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    I would like a website designed for our new hurricane disaster clean up business. The name of the company is First Step Environmental Services

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    I would like to hire a website designer to build a wedding website

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    I would like to hire a website designer to design a podcast website. This will include, episodes, facebook link, about us (sending the details later), home, comment (for listeners to comment) and contact us. I have already made the logo, brand name and facebook page(although not yet published). I wa...

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    i want to update my website. I have a small Language institute called language-inc

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    build a homppage simuilar to [登录来查看链接]

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    ...Crew Events Ltd is the first company to offer the service of an interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth in Mauritius. Our innovative product helps corporate companies and individuals to stand out from the crowd using interactive entertainment. The KAP Crew Events Magic Mirror Photo Booth takes photo booth fun to a whole new level. We also offer Team Buildings

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    Want to have built a porn website mobile and desk top template . with plenty of ad space and pop up ads also plenty room for content , and porn disclaimers our budget is about $350.00 firm thanks

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    I want a custom classified ad site built and functional. I have already designed the pages with logos (png), I only require all the html, php, and css put onto the page. WordPress sites are ugly and there plugins lack alterability . The site will be mimicked (x 3) with different logos and some CSS coloring will change (everything else stays the same

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    website for a business of a mortgage broker in Pennsylvania. I need a simple but classy website where people can contact me for their mortgage needs and I can also blog to attract more business. If people can apply for a mortgage on my website and also upload documents requested by me securely. Would like to...

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    I am looking for a [登录来查看链接] for a social connectivity through my website "[登录来查看链接]". Through this website/app people can share their dreams,either its a regular dreams at night or long term professional/personal [登录来查看链接] platform of "dreamflocks" should be like one can post their dreams with their identity hidden and the group...

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    Web Design in the webpage and this is importante

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    To whom this may concern, I'm looking to create a website for my Church in the likeness of Joel Osteen's website (click on the link to see) [登录来查看链接] I don't however require all the features that Joel's website has, so I was wondering what an estimate would be like for a scaled down version of...

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    A groupon style website/Daily deal website Only one deal at a time... Need to be able to generate a raffle ticket upon purchase AUD currency

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    A groupon style website/Daily deal website Only one deal at a time... Need to be able to generate a raffle ticket upon purchase AUD currency

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    Hello, I own a fast growing website design / marketing firm and need design help as I have many new design projects coming in weekly. My requirements are simple: 1. MUST be in the US and on preferably on my time zone, California, I have tried the foreign route and no disrespect intended as they do good work but the time zone difference does not work

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    I have a clothing business, I have a sign in the Shopify site for online business, I have needed a designer for design the website in the Shopify site. I have a frontend designer.

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    i have a domain and a webhost set up with go daddy and the cpanel for wordpress, I am just looking for the homepage to be done primarily, the about us and the services. I have logo designs in mind and drafted to save time, and I know it's a pain. But this is for a latino nightclub look and if there is someone out there for ...

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    need an ebay template for two stores

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    Positively UK would like to refresh its website, please refer to the attached call for proposals.

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    I would like to redesign my page www.printmybag.com. There should be a couple of new products and pages about it. In order to select a good designer, I need a couple of references that you have made. Who can prove good references?

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    Professional web design 已经结束 left

    Dear Sirs i would like to hire a professional web developer/ designer who can redesign our website [登录来查看链接] The new design must be responsive and friendly mobile We are planning also to add some new pages Please take a look and let me know your proposals Best regards

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    It is a clothing store and i need to create a userfriendly website using shopify. setting up my domains, designs and others

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    i am looking for someone to create an app for​ hair and beauty bookings .

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    book reading online websit in html5 css3 and bootstrap

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    online reading books website frontend only

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    I got my on website and I would like to add a store and finish the small details. You can visit it on adalmd.com.

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    Need a website built which will let people post their own items and buy them. I have a power point set up which has all the information ready for an easy setup.

