work needed and still stay within that budget. If you can help us find the perfect system for our needs, please apply for this job.

    $86 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $86 / hr 平均报价
    7 个竞标


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