The term CAD/CAM denotes computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. It is usually referred to in the context of software tools that perform a wide range of engineering functions. Selecting a proper CAD/CAM system is important to ensure that the stages of conceptualization and final production are under proper control. If you are foraying into computer-aided design and manufacture, you need an expert. There are many freelancers who can do this job for you at a relatively low cost. So, post your CAD/CAM job here and make your life easier! 雇佣 CAD/CAM Designers


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    The project is on electrical installation design on autocad is the most important setup around the world and solve different problem also make life easy. My project is designing electrical installation on autocad for G+2 this project lamp, socket,switch,breaker...are specified depending on different standards.

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    Please make changes to model as shown. Project fee is $38

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    I have a number of CAD files and would like to convert them to PNG map tiles. These images will be laid out on a web map. The PNGs should be stored in the following format: zoom/x/

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    We are looking for an architect who can assist us in populating drawings for a 2 story property that we are under contract with to extend the second floor over the entry way. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. -Alexis

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    Toy Designing from China 6 天 left

    We are looking for designers from China to design various Toys and consumer products for Mould and tooling purposes. We are expecting the person will be perfect in designing capabilities and arranging the local services of 3D scanning of the product and other related requirements to complete the project. We will identify the products from any online platform and the design needs to be reverse-engineered by the person. Anyone interested in the project come to chat and discuss further. Thanks

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    need a water heater chamber to design

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    Assist in development of Structural design for roof mounted equipment. Must be licensed structural engineer in United States

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    Product design and simulation 6 天 left

    If you have an experience in product design and modeling using the AutoCAD, SolidWorkd and fluid simulation using ANSYS, place a bid. Candidates should have knowledge of finite element methods and CFD. I prefer one who lives in India. Skills Required : AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Ansys, Simulation, Matlab and Mathematica

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    Would want the freelancer to convert some of the pdf files in the dwg file, there are total of 100 files.

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    We Need Someone who using surfcam traditional 2016 r2 software

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    I have some pictures and few sizes . I want to make this lift. I need similar type cad design in solidworks

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    I need someone in bangalore to help modify the design of a refrigerator on solid works and take the 2D outputs. You will work with a fabricator in his factory for 2 days till the prototype is ready and physical corrections are made and finalised .

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    We Need Someone who using surfcam traditional 2016 r2 software

    $62 - $155
    $62 - $155
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    I'm looking for a Solidworks, Fusion360, Inventor Pro Professional to create a NEGATIVE mold from a positive .STL file. The Negative mold will be 3D printed and used to create a POSITIVE mold, so the finished CAD model of the negative mold should be SUPER SMOOTH. This should be quick work, converting a MESH file into a solid body and used to create a cavity block in Solidworks etc, etc.

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    Looking for someone who can make furniture designs in autocad in isometric view on freelance basis. Example attached

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    New Floor Plan 6 天 left

    I need a new floor plan made with some minor adjustments. I have an existing floor plan, but just need a fresh one and changes made to the bathroom layout.

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    Laser Machine Manual ( pdf or Ebook ) for (ENSIS Series Fiber Laser)(9kW Or 12kW).

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    We welcome you to work in our project regarding the design and simulation of the AIRCRAFT ENGINE COWL. The requested modelling software can be Catia V5 and the simulation can be done in any software you prefer. Thank you.

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    Project Land Development 6 天 left

    This project is based in USA. Project will require good knowledge of Civil Engineering Design and Auto Cad drafting. It’s pretty straight forward but requires good skills in Site Civil, Pre-Plat, Final Plat etc. Please read example below to get an idea:

    $5848 - $11696
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    $5848 - $11696
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    architecture for drafting 6 天 left

    Cad draftsman work for area sketche's needed. We would like to DRAW 3.5 Km city planning work , it is a plan for small green village , we need Residential units (3 different designs) .Main and subsidiary roads . Gardens and parks . houses of worship . football stadium . Shopping area (mall) . Cinema hall. and theater

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    We need a mechanically moving shutter like product system. The idea is to use a switch and rail to move two parts to open up and close as shown in the sketch here. The top sketch is when the shutter is closed and the bottom is when it’s opened. It also needs a stopper so that shutter doesn’t pass the limit beyond the bottom line. The production materials we plan to use are very light and flexible plastic or metal.

