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    Hi, am Budoor. I work as a distributor of the American Brand Soludos in Saudi Arabia. Our website is one of our selling platforms. We launched our website 3 years ago and i need to to some maintenance and consultation on it. My website is WordPress. I want to add some extra details in checking out process. the details are: ...

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    design website for makeup artist

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    I would like a professional logo designer NOT developer ASAP - 6 page landing design - Professional logo Everything needs to be done ASAP professionally

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    I would like to redesign my pages into new look, create template. Active content. Company profile Redco is a provider of external IT capacities and related sourcing services. We will find and provide you an IT experts you need for your projects we have over 90% success rate delivery of right candidates.

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    I currently use WIX as my website domain, however I'd like to start using Shopify and I'd like someone to replicate my WIX website and recreate it using shopify (i.e. copy in all the reviews, products, pictures, etc. from my WIX website to shopify website).

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    The project is about natural healing methods for illnesses that require long term medication. Panchakarma, yoga and other therapies are to be highlighted as per the description I provide.

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    [登录来查看链接] i would like to do website similar to this with car compare and 10 brands car with prices and news to upload with videos as well

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    Our taekwondo club has a website at [登录来查看链接] and it needs a full rebuild. We urgently need someone to quickly smash out a funkly little functional site that we can reload. Our web host is also looking for someone who can do some work creating/reviewing one or more sites for him.

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    design very small website to showing my pictures on computer and phone and contact or get order from customer, I paste the example of website which like to be done for me. [登录来查看链接]

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    Improve my website 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need a website designer and developer for my website What If I have already an existing website and would like to improve the site only. I mean make my website user friendly, feedback on the front page, improve donation box, make the users send their story or articles for posting, and speed of the web...

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    Hi there. I would like to create a website with a simple design but with particular features. It will have a 4-5 pages on a menu at the top. Users should be able to make accounts and sign in. The web designer needs to be able to create posts and polls and allow it so that users who have signed up can create ...

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    I would like to create a website that allows myself and customers to design shoes and select different colors and patterns. Sort of like Nike id but with more colors and ideas. I am a 17 year old high school student and have been customizing sneakers for about a year and a half and i think this website...

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    I'm A Botanical Kratom/CBD vendor and with that we are considered high risk transactions i believe i have a processor. But my web design skills are 0! I need a webstore basically where im not manually entering orders 18hrs a day. We have a logo but it needs some help just looking what is out there. #WonderlandGardens We have no problem d...

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    hi there I would like to hire a professional designer to develop a website for start up care business I want the design to be very professional and somehow modern. if the designer could help with copy writing the content and get pictures would be very good. please do not autobid, just bid if you can ...

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    i have a garment shop and i want to take it online

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    I have my website on [登录来查看链接], it has e-store and scheduling for training. I would like to copy the complete website and be able to use different payments. My website about supplements and personal consultations.

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    We would like to set up a finance portal just filled with content. Looks like a classic marketing website similar to this page: [登录来查看链接] wordpress should works

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    i want to make a job portal, like [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] where employers can post their jobs and employees register their self and upload resume. there is a database of candidates accessible by paid employers

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    I am a Adult Actress and need a website for my brand. I would like to have a warning explicit page, home page about me, booking page, coming soon page and page for content sale. This website is a example ( [登录来查看链接] )

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    Hi, looking to create a new business website for consulting and recruiting services. I have some sample pages. I am currently having a logo created as well. I would also like it to be something I can edit content in down the line and someone could make it easy and simple so this is possible. Thank you

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    i need a logo designer 已经结束 left

    i would to like hire a designer i wan a logo for my company website

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    ...-- Users must agree to Registration Terms & Rules. -- Lock/restrict the user if they don't buy or renew the subscription. -- Delete a thread/post and member when needed. -- Lock/restrict the user from posting. -- Make threads as Sticky/Pin. -- Lock / unlock/ delete the thread. -- Display 15 or 20 or 25 or 30 or 45... threads on a page as desired. --

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    I put together a website and maintained it since 2006 myself using Blue Voda ( Vodahost) and its mobile site ( 2017) but the design just doesn't look professional and I need that 'Wow' factor. I am happy to provide photos and I have the school logo already professionally designed but its the design and layout of the pages that have ...

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    We are a new company starting a boat rental business and need a website. We have logos and domain names already. We need get a quote on the website that can take reservations, have add ons for drinks/snacks, and take payment securely.