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    Online Designer program online to Let my customers design for themselves, right on my website - My website is done at [登录来查看链接] I want to allow my customers to design their own image for a walking billboard. [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    Hello I was building a website for my business however the person that was doing it has disappeared and with my money I am hoping someone can help me complete it for me and help me with what to do. this is website details; [登录来查看链接] Username: admintworedribbons Password: vGBdO&8ZKsZgCL

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    I am looing to shift 2 websites to different domain names, adjust the content & metadata & help me with google & SEO for those sites. The 2 sites are as follows: - Move [登录来查看链接] to [登录来查看链接] - Move [登录来查看链接] to [登录来查看链接] I would also like a link on each site to the other site. I own all sites & domains m...

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    Hello, I am a life coach and I am currently looking for a web designer to design website for my coaching business. I'd like appealing website which is clean and easy to navigate. It should have happy, calm vibe. Nothing fancy, 5 tabs on the top including 'blog' page.

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    I need someone to build a coupon website that I can then use without having to learn too much coding. I'm going to be part of the affiliate network Linkshare, and will need to update new codes, offers, text links, and banners, and would prefer to do so in a drag and drop or menu fashion.

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    website= [登录来查看链接] but might change to [登录来查看链接] Our shop will be preforming the following: Remote starter installation Heated seats Upgrade Navigation and Backup Camera installation Headup display installation Audio system installation Parking sensors installation Custom car modifications We will need graphic design work

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    i want a online website and app line OLA cab but in my website i provide man power to peoples like electrician, watchman, driver, carpenter, etc

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    my website was hacked, the website has been moved to a subfolder , how much to remove any malware/spam/hacks/Malicious code and to put the website back live

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    Build A Website 已经结束 left

    I would like to hire a website designer to build a campaign and voting website.

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    hire a Website Designer 已经结束 left

    I need to create a website for job portal......I would like to hire a Website Designer

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    it must include all details provided by the company, contact details, pop up window and must be able to track your location.

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    I am a small time builder keen to have my own website. Currently i am using facebook and instagram and would like to seek help to do a budget website. You can check it out from [登录来查看链接] . Will be moving the content to another site [登录来查看链接] in the near future.

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    Pay negotiable O...online goods store, Phoenix Artisan. Using website builder Wix, finish building site, organization of pages, shop, current stock... basically building & handling of everything. Unfortunately due to orders and projects, I don't have time to build the site myself. Once built, I require a quick run through so i can take it ...

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    Hi Product Designer/CAD/CAM, I just want to send a message for the time-being, hence the low budget amount (I'll send a proper budget suggestion in a separate bid if we decide to hire you later). I want to know how long it would take you to install a map dataset onto a website; and to...

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    Talented UI Designer 已经结束 left

    I would like to hire a talented UI Designer to design me a dating website. I will only seek contractors who have showcase their work only. If you can show me some idea on how you would design the dating website then you will be highly rewarded.

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    I am looking to set up my online store in UAE , the designing and development needs to be done along with payment page set ups and stocks etc

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    I am looking for a designer that will be able to create a website for my recording artist using bandzoogle.com. Will consist of 8 pages. We want to sell the music on the site and also a few items in the gift store. I have all the information ready to go just need a developer who's good at using the website ...

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    I would like to get website designers that love to game and would like to help create a social network that gamers want and need. a place that has everything in one place. think you would be interested in something like this?

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    ...and I'm looking for some assistance designing my website. I'm operating through Wordpress via Siteground. I've come to the point where designing is beyond my expertise. The pixels in my banner are blurry, and the formatting is a bit off. There is repeated content on some of my posts. I would also like a signup form where people can...

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    I need a website done over. My wesbsite is currently [登录来查看链接]

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    ...so I'm hoping to create something new that will be able to host eventually thousands of members that will be able to post and create pages and create their own communities on this new website. I have some links to the bigger pages and hopefully bring over a fair few new members quite quickly. I know this is a long shot but I�...

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    I have a website with word press, it is for selling supplements, I need it to be redesigned, fine tuned and add a feature of a coupon for buyers to use.

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    Looking for website designer to help build out my real estate website. Few unique things I'd like to see in the website design that I'd like to discuss.

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