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    I want someone drow me a couple of pages of a coloring book i have ideas in my head and I need some one to my this idea alive I need a pdf and png version

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    Floor plan 6 天 left

    Need architec to draw a floor plan for an 60x80 single story metal building

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    We are building a house and have the autocad file but would love to have the file converted to a 3D/4D view for inside and outside.

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    Hi there, we're looking to manufacture a small, off-road, pop-up camping trailers. We're looking for someone with suitable design experience in sheet metal and trailers who can put something together for us that can be sent to the aluminium builders. Below is a link to give a better idea as to what we're looking to build here: Ours would need some different functionality to the MDC model shown, but that should at least provide context for the level of complexity required for the project. We'll be looking for a cost estimate, a lead time and will definitely want to see a few earlier projects as references. Thanks heaps, and fingers crossed that there's someone out there for us.

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    Looking for someone who can assist to design with drawing and specifications a consumer product we are looking to have manufactured for production. Experience with consumer products and designing and engineering would be ideal.

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    We are looking for an architect who can assist us in populating drawings for a 2 story property that we are under contract with to extend the second floor over the entry way. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. -Alexis

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    I have a drawing that need to be made into a STEP file. This would be a hand drawn drawing and then I need the STEP FIle and a PDF made of that.

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    Claw link necklace 6 天 left

    Necklace. I need a CAD design /ST File so I can send to manufacture

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    Se requiere conocimiento de alguna de las siguientes especialidades: piping, instrumentacion y corrientes debiles.

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    I need a floor plan for AutoCAD 2022. Message for details of what the plan is to look like.

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    CAD DESIGHNER 5 天 left

    WE WANT SOMEONE WHO CAN DESIGN A FULL SIZE CAD MODLE FOR AN ENTOLETER. This is used in flour mills, food grains factory to clear out insect and large lumps using centrifugal force.

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    wine bottle drawings -- 3 5 天 left

    we need 5 styles of wine bottles that we need both a line drawing and autocad files for the base bottle measurments are the same ther is 5 or 6 different embossing formats.

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    Looking for some visuals to be created from autocad drawings for an indoor tennis event. Something in Cinema 4D or similar package. With detail mainly the court surrounds.

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    I need a replacement part made that has been damaged. Can you help?

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    i need an expert to design LAN's in the software Altium.

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    Trophy icon Modify existing house design 5 天 left

    I have a masterplan for my residence and i need it modified to include common spaces to increase better connectivity and shared usability. These changes are to be made in accordance to Western Australian building standards. The floor plan and accompanied electrical, plumbing and elevations designs need to be also updated to reflect the addition of the common places.

    $554 (Avg Bid)
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    modify a .stl file 5 天 left

    i need to modify a .stl file according to my requirements

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    need solid work analys 5 天 left

    need solid work analys ASAP

    $74 - $264
    $74 - $264
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    Mechanical Engineer required. Please place bid if you can start work today

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    Drafting of residential project files from CAD to Pre DCR for sanction in Rajasthan (India). This project will require is a 7 days of work. We prefer people located in NCR for this project.

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    I want an architect to design a revit paramitric pattern to form a dynamic fading surface And a dynamo script to make the fading or the appropriate way to do it .

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    Cad drafting and design 5 天 left

    drawings in cad for house addition

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    Patent Drawing 5 天 left

    We are looking for someone to create CAD or Line drawings for a patent

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    We have 7 transmission components like gears and geared shafts for which we have 2-D Drawings. We need 3D CAD models for the same.

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    help with saving dxf files from illustrator

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    CAD Drawing 5 天 left

    Various drawings of parts for manufacturing. Work Platforms, guardrails, Build of materials, general assemblies etc. File formats, pdf, DXF, Step, STL etc.

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    I need a jewellery cad designer who has good experience in deisgning cad in lightweight jewellery in 22carats

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    FEM DESIGNM 5 天 left


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    I need someone who can create my building in the metaverses. I already have the sketchup 3d model. Does anyone know how to develop in Decentraland?

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