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    I am starting a digital marketing company. Have yet to hire a website/graphic designer. Don’t know if I will keep outsourcing or hire for internal. So possibly more work to be done. But, I need a website built for my company, and a logo designed. I’m open to ideas on the logo, wo...

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    Oneiro Apparel is a startup athletic brand company looking for a sleek website design to sell our goods on. Attached are website designs we would like ours too look similar too.

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    Microbrewery Manufacturing company. We need a professional, modern, easy to use/navigate web site for customer. We are growing and want to have the ability to update it ourselves, like our news, new products, etc...maybe a CMS site using Wordpress or something similar. Some features that we are really looking for are a world wide map showing our cus...

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    I need a brand new website. I already have an e-commerce, but I need to change my entire website. It's too slow, with a lot of bugs. My currently website.: [登录来查看链接]

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    I want someone to help me build an ecommerce website. I don't have much time and we can use a template but would want a professional for this purpose

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    Hi. I need to design and build a new website for the Irish market. I manufacture and install kitchens, wardrobes, doors 1st and 2nd fix joinery etc. I have accumulated a lot of photographs from previous contracts. I would like to receive a detailed quotation showing exactly what you will provide, cost and time sca...

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    My name is Trinity. I'm about to open an nail salon business. I need someone can help me design a web, and logo. The theme of my nail salon is Herbal Spa ( Nail, Waxing, and Facial). We focus on organic products, and good services. Thank you

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    A start-up in need for at first version of web-site - Design (based on square space) with carefully selected image bank images, - Text to be supplied, for approx 8-12 pages in basic corporate web-site structure - Functionalities; matching of suppliers ( persons with CV / LinkedIn-profile) and customers ( SME companies in all industries), payment functionality

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    we have a website that needs a little extra love

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    I Have a Webpage but would like to duplicated in Worldpress. The Web PAge is [登录来查看链接]

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    ...planner company and need a simple elegant website. I need my logo on there, and my instagram link. Mostly the difficult part for me, I would like the first page when you go to my website to first clearly advertise my company, but also promo clients to chose weather they are looking for wedding planning or event planning. So <...

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    A landing page website for my new business.

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    I have a wooden custom sign company - I am looking for a clean, simple website design and to add my inventory to it for shopping/shipping purposes.

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    Build website 已经结束 left

    ...show me a sample of what you would do for me using my existing site. Attention, looking for a true designer with a eye for awesome looking websites. I am Not looking for a guy who just knows how to build a website. I want to see samples of what my website can look like before I choose your...

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    Build website 已经结束 left

    ...show me a sample of what you would do for me using my existing site. Attention, looking for a true designer with a eye for awesome looking websites. I am Not looking for a guy who just knows how to build a website. I want to see samples of what my website can look like before I choose your...

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    I am interested in setting up a very simple website. I'm a Computer Science major so the website design isn't what I'm having trouble with. I would like to set up a one or two page sports betting (daily fantasy sports) picks type website. Except I don't know how to set it up to sel...

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    Buna ziua, Caut un designer (wordpress) pentru urbangiftsshop.ro.

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    ...wordpress website to the checkout page of KIGO. Kigo checkout acts as a web service that I will use to get quotes for my rental properties and ultimately collect renter/payment details and create bookings. From my website code, you will need to make an HTTP request to get the checkout url that Kigo Checkout provides, and when the renter...

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    Small gambling website. By small i mean just a few game choices, no more than 4 types. I want to be able to receive 5% of the winnings to the company and 95% to the user. I need something that can accept different forms of payment (Mainly usd) needs to be able to deposit and withdrawn money. Each player needs their own pe...

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    I have a basic real estate website right now, which I want to be turned in to something bold and modern with extravagant scrolling effects. I have the content already, but I need someone that has a little bit more creativity than myself to make it great. The website is through square space, but I do not have the ex...

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    Legal referral website. I have a few sites that can be used for reference: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Estimated cost? the website would need to be updated occasionally with blogs, etc.,

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    Need a new website rebuilt from my current one that looks more professional and can handle data collection from forms and translate that to a spreadsheet, as well as creating a better looking online store.

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    I Have built myself a basic website on Wix website builder, I am looking for someone who thinks they could spend a few hours to tidy it up and make it look a bit better. I can provide photo's and content as requested. The website is [登录来查看链接]

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    I want it to be a platform to connect makeup artist with customers. Similar concept like [登录来查看链接]

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